Link25 (282) – The Rear End Fallout Edition

For those of you that are new around here, every weekend we bring you 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web in a list we refer to as “Link25″. This week, you’ll find everything from the new Venom teaser trailer to the bizarre story of a man’s rectum falling out! So get ready because this is Link25 (282) – The Rear End Fallout Edition.


A year without food


Back in June of 1965, a Scotsman weighing 207 kilograms, described as “grossly obese” and hereafter known only as Mr A B, turned up at the Department of Medicine at the Royal Infirmary in Dundee.

He was sick of being fat and wanted to lose weight by eating nothing and living off his body fat. He told the hospital staff he was going to fast flat out, whatever they said, so they may as well monitor him along the way. (Click on the image to read the full article).


This guy....



GoPro Awards: Freerunning Santorini

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VENOM - Official Teaser Trailer (HD)

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This simple solution to smartphone addiction is now used in over 600 U.S. schools


Graham Dugoni was at a music festival in San Francisco in 2012 when he witnessed something that disturbed him. A man was dancing, uninhibited, perhaps drunk, losing himself in the moment. Some strangers thought it was funny, so they filmed it and uploaded it to YouTube.

It’s the kind of thing that happens a thousand times a day. But it bothered Dugoni. Traditionally, as he saw it, people at such festivals would come together to commune, to share a collective feeling that those not present would never be able to participate in (see: Woodstock, 1969, or any Grateful Dead show from the 1960s to the 1990s).

But now, everyone had a smartphone. You had to (click on the image to read the full article).

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