Link25 (183) – The Zuckerberg’s Facebook Scolding Edition

It’s Friday and we’re here yet again to help you get started on your busy weekend of doing absolutely nothing by bringing you 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. So sit back, relax, and get ready to enjoy everything from the chemical of love to Zuckerberg’s scolding of the Facebook staff because this is Link25 (183) – The Zuckerberg’s Facebook Scolding Edition.


Pluto just got even weirder with this unprecedented photo of its north pole


The New Horizons spacecraft took this high-resolution shot as it approached the icy world on July 14, 2015.

We’re only seeing it now because the robot has a small antenna and is speeding away from our solar system at about 32,000 mph. In fact, it could take until the end of 2016 to transmit all of the photos it took before, during, and after its fly-by.

But this photo isn’t just pretty. It’s revealing more weird truths about little ol’ Pluto, which is technically (Click on the title to read the full article)


Why Is It 'Eleven, Twelve' Instead of 'Oneteen, Twoteen'?


English number words are pretty logical after a point. From twenty-one to ninety-nine, the same principle applies: you say the tens place followed by the units place. But the teens are different. Not only does the ten (which is where the word teen comes from) come after the units place (10+7 is not teen-seven but seventeen), eleven and twelve don’t fit in at all.

Eleven and twelve come from the Old English words endleofan and twelf, which can be traced back further to a time when they were ain+lif and twa+lif. So what did this –lif mean? The best (Click on the title to read the full article)


Karma at work folks


Zuckerberg Tells Facebook Staff To Stop Crossing Out 'Black Lives Matter'

FacebookwallEmployees and visitors can leave messages on walls like this on the Facebook campus in Menlo Park, Calif. by Jeff Chiu/AP

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scolding employees for what he calls “several recent instances” of people crossing out “black lives matter” on signature walls at the company’s headquarters and writing “all lives matter” instead.

In a note posted to employees on a company announcement page, published by Gizmodo, Zuckerberg says he and several other leaders at the company have previously warned employees against doing this. “I was already very disappointed by this disrespectful behavior before, but after my communication, I now consider this (click on the title to read the full article).

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