25 Awesome Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day 2013

Mother’s Day this year falls on May 12 and planning for the best gift for the most special woman in your life must be done carefully if you want it to be extraordinary. Though it is important to show your love to your mother on a daily basis, it is this one day that the whole world is honoring her for her sacrifices and love. Some women may not be cut out to be a mother, but most of them take their roles seriously to the extent of giving up their own life for their child. For all the sons, daughters, biological or adopted, and grandkids; here are awesome gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2013 that will truly show your appreciation and gratitude to your mom and make her feel special.
FlowersInexpensive and sweet, kids who have no budget can go for flowers, which will surely make your mom shed a tear, even if you just picked them up from your neighbor’s garden. The most popular gift for moms on Mother’s Day, you can have a choice of colorful, vibrant fresh cut flowers and it will surely brighten her day. This is Peruvian lilies will surely make her blush as it contain 25 stems of colorful blooms that are still fresh and budding. The best part, it can also contain your heartfelt personal message.
Scented/Personalized CandlesIf you are looking for a safe gift, this would be it. Moms love scented candles, especially those scented candles that emit soothing light and come with scented incense sticks. They can also act as décor or add accent to her living room. Another option is to buy some tea light candles and buy her an aromatherapy set, so she can have a relaxing bath or make her bedroom a relaxing place to sleep in.
Chocolate TowerChocolates, along with Teddy Bears and mugs, are immortal gifts that can be given in any occasion. To make it more special for your mom, choose a chocolate tower instead of the usual chocolate bars that would send her on international expedition she will not soon forget. The set of 3 unique boxes are shaped like real suitcases with Bavarian Creams, GODIVA Truffles, French, Tiramisu Chocolates, Belgian chocolates and more, which is perfect for a jetsetter mom with sweet tooth.
Gourmet Gift BasketsIf your mom is a gourmet or loves the finer things in life, she would surely love receiving gift baskets. This gourmet basket with caviar comes with a reusable willow basket garnished with ivy vines that she can use as a storage or décor as well. The gourmet basket is packed elegantly with Capelin caviar, smoked salmon pate spread, Merlot cheddar cheese, Los Olivos wine bites, sesame crackers, Focacia crisp Italian seasoned crackers, dipping pretzels, stone ground mustard, Angelina’s sweet bitter cookies, Dolcetto tiramisu cookies, chocolate truffles, and Café Comforts cocoa mix tied with a gold ribbon for that festive look.
Gift CardsFor busy people who do not have the time to scour the market for gifts and you know that your mom has a favorite place to shop, you can give her a gift card as a treat so she can shop for herself as a good break from shopping for the whole family. For bookworm moms who cannot seem to get enough of books to read, the Book Lovers gift basket is the perfect gift as it contains a chest filled with sweet treats and coffee for her reading time and include a Barnes and Noble gift cards in $15 or $25 denominations so she can choose the books she is dying to read.
Display FigurinesIf your mom is an art collector, she would surely like this extraordinary Ming Dynasty design figurines made from high-temperature porcelain. With beautifully detailed faces, hands and folk clothing, each of the figurines are hand-painted. This work of art can be bought individually or you can collect all three, which will surely blend well with your mom’s period pieces collections.
Home Spa TreatmentMake the pampering more personal by doing it yourself. On Mother’s Day, you can prepare her breakfast and treat her with a home spa treatment. Buy some nice spa set, prepare the bath with rose petals and scented oils and candles and let her soak in it. This spa set will surely pamper her as it promises to renew, recharge and rejuvenate her body that comes in a hand-crafted spa caddy.
Tablet or E-book ReaderIf your mom is a bookworm and tech-savvy as well, you might want to give her the latest e-book reader where she can read all the e-books that she likes at her heart’s content. She can also use her tablet for email or access her social networking site, or view full HD videos. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a 10.1-inch screen for easy reading and also comes with Wi-Fi capability so she can be instantly connected anytime, anywhere.
Books (Hardbound or Softbound)For moms who love the smell and feel of physical books, there are lots of good reads in the bookstores today from inspiring books like the Chicken Soup series to novels with movie tie-ins, depending on the genre that she likes. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive will inspire and uplift her with 101 stories of optimism, strength, and faith and that she must always be thankful for all the things that happening, good or bad as there is always a bright side in things.
Herb GardenThe best cook would love to have an herb garden on her kitchen window sill so she can spice up her dishes with fresh herbs. Herb gardens today come in decorated pots where you can have a wide choice from oregano, mint, thyme, basil, rosemary, etc. To start her on the hobby of her own, give her this paperback “Your Backyard Herb Garden: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Over 50 Herbs Plus How to Use them in Cooking, Crafts, Planting and More” as a gift so she would know what to plant that she can infuse to her cooking.
Sweet TreatsMost women have sweet a tooth and you will surely know if she is a part of the small minority who do not; so giving her the Betty Crocker: The Big Book of Cupcakes that features 175 cupcakes will surely be a delight. This is a hobby that this can serve as a bonding moment for the whole family since everyone loves cupcakes. The book also includes baking techniques and recipes that can be used for bake sales, parties or for everyday snacks.
