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Native New Yorker George Draper Dayton, after years in banking and real estate, had the vision to create a store with dependable merchandise, fair business practices and a generous sense of spirit. In 1902, George opened the Dayton Dry Goods Company – known today as Target Corporation.

With 69.5 million in revenues last year, Target is a global company with more than 323,000 employees and counting. Today, Target has more than 1800 stores and 38 distribution centers across the U.S., with 323,000 team members worldwide, including India.

As of January 2017, Target’s annual revenue last year was 69.5 million. The current CEO is Brian Cornell. The retail giant ranked No. 22 of the Most Admired Companies in 2010 according to Fortune’s Magazine because of it generous donation of more than $150 million to schools across the United States.

Find out below how you can land a job at Target. It is more than just an opportunity. It can lead to a career.

Why Now?
In March 2017, Target announced plans to reimagine their stores and how we shop online. They plan to completely remodel 110 stores, open 30 new small-format stores in areas like Manhattan’s Herald Square, college campuses, like the University of Florida in Gainesville, and dense urban areas by the end of this year.

In 2018 and 2019, they plan to fully renovate 500 more stores. Bottom line – they are going to need people!


Types of Jobs

    • Administrative Support – You’ll provide supportive administrative duties including call screening, meeting, and calendar coordination, establishing strong working relationships and much more.
    • Advertising & Marketing – You will work with internal and external teams to develop innovative campaigns that shape brand awareness, drive sales, sustainability strategies, and much more.
    • Assets Protection & Loss Prevention – You’ll be assigned to create a safe and secure environment for guests and team members; prevent issues such as theft and fraud.
      Brand Intelligence & Analytics – Use your analytical skills to enhance revenues, forecast trends, improve the process; Utilize tools and strategies including Tableau, SAS, clustering and more.
    • Brand Management, Buying & Planning – Collaborate with Analysts, Product Design, and Development, Sourcing, Advertising and vendors; develop strategies to drive sales and more.
    • Communications – Share the Target story with team members, guests, media, investors and other partners through writing, editing, and coordinating news, and updates.
      Distribution Center & Supply Chain Management – There are a variety of jobs in areas such as logistics, transportation, warehouse, operations, team building, management and more.
    • Distribution Center Hourly – This team ensures the timely delivery of merchandise with careers ranging from administrative, mechanical, technicians, stocking supplies, security and more.
  • Finance & Accounting – You’ll work to establish processes and protocols for analysis, measurement, and accountability; delivers business strategies and critical financial support.
  • Financial & Retail Services & Call Center – Careers in this sector cover everything from collections, financial and accounting services, credit department, customer service and more.
  • Food Product Development & Quality Assurance – You’ll join a talented team of trend specialists, chefs, food scientists and quality assurance experts for the Target Owned-brand.
  • Global Sourcing & Planning – You’ll work with a wide range of buyers and overseas offices to turn ideas into trend-right merchandise and ensure vendors meet safe and strict standards.
  • Human Resources – The job requires recruiting top talent, training and supporting team members and candidates for Target headquarters, distribution centers, and store.
  • Law – As an attorney or paralegal, you’ll be involved with litigation, real estate, corporate/stores/Distribution Center matters and compensation/benefits issues.
  • Product Design and Development – Jobs available include fabric research and development, product design, technical development, color developer and more; to maintain Target standard.
  • Real Estate, Design & Property Management – Architects, construction engineers, facilities management, real estate, property development, and store planning needed to grow the franchise.
  • Store Management – Experienced and Entry Level Store/Team Leaders create a fast-paced environment, ensures a great guest experience, while maximizing sales, and profits.
  • Store Operations – Headquarter jobs available with an emphasis on productivity and Innovation, store process and merchant initiatives, special projects, technology, and design.
  • Store Hourly – Front-end Guest Services, Grocery, Food Services, Pricing and Presentation, Facilities, and Sales jobs for all Target Stores.
  • Strategy – Strategy jobs include Distribution Planning and Engineering, Organizational Performance Improvement Specialist, Senior Product Writer, and much more.
  • Target.com & Mobile App Designers -Target.com and the mobile apps team are looking for qualified designers, marketing specialists, product managers for Strategy & New Business, Buying and Operations.
  • Technology – To enhance guests in-store and online experience, Target is looking for techs in the departments such as information & cyber security, product management, engineering, operations & support.

