Link25 (181) – The Gravitational Waves Edition

We know you’ve been waiting all week. The anticipation has been building. Well, finally the moment is here. It’s 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web conveniently stacked in one post so you can waste your time more efficiently! This week features everything from a T-rex riding a horse to the new gravitational scientific discovery. So get ready because this is Link25 (181) – The Gravitational Waves Edition.


The Final Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer is here, and it is EPIC!

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Logo and Title Revealed for Netflix Voltron Series


Back in January, it was revealed that Netflix and DreamWorks Animation had partnered up for a new version of the classic series Voltron, which would premiere on the streaming service later this year. Now, both companies (via Nerdist) have revealed the logo and title for the series which is Voltron: Legendary Defender.

Little is known about the plot of the series, including the creative team behind the scenes, but it’s a safe bet that the show will feature robot lions that (click the title to read the full article).


Cosmic breakthrough: Physicists detect gravitational waves from violent black-hole merger

Gravitational waves

Scientists announced Thursday that, after decades of effort, they have succeeded in detecting gravitational waves from the violent merging of two black holes in deep space. The detection was hailed as a triumph for a controversial, exquisitely crafted, billion-dollar physics experiment and as confirmation of a key prediction of Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.

It may inaugurate a new era of astronomy in which (Click on the title to read the full article)



Future Astronauts May Need to Eat a lot of Prunes


Our bodies weren’t built for outer space. Astronauts who spend a lot of time on the space station often experience a variety of health issues, including circulatory problems and bone and muscle loss. And the problems could get worse when humans venture beyond low Earth orbit. Space radiation is a particular concern. (Click on the title to read the full article).

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