Portable BlenderFor health-conscious moms on-the-go, a portable blender can be a handy device to carry anywhere should she need a fix of that delectable fruit smoothie. A smoothie is a better alternative to sodas and to ‘fruit juices’ in the market that do not even contain real fruit juices. The Magic Bullet Express 17-piece high-speed blender also comes with cups and mugs that can easily fit into the car’s cup holder as well.
Vegetables and BloomsIf your mom has a green thumb or is into collecting a certain variety of plant or blooms; this can be a great time to add to her collection. Since it is more eco-friendly to plant your own vegetables, this seedling kit that has some parsley and carrot seeds with natural jute twine, twine scissors, wooden labels and pencil can help her start her own vegetable garden. You can also add seedlings that are adaptable to the kind of soil and weather in your area.
Jewelry OrganizerFor moms who have a desk- or a cabinet-full of jewelries, a jewelry organizer is a better option than adding to her collection. Even if they are real gems or just plain accessories, they need to be organized so she can easily select which ones to wear with her clothes. Moms can also be forgetful, so they will need an organizer to keep their rings or earrings besides the bathroom sink.
Lovely by Sarah ParkerSome moms want to wear perfume on a daily basis, while others prefer to use them on special occasions and just use colognes daily. Give your mom her favorite scent or add to her collection of perfume and colognes, so she can have something new other than the usual.
JewelriesFor Mother’s Day, there are lots of themed jewelries being offered for moms, but this 925 sterling silver pendant with open multi-paved set cubic Zirconia and dangling style from Classic Diamond House will surely impress her. Though moms love to receive jewelries from their spouses, receiving them from their kids is equally touching.
Kimono RobeIf you are thinking about clothes as gift for Mother’s day, you might want to get a replacement of her oftentimes overlooked kimono robe, which has seen better days. Moms tend to buy new dresses, blouses, jeans, shirts, shoes, etc. but forget to replace the most used item in her closet. This Shanghai Tone Geisha luxury dress kimono robe has a luxurious feel to it as it comes with the best Chinese heritage and craftmanship reminiscent of the ones she used while staying on a high-end hotel.
Home Décor Gift ItemsHome décor gift items such as throw pillows, rugs and other home accessories are safe gifts for moms since they will surely love receiving them. These are items that moms can boast to her friends as something made or given by her kids. This sheepskin rug double pelt natural white fur is the softest fur in the world. Moms can use this on the floor as an area rug, but she can also drape it over the couch or bed, or hang on the wall as décor, making it a very functional and beautiful gift.
Home Brewing SystemPerfect for moms who love to have her daily cup of coffee, the Tassimo single-serve coffee brewer will be a great gift. This will give her the quality coffee that most coffee shops offered without having to spend big bucks on them. You can also add good quality coffee beans, creamer or cinnamon.
Wine AeratorIf your mom is a wine connoisseur or has a good wine collection, a wine aerator can be a good idea. This will make her enjoy the full flavor of the good for the heart red wine, if taken on one glass a day basis. The Vinturi Wine aerator will surely make her red wine breathe and release its intended aroma for better bouquet, smoother finish and enhanced flavor.
Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream MakerAdmit it, you will not be buying this for your mom but for you as well so you can always have these delicious treats at home. With so many recipes for frozen yogurts and ice cream, moms will not have a hard time making them on the Cuisinart automatic frozen yogurt maker using the freshest ingredients. These are not only great in summertime, but healthy options as well for long movie marathons and snacks.
Mother’s Day PlaqueSounds cheesy, but if your mom has been around for 70 years, she is more than deserving of a Mother’s Day plaque. The Mother & Daughter Keepsake heart personalized gift can be the perfect gift wherein you can have your sentiments engraved in transparent 3D mirage. Measuring 5-inch by 5 inch, this will be something that she will be proud to display for everyone to see.
Photo FrameNowadays, it is easier to veer away from boring old frames as there are lots modern frames that can help immortalize mom’s favorite memory. Besides hanging old photos of you and your siblings, you can also make a collage of photos of your mom in various stages of her pregnancy and showcase them in a photo display that can also serve as a good divider. The modern design 3-panel photo display screen can display twelve 5 x 27-inch and five 8 x10-inch photo frames. Moms will surely love this beautifully crafted and finished premium-quality kiln-dried spruce wood that has an unbreakable non-glare plexiglass and lacquered brass double hinges.
Music BoxFor moms, music boxes are reminders of their youth and childhood dreams where they were once so popular that every girl must have one. It is a good thing you can still find some music boxes today where a ballerina dances to music. This orchid musical box is made from top quality material to make it last for generations; and when opened, the 18 Note Movement, Georgia in My Mind, will be played.
Vacation GetawayThis will take months in preparations if you want to pull this European tour packages off as this can be expensive during peak season. However, you can book everything earlier, especially if there are promos, to get the best deals. You can opt for tour packages for couples, or you can also bring the whole family along. However, this would be much better if she will just take this vacation by herself as she did not have much ‘me-time’ when she was raising her kids and to make it stand out from the family outings that you had throughout the years. Europe is a very romantic place, so this can be perfect for both mom and dad.
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