Link25 (251) – The Oldest Homo Sapiens Found Edition

For those of you that are new around here, on Fridays we bring you 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web in a list we refer to as “Link25″. This week, you’ll find everything from the new healthcare bill to the reason airplanes can’t take off when it gets too hot! So get ready because this is Link25 (251) – The Oldest Homo Sapiens Found Edition.


Oldest Homo sapiens bones ever found shake foundations of the human story


Fossils recovered from an old mine on a desolate mountain in Morocco have rocked one of the most enduring foundations of the human story: that Homo sapiens arose in a cradle of humankind in East Africa 200,000 years ago.

Archaeologists unearthed the bones of at least five people at Jebel Irhoud, a former barite mine 100km west of Marrakesh, in excavations that lasted years. They knew the remains were old, but (click on the image to read the full article).


Never gets old...well...check back with us next week...


Well, at least David was listening very carefully.

wendys zack

‘Jurassic World’ Sequel Gets Official Title, Poster


The sequel to “Jurassic World” got an official title on Thursday morning — one year ahead of its expected release.

The new poster for the upcoming film, subtitled “Fallen Kingdom,” includes a tag line for the film: “Life finds a way.”

“A Monster Calls” director J. A. Bayona is taking the helm on “Fallen Kingdom.” “Jurassic World” director Colin Trevorrow has a credit on the sequel’s script, along with…(click the image for the full story).


Quite possibly one of the best videos ever.


Senate finally unveils secret health care bill

senate health care bill

The closely guarded Senate health care bill written entirely behind closed doors finally became public Thursday in a do-or-die moment for the Republican Party’s winding efforts to repeal…(click on the photo to read the full story.)


Awesome Light-Dance Performance

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Teenage boys wear skirts to school to protest against 'no shorts' policy

protest in skirts

Some had borrowed from girlfriends, others from sisters. A few had gone the extra mile and shaved their legs. When the Isca academy in Devon opened on Thursday morning, an estimated 30 boys arrived for lessons, heads held high, in fetching tartan-patterned skirts. The hottest June days since 1976 had led to a bare-legged revolution at the secondary school in Exeter.

As the temperature soared past 30C earlier this week, the teenage boys had asked their teachers if they could swap their long trousers for shorts. They were told no – shorts weren’t permitted under the school’s…(click on the image to read the full story).


He'll get it...eventually


Why You Sometimes Get a Lump in the Back of Your Throat When Sad and Why We Cry


If, like me, you’ve been subjected to watching The Notebook with your spouse, you might have experienced an uncomfortable lump in your throat. As you attempt to breath heavy and avoid crying like a little kid who has just skinned her knee, you might wonder, what causes the feeling of a lump in your throat? For that matter, why do we cry when we’re sad?

The lump in your throat has a rather easy explanation compared to crying when emotionally upset. Known as the globus…(click on the image for more.)


This is what summer is all about!

pool sync
warp speed



PHOENIX JUST PROVIDED another reason to hate flying: the heat. With temperatures there expected to hit 119 degrees Fahrenheit, airlines canceled more than 40 flights today.

Wait. What? Airplanes can’t fly because it’s too hot? That’s crazy.

No, not really. According to news reports, the heat poses a particular problem for the Bombardier CRJ airliners, which have a maximum operating temperature…(Click the photo to read the full story).


When roller coasters are too tame for you...


True Story


French Instagram Model Dies After Whipped Cream Canister Explodes


A 33-year-old French Instagram model died after a whipped cream container exploded and struck her in the chest, her family said.

In two messages posted Wednesday on model Rebecca Burger’s Instagram account, which currently has more than 165,000 followers, her family warned her fans about the dangers of pressurized capsules. The family uploaded a picture of a can similar to…(Click on the image to read the full story.)


This is for those of you who enjoy Mike's puns over on our YouTube channel. Didn't know we had a YouTube channel? You should check it out!

Bad Dad Jokes

Check out today's hilarious "(Really) Bad Dad Jokes" video! Happy Father's Day!#fathersdayatvictory #livemovebe #funandfulloflife #victoryokc

Posted by Victory Church on Sunday, June 18, 2017


HBO Is Considering Four Different ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spinoffs

dany GOT

HBO, fearing that viewers will search elsewhere to literally chase the dragon once Game of Thrones wraps up in two seasons, has officially started developing a spinoff series. Or four. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “Each of the four projects will explore different time periods of Martin’s sprawling world of Westeros. It’s unclear where any of the four fall…(click the image to read more.)


Tough Decision!

Hmm, that's a tough choice LOL

Posted by Easy Low Carb Recipes on Friday, June 16, 2017


Here is a Zen-moment of pure happiness! Bon Voyage, baby turtles!

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