Link25 (319) – Man Wants to Legally Change His Age Edition

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I know how busy life can get. You’re working, taking care of family, and just don’t have time to keep up with the internet. Lucky for you, that’s where Link25 comes in. I sift the wheat from the chaff and give you the best of the best for the week. That’s right. No more endless scrolling through Facebook feeds or Google searches. This is your weekly destination for the hottest trends, memes, videos, gadgets, and news stories. Because, when it’s the weekend, you need downtime for yourself to laugh, learn, and maybe find a cool new toy along the way.

Overall, this week was quite a doozy. The 2018 Midterm Elections capped off a vicious and no-holds-barred political fest that resulted in the Democrats taking the House and the Republicans holding on to the Senate. Record-breaking numbers came out to vote this time around, proving more people are paying attention and wanting to participate in the process than ever before.

Another tragic shooting went down in The City of Thousand Oaks, California (putting the number of mass shootings in America to 307 in 2018), Disney announced the name of their new streaming service, and the creators of Deadpool 2 are editing the film to be PG-13. All that and more on Link25 (319) – Man Wants To Legally Change His Age Edition.

(And I’m totally serious. He wants to change his age. Check it out below.)


I Survived an Airplane Crash


There’s a creepy orange ‘airglow’ around the Earth

creepy orange glowSource:

No, you’re not looking at a strange alien planet or the Earth through an Instagram filter – this orange glow is known as an airglow, courtesy of NASA.

According to the space agency, the airglow is “diffuse bands of light that stretch 50 to 400 miles into our atmosphere.” It typically occurs when molecules, largely nitrogen and oxygen, are “energized by ultraviolet radiation from sunlight.” (Click image to continue article).

chicken tenders

Passion Planner Pro

passion planner

Hey, guess what? The new year is just around the corner and, let’s face it, you’re disorganized. Thankfully for you, I’ve found this awesome and new Passion Planner Pro. It’s the hottest new planner on the market in 2018 and it’s highly rated and will act as your life coach.


69-Year-Old Dutch Man Attempts To Legally Lower His Age To 49


A 69-year-old man in the Netherlands wants to prove it’s legally possible to be as old as you feel. Emile Ratelband has filed a lawsuit against the Dutch government requesting that his date of birth be switched from March 11, 1949, to March 11, 1969. Ratelband, a media personality and motivational guru specializing in self-awareness, compares his attempt to turn back the clock to identifying as transgender.

“We live in a time when you can change your name and change your gender. Why can’t I decide my own age?” he asked, according to the BBC. (Click image to continue article).

urban dictionary

You have to see this awesome stop-motion film using only clothes.


Fingerprint Padlock

fingerprint lock

Are you tired of fumbling with your padlock combination or losing your key? This revolutionary padlock only requires your fingerprint, giving you peace of mind both for the safety of your things and knowing you’ll always have access. And, hey, with Christmas coming up, it makes for a great gift. Don’t wait around. Get it today!


Disney Just Announced a Lot of New Details About Its Streaming Service, Including a Name


After months of anticipation and quite possibly a ton of market research, The Walt Disney Company today finally announced a name for its new direct-to-consumer streaming service. According to Disney CEO Robert Iger, who spoke on an investors conference call this afternoon, the Mouse House’s Netflix rival will launch late next year and be called …Disney+. (Click image to continue article)

woody allen

Men stealing meat from lions.


Thousand Oaks shooting: 12 dead including officer, suspect identified

thousand oaksSource:

At least 12 people, including an officer, were killed late Wednesday when a gunman opened fire in a packed Southern California bar during its “college night,” leaving the community of Thousand Oaks in shock and in mourning.

The lone suspect, 28-year-old Ian David Long, was found dead inside the Borderline Bar & Grill after the overnight shooting, Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean said. Authorities believe he shot himself.

Long was a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Dean said. (Click image to continue article)

memento mori

Illumibowl Germ Defense LED Toilet Night Light


You know the drill. It’s the middle of the night and you need to run to the bathroom, but turning on that blinding bathroom light will feel like your eyes are burning out of their sockets. So, you risk it, and hope you don’t hit the toilet seat, or worse yet, yourself. Thankfully, those days are far from over with the Illumibowl LED Toilet Night Light. This magical device will light up your commode like a glorious lighthouse, leading you to safe harbor. So sail on through darkest of nights and never fear the devil’s light again.

silent mode

A Boatload Of Ballots: Midterm Voter Turnout Hit 50-Year High


Voter turnout on Tuesday was massive: More than 47 percent of the voting-eligible population cast a ballot in the midterm elections on Tuesday, according to early estimates from the United States Election Project.

“Almost half of possible voters actually voted” might not sound impressive. But for a U.S. midterm election, it’s a whopping figure. Compare that with just 36.7 percent in 2014, and 41 percent in 2010. (Click image to continue article)


What Happens if you Renounce Your Citizenship But Don't Belong to Another Country When You Do It?


Cat Cave Bed

cat cave

Speaking of cats, have you heard of the Cat Cave Bed? If not, welcome to the future. This adorable, comfortable, and lovable cave will be your cats new best friend. Highly-rated, handcrafted, and chemically free, it can also be used as a mat. Your cat probably won’t love you for getting this for them, because cats only love themselves, but they’ll at least look cute inside of it. So, get it now!


The Breaking Bad movie will supposedly be a direct sequel about Jesse Pinkman

breaking badSource:

Just a few hours ago, we reported that Vince Gilligan was developing a Breaking Bad movie about “the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.” That was literally all we knew, but now /Film has “confirmed” that the kidnapped man is none other than Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman and that the plot of the movie will directly follow the events of the series finale. None of that has been officially announced, so we don’t know if it’s true, but it does seem like a relatively safe assumption. (Click image to continue article)


Thousand Oaks Hero Police Officer

once upon a deadpool

England’s Frog Population Could Jump Thanks To New ‘Frog Ladders’


A small group of British conservationists are installing mesh- covered ladders in roadside drains to save trapped amphibians from certain death.

The Warwickshire Amphibian and Reptile Team — the memorably acronymed WART — hopes that by placing 20 of the rust-resistant aluminum ladders down drains near known breeding pools in England’s West Midlands, they can boost the dwindling amphibian population. (Click image to continue article)

doing it wrong

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