Link25 (158) – The Pope Francis Visits The U.S. Edition

Are you ready? It’s been an entire week since our last Link25 and we know you’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment. As always we come to you with 25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web and this week we are really excited to share with you some really cool stuff. As you stroll through this week’s link25 watch out for a small plane landing on a busy highway, the Angry bird official teaser movie trailer, the anticipation for NASA’s Monday announcement of a major discovery on Mars (here’s hoping is aliens), and of course Pope Francis…and lots of him. And while you’re enjoying these great videos and articles, take a pause and enjoy funny images as well. So are you ready to kick off the weekend with some of the best the web has to offer? Of course you are! This is Link25 (158) – The Pope Francis Visits The U.S. Edition.

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Pope Francis, in New York, Takes On Extremism and Inequality

PopefrancisDamon Winter/The New York Times

Pope Francis swept across Manhattan on Friday from the center of global diplomacy to a worn classroom in East Harlem, challenging world leaders to protect the planet, warning against the dangers of fanaticism at the site where terrorists took thousands of lives and reaching out to those at the margins of society.

After crisscrossing the city in his now-famous Fiat, greeted at every stop by adoring crowds that lined heavily fortified streets, and traveling through Central Park in his popemobile where a tangle of humanity waited for hours for the chance to catch a glimpse of the man, he ended his day in (Click on the title to read the full article)


A Bully Thought He'd Get Away With Punching a Blind Kid — Until a Hero Stepped Up


Noah Sparn, a student in California got more than he bargained for Wednesday when was caught on camera punching a visually impaired classmate at school. Video recorded by a bystander shows the Huntington Beach High School student repeatedly punching (Click the title to read the full article)


REAL Poltergeist Activity captured in Irish Home!!

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NASA Will Announce A Major Mars Discovery On Monday

Marsphoto credit: NASA/Greg Shirah

NASA is preparing to reveal a “major science finding” regarding Mars on Monday, with the agency planning a special news conference to announce the findings.

The event will take place at 11.30 a.m. EDT (4.30 p.m. BST) on Monday, and you will be able to watch it live on NASA TV, which we have handily embedded below. Reporters will be onsite and asking questions by phone, while the public (click the title to read the full article)

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