Link25 (245) – Sharks And Music Edition

It’s Friday and we’re here yet again to help you get started on your busy weekend of doing absolutely nothing by bringing you 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy everything from Mylie Cirus’ new music video to a scary encounter between a paddle boarder and 15 Great White sharks. This is Link25 (245) – Sharks And Music Edition.


All the trees will die, and then so will you


The POLYPHAGOUS SHOT HOLE borer, a brown-black beetle from southeast Asia, never gets bigger than a tenth of an inch. It breeds inside trees; pregnant females drill into trunks to create networks of tunnels where they lay their (click on the image to read the full article).


15 great white sharks surround paddleboarders off California


The sharks were spotted at Dana Point, near where a woman was bitten by a shark last month, the Orange County Register reported.

The area was put under a shark advisory, the Register reported that Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton announced.

Orange County Lifeguards Chief Jason Young told the Register there were two reports of sharks in the area. There also were (click on the image to read the full article).


Men and Dogs: What's Behind Our 26,000-Year Partnership?


If you ever want to be humbled by the strange and improbable arc of human history, just take a look at your dog. Pound for pound, it is a much stronger, faster, and more efficient killer than you are. (Yes, even your goldendoodle.) At the top of its game, a dog can run down prey over long distances while maintaining a speed of 25 miles per hour. (The average marathon runner tops out at half that pace.) A dog can detect scents (click on the image to read the full article).


The Surprisingly Interesting Reason Chicago is Called the "Windy City"


On a particularly blustery February South Side day, it is easy to understand why the city of Chicago has the nickname of the “Windy City.” After all, it has one of the roughest winters of all major American cities and it does get pretty regular gusts. But, in truth, it actually isn’t all that windy, relatively speaking; in terms of average annual wind speeds, Chicago ranks (click on the image to read the full article).


Diving into 1000 Mousetraps in 4K Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys

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iTunes and Apple Music Coming to Microsoft's Windows Store


The golden era of iTunes may have passed, replaced with mobile devices streaming rather than buying music, but that didn’t stop Microsoft from announcing on Thursday that the 14-year-old Apple program is coming to its Windows Store. Microsoft dropped the news in Seattle at its annual Build developers conference, offering that iTunes should be available for PC users by the end of the year.

Microsoft said that once the app is released to the Windows Store, users (Click on the image to read the full article).


BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

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history of the entire world, i guess

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Disappearing Montana Glaciers A 'Bellwether' Of Melting To Come?


The glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park are rapidly disappearing.

Some have been reduced by as much as 85 percent over the past 50 years, while the average loss is 39 percent, according to a new study from the U.S. Geological Survey and Portland State University.

The researchers looked at historic trends for 39 glaciers, 37 of which are found in the park. The other two are on U.S. Forest Service land.

The stark data actually calls into (click on the image to read the full article).


11 Amazing Armed Forces Animals

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Mormon church severs some of its ties to the Boy Scouts


The Mormon church, the biggest sponsor of Boy Scout troops in the United States, announced Thursday it is pulling as many as 185,000 older youths from the organization as part of an effort to start its own scouting-like program.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said the move wasn’t triggered by the Boy Scouts’ decision in 2015 to allow gay troop leaders, since Mormon-sponsored troops have (click on the image to read the full article).


‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Jennifer Morrison to Exit Series After Six Seasons


“Once Upon a Time” star Jennifer Morrison will exit the series at the conclusion of the current season, Variety has confirmed.

Morrison has been with the show since its launch, playing the role of Emma Swan in 134 episodes in total. Her exit comes as the ABC series is said to be a lock for another season. As Variety previously reported, offers have (click on the image to read the full article).


Review Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' is a head-pounding, nothing-sacred origin story


here are some first-rate performances in “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword,” most of them delivered by computer-generated animals.

Eagles swoop down from the sky to fend off hostile armed guards. Venomous snakes..(click on the image to read the full article).


Miley Cyrus - Malibu (Official Video)

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