Depending on where you live and your experience, associates can start making between $8.23 – $10.85 an hour. Team leaders and managers can earn a yearly salary up to $100,000k and more depending on job performance.
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Minimum Age
The minimum age to work at Target is 16-years-old. To work at the Target Distribution Center, you must be at least 18-years-old.

Hours of Operation
The hours of operation vary from store-to-store. You should check local listings to find the most accurate hours of operation.

Application Process – What to Expect
Target uses a unique hiring procedure when acquiring entry-level staff. To begin the process, applicants must visit Target locations in-person, and fill out an electronic hiring form at designated kiosks.

Plan on taking at least an hour to complete the digital form. Once complete, the applicant submits the document. The potential employee can wait at the kiosk for a telephone call from a hiring manager or opt to receive a phone call at a later date by checking the appropriate box on the digital document before submission.

For other positions, potential employees can go to Target.com and fill out job applications online. There are many enticing positions available at Target, besides the obvious retail and warehouse, to explore from the privacy of your own home. Whether it is a summer job or an exciting career, you can research what Target may have to offer you.
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Simple Tips For A Successful Interview!
You’ve scored an interview! What next? Do your research on the company. There is a plethora of information on the Target site and the great worldwide web.

However, learning about the company is only one step step toward having a successful interview. Being prepared, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable will leave a positive impression with your interviewer. With that in mind, we’ve summarized the main points of a successful interview.

· Arrive on time and be prepared. You want to make a good first impression. Dress appropriately. No shorts, t-shirts or flip-flops.
· Make a mental checklist before walking in. Do you have everything you need? Go over your research. Double check your resumes. Did you bring extras? Give yourself a pep talk and remind yourself that you have what it takes.
· Anticipate questions they might ask and how you would answer. They often ask, “Why Target?” – be honest about why Target may resonate with you. Saying why you like to shop there may score more points than empty data. What makes you special? Be sure to have an answer and know your strengths.
· Introduce yourself to everyone in the room – make eye contact with each person. Bring copies of your resume and something to take notes with – and take notes. Take a deep breath and smile. You will want to keep your answers short and point out anything you might want to add that would apply to you and the job you are seeking. Try to look relaxed – even if you are feeling nervous.
· Remember to ask questions! First, feel free to ask if they’ll be the ones conducting the interview. You can ask them what the job is like on any typical day, benefits, the team dynamic, suggestions about how to get ahead and what the best path would be. Always good info.
· Dig into the job you are applying for. Look up similar roles at other companies. Don’t be afraid to check out Linkedin. Check out the articles that apply to Target or people who have worked there. Check out the Target Press Releases to get the latest information on the company and how it might apply to you. You never know how you might be able to slip a pertinent fact in and surprise them with your homework.

Remember Why You Want The Job!
Below is a list of reason why working for Target is desirable as compared to other mass retail stores.

  • Target has a great benefits package for full-time employees including: Medical, Dental, and Vision coverage as well as prescription drug coverage.
  • Offers maternity leave, quit smoking assistance, and programs and rewards for healthy lifestyles.
  • Offers a daycare flexible spending account, career mentoring and educational opportunities as well as one of the best 401K plans on retail.
  • They Offers flexible work schedules (depending on department)
  • Target offers employee shopping discounts
  • They offer multiple opportunities for growth and advancement.

Advancement Opportunities
Target offers employees many opportunities to advance on the career ladder with programs such as:
· Team Building and Networking Programs
· Career Planning, Coaching, and Mentoring
· Training and Development Resources
· Leadership Development Programs & Tuition Reimbursement
· Tuition Reimbursement
· GED Reimbursement

Active Community Involvement
Target core values began at its inception back in 1902, by giving back to the community. By 1946, the Dayton Company formalized the practice of giving back 5% to the community.

Today, Target Corporation hit a new company milestone of giving more than $4 million every week to communities they serve. Corporate and team members across the globe give of their time, while Target funnels dollars towards fighting hunger, aiding disaster, disaster preparedness and education.

As a team member, you’ll have access to these wonderful ways of giving back to the community. Now, that’s something to be proud of.

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