25 Best External Hard Drives That Would Make Perfect Gifts

Do you still own one of those hard drive sticks that only carry about a gigabyte of memory? Maybe you know someone else that does. Well it’s time to bring them to the era of the terabyte and what better time to do it than during the holidays! Check out these incredible 25 best external hard drives that would make perfect gifts.
LaCie D2 Quadra v3 Hard Disk 2 TB eSATA/FireWire800/USB 3.0 Desktop External DriveA high-capacity desktop drive that features four interfaces, Lacie D2 Quadra V3 works best in digital content creation and other demanding professional tasks. It can provide users with up to 3TB capacity in a highly compact device and is well equipped with universal connectivity for both PC and Mac. It is quiet to use and never heats up because 60% of its surface area is solely intended for heat dissipation.
LaCie Minimus 2 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard DriveKnown as the smallest USB 3.0 external hard drive today, LaCie Minimus is an ultra-compact, high-speed hard drive that provides USB 3.0 performance that makes it easier for users to transfer HD movies, photos and sound files. It also has a durable aluminium housing and is the best choice for users who want to make the most of their desk space because of its small size. It comes with the LaCie software suite to guarantee users with seamless backup both for their Mac and PC.
G-Technology G-Drive 4 TB 7200 RPM Professional Strength External Hard DriveAn external hard drive that features high-speed USB 3.0 and FireWire interfaces, G-Drive is a high performance storage device that works best in storage-intensive applications such as music libraries, video editing and fast data backup. It is housed in a solid aluminium case and has a heat sync that allows it to operate silently and remain cool even hours after it has been powered on. It is also Time Machine-ready and can be readily used with Mac OSX.
Buffalo Ministation Stealth 1 TB USB 2.0 Portable Hard DriveBuffalo Ministation Stealth 1 TB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive is a super slim, lightweight external drive that can transfer files two times faster than other USB 2.0 portable hard drive devices. It is preformatted to work with both Mac and Windows and does not need external power when used with laptops or notebooks. This external hard drive occupies minimal space and is powered by USB so cables are not necessary for it to operate.

LaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series 1TB External Hard DriveLaCie Rugged USB 3.0 Thunderbolt Series 1TB has a universal connectivity with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0. It can transfer data by as fast as 110mb/s and can work well both with Mac and Windows computers. Since its USB 3.0 is backwards compatible, users can use and connect it with whatever computer type. This accident-resistant and bus powered external hard drive is also best when it comes to mobility.

Seagate Backup Plus 3TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for MacWith its super speed of USB 3.0, Seagate Backup Plus 3TB USB 3.0 has the capacity to transfer data 30% faster than any other external hard drive. Like many other portable drives, this external hard drive has a Time Machine backup software that allows users to maintain their data and share their files online. Users of this drive can use it interchangeably with Mac or Windows computers without the need to reformat.

WD My Book Studio 3TB External Hard Drive StorageIntroduced as the newer version of WB MY Book Studio 3 TB FireWire 800 External Hard Drive, this hard drive has the capacity to store and access files in USB 3.0 speed. It is ideal for storing large files such as videos, music and photos and back up files using the Apple Time Machine. Though it is most compatible with the Mac OS 10.5, this external hard drive can be reformatted to fit the Windows operating system.

LaCie Rugged Hard Disk Triple 1 USB 3.0 FireWire 800 Portable Hard DriveThis external hard drive has a 1TB storage capacity with 5400 data transfer speed. It is known for providing universal connectivity to users with its superior speed of USB 3.0 and Firewire 800. With that speed, users of this external drive can transfer a 700 MB video file in less than 7 seconds, faster than most external hard drives. It also boasts of its four levels of rugged protection which conform to the military standard 810-F.

Patriot Gauntlet 320 GB Portable Wireless External DrivePatriot Gauntlet 320 GB Portable Wireless External Drive is a 320GB wireless storage that has the capacity to carry media and files and stream videos and music with up to five devices, may it be notebooks, tablets or mobile phones. The best thing about this device is that it can connect up to eight devices and stream up to five devices all at the same time. It can work wirelessly and is compatible with internet pass-through from a Wi-Fi network.

WD My Book AV DVR Expander 1 TB USB 2.0/eSATA External Hard DriveA member of the WD console, the WD My Book AV DVR Expander External Hard Drive is a high-capacity DVR expander that serves as a convenient storage for camcorders. To store video and photo files, users simply have to connect this AV-optimized drive to a game console or Blu-Ray disc player or media player and retrieve the files they wish to store. It has both USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces so it is compatible with most DVRs and AV devices.

Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB USB 3.0 Portable External Hard DriveSeagate Backup Plus 1 TB comes with a premium backup software that allows users to keep copies of their valuable digital files especially in times of disaster. This external drive is also powerfully flexible as it features an adapter system that makes it easier for users to change or upgrade the interface of their drives. It is compatible with operating systems such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, and even MAC OS. With this external hard drive, users can also save their files direct from their social media sites and even share multiple files online.

WD Elements 3 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard DriveKnown for its simplicity and affordability, the WD Elements 3 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive is a reliable add-on storage that is compatible with USB ports, MAC OS, X Tiger, Leopard, Windows and XP. It is also packaged in a very minimized way and is easy to reformat compared with other external drives. Users just have to connect the power of WD Elements and plug it into a USB port to use.

Toshiba Canvio 1.0 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard DriveBest known for transferring large media files at fast speeds, Toshiba Canvio 1.0 TB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive provides full system backup and recovery through its preinstalled backup software. It also secures backup files with a password through its data encryption feature that can reach up to 256-bit. It also has an internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology that protects computer drives from shocks and other external forces that may cause harm in computer systems.

Toshiba Canvio 1.0 TB USB 3.0 Basics Portable Hard DriveA 3.0-powered portable add-on storage, Toshiba Canvio 1.0 TB USB 3.0 is an easy to use external hard drive that needs no software to install. It protects computer drives with its internal shock sensor and ramp loading technology and incorporates the latest user interface while ensuring its workmanship. Its 1 TB drive has the capacity to store up to 285,000 digital photos and download up to 820 high definition movies. Its compact design also makes it the best travel companion.

WD My Passport for Mac 1 TB Portable External Hard Drive Storage USB 3.0WD My Passport for Mac External Hard Drive features high-speed transfer rates with USB 3.0 interface. It is also rated HFS+ so it is perfectly compatible with Mac computers, but more that, it can also be reformatted to work with Windows. It is also attuned to the Apple Time Backup Software and boasts of its password protection and hardware encryption features. It has a sleek and compact design that allows its users to bring it wherever they go.




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