Link25 (296) – The World Is Doomed Edition

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We know you’ve been waiting all week. The anticipation has been building. Well, finally the moment is here. It’s 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web conveniently stacked in one post so you can waste your time more efficiently! This week features everything from Google Duplex beating the Turing Test to a café themed around poop. Sadly, we also feature some current news about the most recent school shooting and where they are now seeing the nasty effects of plastic. Get ready because this is Link25 (296) – The World Is Doomed Edition.

Starting next week, join us for more internet shenanigans as Link25 moves to Saturdays.


True Story


Playing with Lego turns out to be a useful life skill


Man whose blood plasma saved over 2.4 million babies donates for the last time

plasma donation

An Australian man credited with saving the lives of over 2.4 million babies with his blood plasma made his final donation Friday, according to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

James Harrison, nicknamed “the man with the golden arm,” has a rare antibody in his blood that is used to make a lifesaving medication called anti-D, given to mothers whose blood is at risk of developing…(Click the image for the full story)

r2d2 alcohol

Yay, Science!


What Everyone Gets Wrong About Introverts

cozy reading

When you hear the term “introvert,” you might imagine someone who’s quiet and insular, who likes to spend most of their time alone, avoiding social situations.

But being an introvert isn’t really anything to do with how much you like spending time with other people. In fact, introverts can have some of the deepest and most meaningful friendships.

The difference between introverts and extroverts is actually biological, and it comes down to how they unwind after (Click the image for the full story)


Their CEO is 3. (Just kidding...we all know several adults who would totally consider this a great business concept!)


Google Duplex beat the Turing test: Are we doomed?

alan turing

Alan Turing helped pioneer the idea of programmable computers and built one of the first general purpose computing machines, the Bombe, which decrypted the Nazi’s Enigma code and saved thousands of lives. Turing’s contributions to the war effort, and to computer science as a discipline, are astonishing. As Albert Einstein was to math and physics, Alan Turing was to computer science.

But in the 1950s, the British government considered Turing a criminal. The irony and injustice of this is mind boggling, not just because he probably (click the image for the full story)


Clever & Hilarious


Plastic Bag Found at the Bottom of World's Deepest Ocean Trench

plastic bag in ocean

The Mariana Trench—the deepest point in the ocean—extends nearly 36,000 feet down in a remote part of the Pacific Ocean. But if you thought the trench could escape the global onslaught of plastics pollution, you would be wrong.

A recent study revealed that a plastic bag, like the kind given away at grocery stores, is now the deepest known piece of plastic trash, found at a depth of 36,000 feet inside the Mariana Trench. Scientists found it by looking through the Deep-Sea Debris Database, a collection of (click the image for the full story)

end of the year

The weekend is here...



on the air

In this episode of The Brain Food Show, we talk to audio production expert and head of Music Radio Creative, Mike Russell.  During the interview, we discuss basic audio gear needed to relatively cheaply get started podcasting, doing voice overs, etc., as well as touch on why YouTubers should really be looking into expanding their repertoire beyond YouTube and into the audio space, among other topics.

If you want to learn how to improve your own audio production, we strongly recommend you check out (click the image for the full story)


Livin' the Life


Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy in U.S. following Facebook debacle

cambridge analytica

Cambridge Analytica, the political consultancy at the center of Facebook Inc’s privacy scandal, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the United States late on Thursday.

This past March allegations surfaced that Cambridge Analytica, hired by President Donald Trump’s 2016 U.S. election campaign, improperly used data of 87 million Facebook users beginning in 2014.

Cambridge Analytica and its British parent SCL Elections Ltd said earlier this month that they would shut down immediately and begin bankruptcy proceedings after suffering a sharp drop in business. The petition to file bankruptcy was submitted at (click the image for the full story)


What are men really thinking?


Santa Fe High School: Up to 10 dead in shooting

santa fe hs

Between eight and 10 people have been killed in a shooting at a Texas high school, say police.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez told reporters the majority of the dead at Santa Fe High School were students.

A student is in custody after the attack at the school, which is about 40 miles (65km) south of Houston.

The death toll makes this the deadliest school shooting since the one in February at Parkland, Florida. (Click the image for the full sot




It makes you think, doesn't it?

delusional age

And the winner is...

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