Link25 (294) – May The Fourth Be With You Edition

Get excited! It’s Friday, and it’s May the Fourth (Star Wars Day), and with the weekend just a few measly hours away, we’re here to help put you in the right mindset of who-cares-about-work-I’ll-do-it-on-Monday. Over the course of the last seven days we’ve collected 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. With everything from NASA’s planned mission to Mars to the China-US trade war and everything in between (including why May 4th is Star Wars Day), this is Link25 (294) – May The Fourth Be With You Edition.


Humans were in Philippines 700,000 years ago


About 709,000 years ago, someone butchered a rhinoceros using stone tools on the Philippine island of Luzon. That may not seem remarkable — except that humans weren’t supposed to be in the Philippines so long ago.

Before this discovery, the earliest indicator that early humans, or hominins, were even on those islands had been a single foot bone from 67,000 years ago, uncovered in the Callao Cave on Luzon. That’s quite a time jump (click the link for the full story)
clean my room


Toboggan Roller Coaster? Where do we sign up?

dad troubles


The Cha-Cha Slide taken to the next level

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