Link25 (305) – The Papa John Sues Papa John’s Edition

It’s been another week of craziness on the internet, and as usual, we’re back with 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. Highlights include everything from the reason why you shouldn’t jump out of your car and dance to Drake to the newest drama out of the Papa John’s pizza chain. Basically, if you’re looking to kill some time, you’re in the right place. This is Link25 (305) – The Papa John Sues Papa John’s Edition.


The brain may clean out Alzheimer’s plaques during sleep


Neuroscientist Barbara Bendlin studies the brain as Alzheimer’s disease develops. When she goes home, she tries to leave her work in the lab. But one recent research project has crossed into her personal life: She now takes sleep much more seriously.

Bendlin works at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, home to the Wisconsin Registry for Alzheimer’s Prevention, a study of more than 1,500 people who were ages 40 to 65 when they signed up. Members of the registry did not have symptoms of dementia (click the image for the full story)

fool me

LOL...Just Stop


The Key to Avoiding Weight Gain as You Get Older Probably Isn't What You Think


Like a favourite car that’s starting to show its age, many of us begin to put on weight as we get older.

“She’s not what she used to be!” I heard a friend say the other day as he lovingly slapped his belly in the way one gives the hood of their old clunker an affectionate tap.

Many people blame a sluggish metabolism for the weight gain. But as it turns out, our metabolism isn’t the real culprit when it comes to the weight (click the image for the full story)


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