Long Riders by Taishi Miyaki is Coming Back with a New Title

After the long gap of almost a year, the Japanese manga series of Taishi Miayki will finally continue. The announcement of the release was revealed by Bushiroad’s Japanese magazine on Friday. The series is being switched to Monthly Bushiroad magazine with a new name, ‘Long Rider Stories.’

The publication of Taishi Miyaki’s series the Long Riders! was launched back in 2012. It was published under a Manga-focused publishing company, Ichijinsha, in the Shōnen Manga magazine Comic Rex. In 2014, the sequel of the volume was published as volume 0, and in 2017, the ninth volume of the Manga was released. However, it went on a temporary break, and no new episodes have been released since March 2018. The animated Manga series consisted of 12 episodes, which were first released in October 2016.

The series was streamed on the largest animation streaming websites in Japan including the Anime Network Online and Daisuki. More streaming platforms such as HIDIVE and Crunchyroll have also started to stream the series for their viewers. The American anime licensing company, Sentai Filmworks, which specializes in Japanese series, has licensed the series.

According to Bushiroad, the Manga will have its 10th volume released by this summer. The volume will contain 46-50 chapters and 38 extra pages which have been illustrated just for the 10th volume. Fans will also be treated with a special version, which will comprise of 2 CDs; one will contain a sound drama of about 60 minutes, whereas the other will have a radio program.

The story revolves around Ami Kurata, a college student, and her best friends:

  • Aoi Niigaki
  • Hinako Saijo – a cyclist whose family owns a restaurant
  • Yayoi Ichinose – Hinako’s friend
  • Saki Takamiya
  • Miya Saeiki – Ami’s colleague
  • Emi Kurata – Ami’s younger sister
  • Alpaca – a manager of a local cycle shop.

The Japanese series streaming website, Crunchyroll, gave a few details about the Manga by stating that it includes a blundering college student Ami Kurata who cannot even manage to stay upright on flat surfaces. Despite her clumsiness, she loves to ride bikes and when she sees a folding cycle, she uses her money to buy it.

As soon as she gets her hands on the bike, shes captivated by the wonderful experience of riding a bike, and to feel more confident and comfortable, she sets out to explore the cycling world with her friend. From enjoying beautiful bike rides across the rivers to getting leg cramps due to excessive sweating, Ami struggles with the ups and downs of the cycling world. However, nothing takes away her love for cycling. Ami soon makes her own team with her fellow girls and names it Fortuna. The team decides to take part in a long distance cycling event.


Fans also saw “Touring Guides” books, a TV program, and different radio shows, which were all inspired by the manga. Yahoo!, to the delight of fans, has a map of the course that the riders will take in the opening chapter set to be published in Monthly Bushiroad.

Photo: Featured Image - baikbike.com (Fair Use: Illustrative Purposes Only)

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