Link25 (120) – The Angry Camel Edition

Back for another edition of Link25, our weekly “best of the web” collection, this weeks videos, articles, and images are sure to help you kill all of that time you don’t have. From the new Star Wars teaser trailer to a very very very angry camel, get ready to get down because this is Link25 (120) – The Angry Camel Edition.

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Watch This Truck Land A Mind Blowing 83ft Long Jump!

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Walmart is ground zero for Black Friday violence


Capitalism is dangerous. I don’t mean that in the Karl Marx kind of way—no, I mean that sometimes so many people try to buy Playstation Vitas at once that they end up crushing each other in a frenzy of unfulfillable desire.

Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving that marks the […]


Best Snow News Bloopers

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Home Surprise Videos Articles Podcast Quick Facts Wise Book of Whys Stats “Sleeping Tight” and When the Bed Bugs Started to Bite


Nothing put more fear into this author as a child more than being told, right before bedtime, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.” I was a logical kid and I knew that ghosts, boogie men, vampires, and the monster living under […]

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