List25 Deathmatch: Should You Microwave Your Coffee?

Should you microwave your coffee? Let us set something up for you. You wake up groggy with bloodshot eyes and drool hanging down your mouth. You drag yourself over to the black gold machine (i.e. coffee maker) and pour yourself a nice, steaming hot cup of coffee. Like a bat out of hell, your kids come screaming down the hallway, and little Max is threatening to pull the hair out of Jessica’s favorite doll. She screams. Max laughs. You die a little inside. You race off to stop them from fighting, but that becomes a quagmire of other parental duties. After thirty to forty-five minutes of being an adult, you return to your mug of coffee. You take a sip, grimace, and spit the lukewarm coffee out of your mouth, like the devil’s poison it is. So, we’ll ask again, should you microwave your coffee?

This question has become something of a heated debate between the editors here at List25. Out of that came the idea of bring the debate to you in a new segment we want to call List25 Deathmatch. Both editors, Crystal and Jason, will argue their side in this list, and by the end, you can do the difficult task of making up your mind. Without further ado, here is List25 Deathmatch: Should you microwave your coffee?

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Yes: It's fast.


I can’t stress enough my disgust of sipping lukewarm coffee and the contrasting satisfaction of plopping a mug in the microwave to fix it. Microwaves, as we all know, are fast. Set the timer for 30 to 45 seconds and out comes your piping hot cup o’ joe, reborn. It’s magical, I tell you. – JI


No: It's just not classy.

old woman coffee snob

It’s true, I’ve been called a coffee snob before. I’ll admit it; I have no shame. Seriously though, real coffee drinkers wouldn’t even dare entertain the thought. What’s next? Will you be drinking gas station coffee that was prepared at 3 A.M.? The coffee gods frown in disappointment. – CC


Yes: It's not going to give you cancer.

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A prevailing myth about microwaves and microwaving coffee is that it causes cancer. There’s very little evidence that it does. Some point to the traces of acrylamide in coffee as a possible carcinogen, but you might as well stop drinking coffee, then. Some also point to microwaves as a carcinogen, but again, that’s a myth. The only possible reason microwaving coffee would cause cancer is if you microwaved the coffee for too long, making the temperature way too hot. – JI


No: Microwaves are evil and suck the life out of everything.

microwave with evil eyes

It’s true…they probably don’t cause cancer. It’s also true that the above statement might be a slight exaggeration. However, coffee, as the magical elixir of life, shouldn’t be treated with such disrespect. When’s the last time you made a delicious home cooked meal in the microwave? Probably never. Does your coffee really deserve to be treated on the same level as a TV dinner? Does it? – CC


Yes: You can properly reheat coffee.


Most coffee lovers say they don’t want to microwave their coffee because it “burns” the coffee. Here’s the deal, you can properly reheat your coffee. Microwaves come with a variety of heat settings. Most microwaves default to the highest setting. You can adjust that. Lower the power level to 8 and reheat the coffee by 30 to 45 seconds, and wallah! Piping hot coffee that isn’t burnt. – JI

What about you? Should you microwave your lukewarm coffee? Let us know in this poll right here or Tweet to us @List25

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