Link25 (163) – The New Supergirl Edition

Welcome to Link25! A place where we scour the internet to bring you some of the most trending and interesting videos, images, articles, and memes over the course of a week. This week has certainly not been a disappointment with everything from the most impressive display of intelligence found on a bird (the crow, they are awesome, don’t miss the video) to the new Supergirl. So get ready to kick off the weekend because this is Link25 (163) – The New Supergirl Edition.


'Supergirl' Flies High In Premiere And Silences Sexist Criticisms


Tonight saw the arrival of the latest edition to TV’s growing collection of live-action superhero programing, and it’s one of the best. Warner Bros. expanded their slate of DC Comics adaptations with Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist as another survivor of the doomed alien planet Krypton and a super-powered cousin of Superman. The series joins current DC-based shows Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and iZombie (a Vertigo imprint), as well as (Click on the title to read the full article)


Dancing cop vs. abusive cop: One defused a defiant teen. The other got fired.


Twice this week, the nation was moved by the way a white cop confronted a black teenage girl and her mobile phone. For very different reasons.

In South Carolina, the teen was texting in math class and wouldn’t put her phone away. Teens and their phones, right?

But the campus officer who went to the class responded in the worst possible way — yanking, slamming and dragging the girl across the classroom. It was a violent 11 seconds of video that (Click the title to read the full article).


Anonymous Plans to Reveal Names of Up to 1000 Ku Klux Klan Members


Anonymous, the infamous group of activist hackers that’s hacked the Islamic State group and the CIA, announced Thursday on Twitter that it had accessed an official Ku Klux Klan Twitter account — and plans to reveal the names of up to 1,000 Klan members around the anniversary of the November 2014 Ferguson, Missouri, protests after the killing of (click on the title to read the full article).


Penguins fan snatches puck intended for kid; Penguins make things right


After spending parts of six seasons behind the bench for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Dan Bylsma was back in Pittsburgh on Thursday night for the first time as a visitor when the Buffalo Sabres were in town.

He received a standing ovation during a video tribute in the first period, and for good reason. During his time with the Penguins he helped lead (click on the title to read


Superior silicon: How Apple is beating chipmakers at their own game


Apple is a phenomenal company. Its market capital nearly doubles its next closest rival, Google, and it profits are the third greatest of any company in the world, according to Forbes. Its so-called “war chest” – the money it has in liquid assets – is now over $200 billion. Even the largest banks and petroleum companies struggle to keep up.
That’s enabled the company’s famous reliance on proprietary technology. While other companies outsource, Apple keeps it in-house whenever possible. (Click the title to read the full article)

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