Link25 (306) – The Apple’s Worth a Trillion Dollars Edition

Get pumped up! It’s Saturday and with the weekend at your fingertips, we’re here to help put you in the right mindset of who-cares-about-work-I’ll-do-it-on-Monday. We know, we’re bad influences, but you love us anyway, right? Over the course of the last seven days, we’ve collected 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. With everything from the McDonalds Monopoly Scam article you keep hearing about to a guy who changed his gender to get cheaper car insurance, this is Link25 (306) – The Apple’s Worth a Trillion Dollars Edition.

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A dog's life of luxury.

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The 10 Best Burns From the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis

It’s hard to tell exactly why Comedy Central chose Bruce Willis for its latest roast. Glass — the third installment of the Unbreakable series — won’t be released until early 2019, his roles of late have been generally lackluster, and he’s not known as the type of guy who really needs to be taken down a peg. Despite all that, Willis’s Looper co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt served as Roast Master for the event with Nikki Glaser, Jeff Ross, Edward Norton, Lil Rel Howery, Dennis Rodman, Martha Stewart, Cybill Shepherd, Dom Irrera, and Kevin Pollak filling out the dais. In the crowd were Willis’s family and a few familiar faces like Seth Green and David Hasselhoff. Perhaps the most devastating running gag of the night was the lack of higher-profile cohorts like M. Night Shyamalan and Quentin Tarantino. Nonetheless, the awkward ensemble took turns roasting each other and paying harsh tribute to the man of the hour (Click the image for the full article).


LeBron James Debuted his I Promise School

Tweet Saying: Imagine goofing off in class and your principal being like "Wait till I tell LeBron"Source:

Canadian Man Legally Changes Gender For Cheaper Car Insurance

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A Canadian man, only identified as David, legally changed his gender to female to take advantage of cheaper car insurance. David, who lives in Alberta, Canada, told news outlets that he was given a quote of $4,500 CAD to insure the Chevrolet Cruze he wanted to purchase. The insurers also told him that the quote would have been $1,100 CAD lower if he was female (Click the image for the full article).

"The Trinity of Wholesomeness" with a photo of Steve Erwin, Bob Ross, and Mr. RodgersSource:

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