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In 1965, seventeen-year-old Fred DeLuca needed money to fulfill his dream of being a doctor. A family friend suggested opening a submarine sandwich shop to help fund his education. His friend, Dr. Peter Buck, offered him a loan of $1000, and became his business partner.

“Pete’s Subway” opened its doors in August of 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Fred quickly learned basic business skills: providing excellent customer service while keeping costs low and finding great locations coupled with serving well-made, high quality sandwiches. The early lessons set the tone and change the landscape of the fast food industry.

The two men set a goal of having 32 stores within 10 years, but by 1974, they fell short with only 16 stores throughout Connecticut. The duo decided that franchising the SUBWAY® would help them realize their goal. Today, SUBWAY® is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations in 133 Countries.

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How SUBWAY® works
SUBWAY® breaks up their career section into 3 categories: Headquarter Jobs, Local Restaurants and Regional. And they have another section for those who might be interested in their own SUBWAY® Franchise. Explore the jobs below to see if anything piques your interest.

Types of Jobs
Headquarter Jobs:
-Accounting: Accounting Assistant, Business Analyst, and Accountant Managers needed regionally.

-Administrative – Administrative staff needed in all areas.
-Business Development – Director, Field Consultant, Mobile Application Developer, and Business Coach are available across the country and the world expanding the brand.
-Customer Service Representative – Live Listening Specialist, Regional Manager, Research, Data and Processing Agents needed.
-Designer – Digital Designers needed in Marketing and Technology departments
-Editorial/Writing – Communications Manager, Public Relations,
-Guest Services – Guest Care Agent, Response Agent, Coordinator, Customer Service Agent.
-Human Resources – The job requires recruiting top talent, training and development, and seeking candidates for regional headquarters and other headquarters around the world.
-Legal – Administrative Support, Paralegals and Attorneys round out legal services.
-Mailroom/Shipping – The Cafeteria Staff and Warehouse staff fall under this category
-Marketing – Jobs available for Analytics, Branding, Brand Transformation, Guest Care Services, Global Social -Responsibility, Project Managers, and Technology.
-Technology – includes jobs like Administrative Support, MDM Engineer, Network Architect, Designers, Scrum Master, -Business Coordinator, Project Manager and more.

Local Restaurant Jobs:

Sandwich Artists – required to greet and serve guests, prepare food, maintain food safety and sanitation standards, handles and processes light paperwork accurately and in a timely manner.
Managers – Each store has a Store Manager, Shift Managers and Assistant Managers.

Regional Jobs – Includes Assistant Managers, Shift Managers, Store Managers and District Managers in franchises all over the United States and the World.

Or you can look into owning your own franchise If that’s the route you are interested in taking, here is everything you need to know about being a franchise Owner:
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Sandwich Artists begin at minimum wage starting at $8.43, but varies from state-to-state and country-to-country, while Headquarter Jobs can make up to $100,000+.

Minimum Age
The minimum age to work at SUBWAY® is 16-years-old.

Hours of Operation
Times may vary from franchise-to-franchise but typically 9am to 9pm.

Why Now?
SUBWAY® brand value is 7.1 Billion. The company ranks #92 on Forbes magazine’s The World’s Most Valuable Brands. It registered 17 Billion in sales as of May 2017.

Application Process – What to Expect
When applying online, you can expect contact within a week and from there, an interview may be set.

Tips For the Interview
You’ve scored an interview! What next? Do your research on the company. There is plenty of information on the SUBWAY® site and the internet in general. When preparing for the interview, here are some things to keep in mind:
· Arrive on time and be prepared. You want to make a good first impression. Dress appropriately. No shorts, t-shirts or flip flops.
· Make a mental checklist before walking in. Do you have everything you need? Go over your research. Double check your resumes. Did you bring extras? Give yourself a pep talk and remind yourself that you have what it takes.
· Anticipate questions they might ask and how you would answer. They often ask, “Why SUBWAY®?” – be honest about why SUBWAY® may resonate with you. Saying why you like to eat there may score more points than empty data. What makes you special? Be sure to have an answer and know your strengths. Other common questions include: List 3 words that describe you. Do you have any experience handling food? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And, surprisingly, What is your favorite SUBWAY® sandwich?
· Introduce yourself to everyone in the room – make eye contact with each person. Even if you have applied online, bring a couple of copies of your resume and something to take notes with – and take notes. Take a deep breath and smile. You will want to keep your answers short and point out anything you might want to add that would apply to you and the job you are seeking. Try to look relaxed – even if you are feeling nervous.
· Remember to ask questions! You can ask them what the job is like on any typical day, benefits, the team dynamic, suggestions about how to get ahead and what the best path would be. Always good info.
· Research the job you are applying for. Check out the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. Don’t be afraid to check out Linkedin. Check out the articles that apply to SUBWAY® or people who have worked there. Check out the SUBWAY® Press Releases to get the latest information on the company and how it might apply to you. You may delight them with your knowledge of their company.

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Tips From An Expert:

Besides being a part of one of the world’s largest restaurant chains, and the leader of fast food that is healthy and delicious, there are also other benefits.

– Flexible Schedule
– Flexible Spending Account
– Weekly Pay – Tuition Reimbursement
– Nation-wide Medical Plan/Dental/Vision – Adoption Assistance
– Medical Benefits Available to Part-Time Employees in some areas
– 401(k)
– 10% discounts

Advancement Opportunities
Many young adults started at SUBWAY® thinking it would be a good job for the summer and stayed on, worked their way up to become a Regional Manager or Franchise Owner. That only happens when you really like what you do and who your are working with.

SUBWAY® is active in the community. Whether it is a local Walk-a-thon for Breast Cancer, supporting a baseball team, raising money for education, fighting Childhood Obesity, Heart Disease, fostering entrepreneurial business practices or raising awareness for a healthy and active lifestyle, SUBWAY® leads the way!

Jumpstart your Subway Career: Apply Online Now!

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