Link25 (137) – The Tornado and Videographer Edition

Posted by , Updated on April 17, 2015

Everyday, the web offers an incredible array of impressive things and this week has certainly not been a disappointment. With everything from the new teaser trailer of Star Wars to the hair-raising video footage of a tornado that nearly took the videographer with it, get ready to kick off the weekend because this is Link25 (137) – The Tornado and Videographer Edition.


It's Friday! YAY!


I Made $15 Million Before I Was 30, And It Wasn't As Awesome As You'd Think


I made $15 million in my mid-20s after I sold a tech startup. I talked to a lot of people about this question, and thought a lot about how to stay the same person I was before and after making money.

Here’s my answer: being rich is better than not being rich, but it’s not nearly as good as you imagine it is.

The answer why is a bit more complicated.

First, one of the only real things being rich gives you is [Click on the title to read the full article]


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser #2

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Wiggle with it


Stunning Siphonophore | Nautilus Live

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Dr. John Kitchin quit a medical career to pursue his passion: skating along the boardwalk of San Diego’s Pacific Beach. He calls himself “Slomo.” [Click on the title to see this inspiring video]


Flying-Fox (bat) eats grapes

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Univision cancels 'Sábado Gigante'


The Miami-based Univision network announced Friday that “Sabado Gigante” will end its weekly broadcast on Sept. 19.

The Spanish-language program created by its Chilean-born host, the boisterous presenter known as Don Francisco, has been Univision’s most popular show.

Univision did not say why it was ending “Sabado Gigante.” The network says Don Francisco, whose real name is Mario Kreutzberger, will [click on the title to read the full article]


Freaky yet beautiful

Stinkhorn fungus growth

Go behind the stunts of Furious 7

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Michael Buble Apologizes After Instagram Backlash: 'Women Are to Be Celebrated'


Michael Buble has issued an apology following the controversy surrounding an Instagram photo he posted several days ago.

The photo in question featured the singer standing in front of a woman wearing very short shorts. She has her back to the camera.”There was something about [click on the title to read the full article]


Not a good idea


Abandoned Magpie Roams Free but Always Returns to Family that Rescued Her


It was a cold and windy day when Cameron Bloom’s son Noah spotted her, a 3-week old Magpie that had fallen out of her nest and been abandoned by her mother. “She barely had any feathers … and she was close to dying,” Bloom recalls. [Click on the title to read the full article]


Got to love the fails (though that pool one was too scary to watch)

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She's not going to have a good day


The great police body-cam debate


In the near future, the police officers patrolling American city streets will wear point-of-view cameras recording every interaction between law enforcement and the public—at least, circumstances over the last several months certainly appear to be leading the country in that direction.

Support for on-officer cameras, better known as “body cams,” has skyrocketed along side reports of police brutality throughout the U.S. But privacy advocates are [click on the title to read the full article]


Hey Joey! Guy Annoys His Friend Joey with 'Bad Jokes'

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If it fits, I sits


Butt bump


Haunted House Prank Scares The Mess Out Of British Real Estate Agents

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Is it really possible to learn to speed read?


95% of college educated individuals read at a rate between 200-400 words per minute according to extensive research done by University of Massachusetts Amherst professor Dr. Keith Rayner. However, there exists a small, but rather vocal subset of people who insist that they can read several times faster than this using various speed reading techniques. With very little searching, you’ll also find [click the title to read the full article]


Such power


This bird imitates a video game and nails it

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Bizarre Human Mating Rituals That Challenge Your Understanding Of Romance


Humans are enormously variable. Just about every institution we have is subject to endless modification across cultures and throughout time. Even the underlying assumptions behind things we take for granted, such as democracy, money, or the use of money to undermine democracy, are subject to [click on the title to read the full article]


This guys take a video of a tornado and almost gets sucked in

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