Link25 (228) – Friday The 13th Edition

It’s Friday the 13th. For some, this day is just like any other day. However, for others, this Friday is a day charged with negative energy brimming with bad luck. But not to worry. If you feel like staying home, safe from all the potential dangers this dark day may present, we got you covered. On today’s Link25 we explore this week’s most exciting content on the internet such as Honest Trailers’ The Princess Bride, how a lawsuit over hot coffee helped erode the 7th amendment, how did Friday the 13th become so unlucky, and so much more. So get ready, because this is Link25 (228) – Friday the 13th Edition.


Aussie driver replaces car horn with LOUD AF train horn, terrorises crap drivers


Usually, when you hear stories like this, they come from our mates over in the US of A. However on this occasion a member of our great nation has deemed it necessary to do something outrageous and install a train horn on his or her car.

God bless dash cams. Without those beautiful little devices, how would we be able to delight in such delightfully shameful feats as a motorist upgrading their car horn purely for the purpose of (click on the title to read the full article).


Catchphrase with First Lady Michelle Obama, Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld

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Friday the 13th: why is it unlucky and other facts about the worst day in the calendar


Friday the 13th, considered by many as one of the unluckiest days of the year, is almost here again.

If you are worried about what’s in store this time, then you’re not alone. Psychologists have even come up with a word for how you’re feeling – paraskavedekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th.

One option is to stay tucked up in bed all day to avoid any (Click on the title to read the full article).



The best part of this minimalist Pacific Northwest cabin is outside the window


Like much of the Pacific Northwest, Washington’s Puget Sound is a lush landscape full of extensive waterways and incredible scenery. To build a sensible home among this gorgeous landscape, remaining keenly aware of the area’s natural surrounding should undoubtedly be any architect’s chief concern — something the Seattle-based architecture firm MW Works pulled off with ease on a recent project. Designed and built with local hikers, climbers, and campers in mind, this sleek cabin exudes (click on the title to read the full article).

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25 Terribly Unlucky Things That Happened On Friday The 13th

25 Terribly Unlucky Things That Happened On Friday The 13th

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