Link25 (161) – The Florida Gators Appeal Edition

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It’s Friday! And you know what that means. You can now leave all the important things you were pretending to do for Monday (Yei). As usual we are here to assist you in your procrastination with 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web. So if you want to learn about the new discovery of the possibility of another intelligent race out in the universe or read about the dramatic unfolding of the Florida Gators Will Grier appeal with the NCAA, Link25 (161) – The Florida Gators Appeal Edition is sure to have something for you.


Report: Florida feels "relatively good" about winning Will Grier appeal with NCAA

FloridagatorsDenny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

orida quarterback Will Grier is currently set to miss both the remainder of the 2015 season and the first six games of the Gators’ 2016 campaign. But rumors have popped up on message boards that Florida is optimistic about its chances of Grier’s appeal to the NCAA for a suspension that only runs to the end of (Click on the title to read the full article)


$2 Photo Found At Junk Store Has Billy The Kid In It, Could Be Worth $5M


It’s not every day you can plop down two bucks and walk away with some “junk” that is worth a fortune. But that’s what happened when a collector purchased an old-timey photo from a Fresno, Calif., antiques shop.

It turns out, the infamous outlaw Billy the Kid is in the photo, apparently taking part in a leisurely game of croquet.

The image could be worth up to $5 million.

Kagin’s Inc., a numismatics firm, announced it had authenticated the photo earlier this month. The 4-inch-by-5-inch tintype shows (Click the title to read the full article)


Someone made a mobile home out of 215,158 Legos and it makes your apartment look downright comfortable.

legoYou Tube: Motorhome & Caravan Show

“Ow, ow, ow, #[email protected]&.” That’s the sound of you, walking barefoot through your new vacation pad. That’s right, the latest stunning Lego achievement is a full sized Lego mobile home. Constructed with 215,158 of the colorful bricks, the impressive (Click on the title to read the full article)


Apple is learning an expensive lesson about universities


You may have heard that Apple’s on the hook for $862 million in potential penalties after a jury ruled that it infringed on a patent owned by the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The university appears to be asking for roughly half that amount, about $400 million, but that is still a huge amount of money, particularly in relation to (Click the title to read the full article)


What The Heck Is This Huge Lump On The Moon?


Volcanoes capture the imagination like little else on Earth, but did you know that there are also volcanoes on the Moon? Planetary scientists have often thought that the Moon is a “dead” satellite, in that there is no longer any internal heat left to drive surface processes like earthquakes, mountain building, or volcanic eruptions. Although recent evidence has suggested that volcanism on the Moon may have been happening more recently than previously thought, a new study published this week in (Click the title to read the full article).


Meet Koko's New Kittens

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'Alien megastructure' could surround giant star baffling scientists looking for new planets


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‘Alien megastructure’ could surround giant star baffling scientists looking for new planets
40 COMMENTS 16:26, 14 OCT 2015 UPDATED 18:09, 14 OCT 2015
When planet spotters studied KIC 8462852 they noticed a swarm of objects surrounding it in an usual pattern


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A series of mysterious objects surrounding a giant star millions of miles away could be an alien megastructure, experts believe.

Planet spotters examining data from the Kepler Space Telescope were startled by an unusual light pattern orbiting a star called KIC 8462852.

When they studied the star, which sits some 1,480 light years from Earth, they noticed a swarm of objects surrounding it in an usual pattern.

At first it was thought to be comets, shrapnel from an asteroid impact or even (Click the title to read the full article)


Real Mjolnir (Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner)

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Blowing Up My Kid PRANK!

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Real life samurai cuts through fast pitched ball!

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GoPro falls into pit of Rattlesnakes

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Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - BYU Noteworthy A Cappella Cover

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Why Walmart’s Plunging Stock Price Is a Good Sign for Walmart Shoppers


In theory, the shopping experience should get better.

On Wednesday, shares of Walmart dropped 10%, the biggest drop in the company’s stock price in 15 years. The reason cited for the huge selloff was the company’s announcement that it expected revenues to be flat in the current fiscal year—and perhaps even decline the following year. And the reason given for why revenues are taking a hit is (click the title to read the full article)


When you're having a bad day...


Ermahgerddon: The Untold Story of the Ermahgerd Girl

ErmerCourtesy of Maggie Goldenberger.

In March 2012, 23-year-old Maggie Goldenberger was in the middle of a six-month trip to India and the Philippines with her then-girlfriend. They were travelling from India’s southern tip and heading north for Rajasthan, stopping in at Internet cafes around once a week, for 15 to 30 minutes at a time, just to check in with family and friends.

At one such Internet pit stop, in Hampi, Karnataka, Goldenberger received a message from a friend in the U.S., who wanted to draw her attention to an (click on the title to read the full article)


Nobody Cares How Hard You Work


Sorry, but at the risk of ruining that martini: maybe not. We chronically confuse the feeling of effort with the reality of results—and for anyone working in a creative field, that means the constant risk of frittering time and energy on busywork, instead of the work that counts.

Psychologists have long noticed what’s sometimes been called the “labor illusion:” when it comes to judging other people’s work, we might say we’re (Click on the title to read the full article)


The ‘Noble Savage’ Diet


In 1931, a Cleveland dentist named Weston A. Price embarked on a tour to observe local diets and health across all corners of the world. Price’s globetrotting—more than a dozen countries in a handful of years—would exhaust all but the hardiest backpacker today, but it’s truly impressive in light of his age (nearly 60 when he started) and the fact that this all took place before the advent of commercial aviation. Traveling on ships, trains, and by foot, he swung from (Click on the title to read the full article)


Divers dwarfed by an enormous sunfish

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RED 4K Video of Colorful Liquid in Space

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Can this ghost hunting app tell me if my apartment is haunted?


On Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Selena Gomez revealed a deep secret: she believes in ghosts. So much so that she has downloaded an app, Ghost Hunter M2, so she can detect if there are any supernatural presences near her at any time. It’s an app that the Daily Dot described as “the Cadillac of ghost hunting equipment” in a comprehensive review of (Click the title to read the full article)


25 Ridiculously Cute Wheaten Terrier Pictures


Here at PBH2, we’re lucky enough to share offices with an adorable Wheaten Terrier. Previously unknown to us, we’re happy to have to discovered this breed of dog that are basically a walking fur stick. For your viewing pleasure, enjoy (Click on the title to see the full article)


How Fluorescent Lights Work and Why They Are Sometimes Hoisy


Comprised of a sealed tube coated on the inside with a phosphor powder and filled with (usually) argon and a tiny bit of mercury, the way in which fluorescent bulbs produce light is extremely fascinating.

While the underlying physical mechanisms in the fixture and bulb can vary a bit in design, in a nutshell a fluorescent light works via two electrodes at either end of the tube emitting electrons as they heat up. Eventually, an arc is created (Click on the title to read the full article)


19 Zombie Mythology Facts To Blow Your Mind


The recipe for a modern-day zombie is a healthy dose of folklore, a dash of science, and a heavy sprinkling of entertainment value. One of the most terrifying entities in the world of fiction, what we today call “The Walking Dead” has origins in folklore from several different cultures – dating back to (click the title to read the full article)


Parkour in Santorini, Greece


Watch Kamil Tobiasz freerun across the rooftops of Santorini, Greece. (Click on the title to see the article)

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