Link25 (135) – The Price Is Right Mistake Edition

It’s Friday again and you know what that means…25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web consolidated into one list for your viewing pleasure. This week check out images taken from outer space of Typhoon Maysak, get a glimpse at the new era of revenge porn, finally know how that old Nintendo Zapper gun actually worked, laugh at the hilarious mistake done by one of the Price is Right Models (a mistake that gave a contestant a brand new car), and so much more. So get ready to witness videos, links, and images that are going to blow your mind because this is Link25 (135) – The Price Is Right Mistake Edition.


French homeless man. 50 years old street bodybuilder. No excuses!

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Check out the Solar Powered Bike!

Solar Bike

There was a time when riding a solar-powered bicycle meant covering yourself with so many voltaic contraptions you look like a crazy spy satellite.

But folks who dream of cruising on the power of the sun—and not smashing into low overpasses—can rejoice at the Solar Bike, an electric cycle that can whiz up to a face-chilling speed of 30 mph.

The bike, produced by Denmark’s Jesper Frausig, looks normal except [click on the title for the full article]


This is how a trumpet works


Homestarrunner is back!

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California Governor Jerry Brown's New Water Restrictions Demand Transparency From Farmers

waterrunningAP Photo/Jae C. Hong

With the state facing its lowest snowpack in recorded history—just 6 percent of the long-term average—California Governor Jerry Brown’s historic mandate for a 25 percent reduction in statewide water use has plenty of residents saying, Finally.

Since declaring a state of emergency in January 2014, Brown has called for voluntary water reductions, passed a $1 billion emergency bond package, and a historic groundwater regulation act. But these actions have [click on the title to read the full article]

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