Link25 (232) – The Roly Poly Edition

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For those of you that are new around here, every weekend we bring you 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web in a list we refer to as “Link25″. This week, you’ll find everything from the new Teen Titan animated movie trailer to the new discovery concerning roly polies (our childhood was a lie!). So get ready because this is Link25 (232) – The Roly Poly Edition.


Roly Polies Aren’t Actually Bugs And Now We’re Questioning Everything


If you don’t remember those little grey bugs known as pill bugs or roly polies, I’m not sure what you were doing with your childhood. To me, these are synonymous with summer and digging around in my backyard.

They’re not gross as far as bugs go, and it was always fun to watch them roll up into little balls—hence the name. Well, it turns out that childhood was basically (click on the image to read the full article).


Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution

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Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017) - Trailer Debut

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Everything Wrong With John Wick In 12 Minutes Or Less

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Casually Explained: Red Flags

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Kayaker Goes Down Waterfall With LED Lights

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If Earth's Orbit Is So Crowded, Why Don't We See Space Junk In Photos Of Earth?


Sometimes, when we post a cool picture of the Earth taken from space, Popular Science gets questions about why, if there’s so much garbage in space, we don’t see an orbital landfill circling our planet in pictures of the Earth.
No, it’s not some massive conspiracy, and yes, the space above our planet is getting increasingly and worryingly crowded with satellites and space junk. It’s just that humans and the things we build are tiny (click on the image to read the full article).


The state of residential solar power


Don’t panic, but we will need to generate approximately 15TW of usable energy from renewable (carbon-neutral) sources by 2050 in order to stabilize the atmospheric CO2 concentration. And purely in terms of available energy, solar power has the greatest potential for meeting this requirement.

Solar is “probably the only long-term supply-side energy solution that is both large enough and acceptable enough to sustain the planet’s long term requirements,” according to Richard Perez (click on the image to read the full article).


Why Frog Tongues Are So Sticky


Four years ago, Alexis Noel, a new doctoral student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, approached a dissection class with a strange request. When they were done cutting up their frogs, she asked, could she have the tongues? They said yes.

Noel has always loved frogs, so when she later joined David Hu’s biomechanics lab, she (Click on the image to read the full article).




911 OPERATOR: 911—what’s your emergency?

ROBERT: Hi, I . . . uh . . . I work from home.

OPERATOR: O.K., is anyone else there with you, sir?

ROBERT: No, I’m alone.

OPERATOR: And when’s the last time you saw someone else? Was that today?

ROBERT: Uh, my wife . . . this morning, I guess.

OPERATOR: Anyone else?

ROBERT: I don’t think so. Well, the mailman, but that was through the blinds. I don’t know if that counts.(click on the image to read the full article).


Can Fish Get Thirsty And Why Can't Freshwater Fish Line In Saltwater and Vice Versa?


For fish, or at least teleost fish (which make up about 96% of all fish), the desire to drink is an urge that originates from the hindbrain, whereas in land-based animals it originates in the forebrain. It is generally thought from this that a fish has no real ability to consciously feel (click on the image to read the full article).


People Are Actually Body-Shaming Lady Gaga After Her Halftime Performance


In case you missed it, Lady Gaga absolutely rocked her Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday night. She jumped into the arena wearing wires and a harness, did a bunch of flips mid-air, and pulled off a costume change mid-performance. That costume change — one that saw her come out in a crop top for the second part of her performance — is what has the trolls coming out from under their bridges (click on the image to read the full article).


Rapping Fast... on Helium

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Zoo mourns Asian elephant Packy, oldest male of his species


Packy, who made headlines during the Kennedy era as the first elephant born in the Western Hemisphere in 44 years, was humanely euthanized at the Oregon Zoo today. At nearly 55, he was the oldest male of his species in North America.

“We loved Packy so much,” said Bob Lee, who oversees the zoo elephant program and worked with Packy for the past 17 years. “He was my favorite — the most impressive animal I’ve ever known. It’s hard to (click on the image to read the full article).


Farewell Spit whales to be refloated tomorrow


There will not be another attempt to refloat the whales stranded on Farewell Spit until tomorrow, with volunteers working with 60 whales and monitoring another 50 offshore. (click on the image to read the full article).


Trump Assails Nordstrom for ‘Unfairly’ Dropping His Daughter Ivanka’s Line


WASHINGTON — President Trump lashed out on Wednesday at the Nordstrom department store chain for dropping his daughter Ivanka’s accessories and clothing line, once again raising ethical questions about the relationship between his presidency and his family’s sprawling business interests.

Mr. Trump has already broken with tradition by singling out companies for criticism, like Boeing, Lockheed Martin, automakers and (click on the image to read the full article).


Microsoft teases its new Windows 10 design changes


Microsoft is planning to refresh its Windows 10 user interface in an update later this year, and the software maker has briefly started teasing what’s on the way. Windows Central reports that Microsoft provided a glimpse at what’s known internally as Project Neon during a Windows developer stream today. (click on the image to read the full article).


Vice President Joe Biden to Lead the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement


University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann today announced that Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. has been named the Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, where he will lead the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a new center focused principally on (click on the image to read the full article).


An Innocent Man Mike Pence Refused To Pardon Finally Sees Justice


In 1997, a man attempted to snatch a woman’s purse in Elkhart, Indiana. Keith Cooper wasn’t far from the scene of the incident. The 29-year-old had just picked up some groceries for his family and was walking home to make his children breakfast and watch “X-Men” with them.

Instead, he found himself in a police station awaiting charges for the purse-snatching. Then things got worse: A detective with the (click on the image to read the full article).


What's This Now...FOX Finally Interested in a 'Firefly' Reboot?


Filing this under “I’ll believe it when I see it” comes news that has fans of Firefly and Serenity all jacked up with hope. Joss Whedon’s short-lived but hugely beloved SciFi series, which continued with the 2005 film Serenity, has continued to hold its fandom. Finally, after years of fans clamoring for more of Joss Whedon’s space western, someone at FOX thinks it might be a good idea to see the remaining crew members of space ship Serenity return for (click on the image to read the full article).


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