Top 10 Best OnlyFans Squirt Models to Follow in 2024

Posted by , Updated on November 23, 2023

OnlyFans is a content subscription service that allows creators to earn money from users who subscribe to their content. One popular category on the platform is “OnlyFans Squirt.” This content typically features women performing solo or with partners and engaging in sexual acts that result in female ejaculation.

The popularity of OnlyFans Squirt content has grown in recent years, with many creators specializing in this type of content. While some people may find this content controversial or explicit, it remains a popular category on the platform. In this article, we will explore the world of OnlyFans Squirt and provide some background information on this topic.

The Best Squirt OnlyFans of 2023

1. Elaina St. James – Leading MILF OnlyFans Squirt Talent

  • Subscription Cost: $9 per month
  • Special Offer: Welcum Package – 4 videos for only $10
  • Likes: 167K

Elaina St. James, known as the “most authentic creator,” is celebrated for her classy and genuine content. Her page offers a weekly Chat & Flash, toy and finger play, POV, and daily new nudes. Notably, Elaina is revered for her captivating squirting performances.

2. Very Nice Ice – The Coolest FREE Squirting OnlyFans Babe

  • Subscription: Free
  • Likes: 27K
  • Posts: 1.2K

Very Nice Ice, a charismatic creator, offers a diverse range of content, incorporating her love for dirty talk, cold winters, and her exceptional squirting abilities. She is recognized for her lean physique and impressive squirting prowess.

3. Black Panther – Premier Mixed Race OnlyFans Squirter

  • Subscription Cost: $3 per month
  • Likes: 93K

Black Panther, an Australian creator, entices audiences with her primal African-Asian allure. Her content showcases fully nude photos and videos, fulfilling various fetish requests and captivating her fans with her unparalleled beauty.

4. Putri Cinta – Exquisite Tropical OnlyFans Squirter Model

  • Subscription Cost: $3.23 per month (limited time offer)
  • Regular Price: $12.90 per month
  • Likes: 149K

Putri Cinta, known for her Indonesian heritage, boasts a stunning appearance, captivating her audience with her caramel skin, apple breasts, and captivating squirting performances. Her content is a visual treat for admirers.

5. Susy G. – Leading Playboy Model OnlyFans Squirt Queen

  • Subscription Cost: $3 per month (initially), $20 per month (later)
  • Immediate Access: 200 videos and 2,000 pictures
  • Likes: 129K

Susy G., a former Playboy model, extends her allure to a wider audience on OnlyFans. Her subscription offers immediate access to a vast collection of videos and pictures, showcasing her professional expertise in various adult genres.

6. Samantha Saint – Top Tittie AND Pussy Squirting OnlyFans

  • Subscription Cost: $10 per month
  • Posts: 1.4K
  • Likes: 151K

Samantha Saint’s content features unique squirting performances from her titties and pussy, elevating her status as a distinguished creator. Her content also includes hardcore adult content, catering to diverse preferences.

7. Rose – Canada Squirting OnlyFans Take the Cake

  • Subscription Cost: $6.50 per month (introductory offer), $13 per month (regular pricing)
  • Likes: 147K

Rose, a Canadian creator, offers an introductory subscription offer, providing access to her diverse content, including anal, straight, and personalized interactions. Her French-speaking skills add an extra layer of allure to her content.

8. Kira – Barely Legal Squirt OnlyFans Goddess

  • Subscription: Free (with additional paid content)
  • Likes: 147K

Kira, a youthful creator, offers a range of content, including a triple penetration squirt video and a free hardcore video in subscription bundles. Her content is tailored to appeal to a broad audience, showcasing her youthful exuberance and explicit performances.

9. Deauxma – Provocative Anal OnlyFans Squirt Model

  • Subscription Cost: $10 per month
  • Fans: 503
  • Likes: 33K

Deauxma’s content revolves around intense anal play, catering to fans seeking explicit and hardcore adult content. Her page offers a diverse range of content, emphasizing her explicit and daring performances.

10. Audrey & Sadie – Best Squirting OnlyFans Duo

  • Subscription Cost: $10 per month (introductory offer), $20 per month (regular price)
  • Likes: 755K

Audrey & Sadie, a dynamic duo, offer a captivating subscription that provides access to their extensive content, showcasing their compelling and engaging squirting performances. Their page caters to a broad audience, emphasizing their collective appeal and captivating performances.

OnlyFans Squirt FAQ’s

Q: Do OnlyFans Squirt Models Spill the Juice Every Time?

A: No, not all OnlyFans squirt models experience squirting every time. Squirting is a natural bodily function that can happen spontaneously, and the models have no control over when or why it happens. Some models may experience it frequently, while others may only occasionally experience it. However, when it does occur, it can be a major money-maker for the OnlyFans squirter.

Q: Are there tricks OnlyFans squirting girls use to make it happen?

A: There are some non-scientific strategies that some OnlyFans squirting girls use to increase their chances of squirting. Hitting the G-spot just right is one of them, but it requires experience. Being fully relaxed is another strategy that can increase the likelihood of squirting. It is worth noting that squirting is more likely to happen from masturbation than penetration.

Q: How can I find the best selection of squirting OnlyFans?

A: To find the best selection of squirting OnlyFans, it is recommended to use This platform allows users to search and filter OnlyFans performers according to their preferences. Simply type “squirt” or “squirting” in the search bar, and the platform will display a list of performers who specialize in squirting content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process to create an OnlyFans account?

To create an OnlyFans account, you need to visit the OnlyFans website and click on the “Sign Up” button. After that, you will be required to provide your email address, username, and password. You will also have to select a subscription plan and provide payment information. Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to access the OnlyFans platform and start browsing content.

How can I find OnlyFans creators who specialize in squirting content?

To find OnlyFans creators who specialize in squirting content, you can use the search function on the OnlyFans website. Simply type in “squirting” or related keywords in the search bar, and you will be presented with a list of creators who offer this type of content. You can also visit external websites and forums that provide recommendations for OnlyFans creators who specialize in squirting content.

What are the payment options available to subscribe to OnlyFans creators?

OnlyFans offers several payment options for subscribing to creators, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. The payment options available may vary depending on your location and the creator you wish to subscribe to. It is recommended to check the payment options available before subscribing to a creator.

Is it possible to request custom squirting content from OnlyFans creators?

Yes, it is possible to request custom squirting content from OnlyFans creators. However, not all creators may offer this service, and it may come at an additional cost. It is recommended to check with the creator beforehand to see if they offer custom content and what the cost would be.

Are there any age restrictions for subscribing to OnlyFans creators who post squirting content?

Yes, OnlyFans has age restrictions in place for subscribing to creators who post adult content, including squirting content. Users must be at least 18 years old to create an OnlyFans account and subscribe to creators who post adult content. OnlyFans may also require users to provide identification to verify their age.

How can I ensure the privacy of my OnlyFans account and subscription to squirting content creators?

OnlyFans offers several privacy features to ensure the privacy of your account and subscription to creators. You can choose to make your account private, which means that only your subscribers can see your content. You can also choose to block specific users or countries from accessing your content. Additionally, OnlyFans uses secure payment processing to ensure the privacy of your payment information.