25 True Stories Behind Company Names

If you’ve seen our article on 25 famous logos with hidden images, then you’re aware that companies like having fun with their names and logos. But where do they get the ideas in the first place? Pay attention because when you get around to starting your own Fortune 500 Company, you’ll probably be interested in knowing how these 25 True Stories Behind Company Names.

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7 Eleven


In 1946, it changed its name from U-Tote’m to 7-11 after the new store hours of 7 AM to 11 PM went into effect.



nintendoSource: https://kotaku.com/nintendo-probably-doesnt-mean-what-you-think-it-does-5649625

This famous company name comes from the Japanese name “Nintendou.” Roughly translated “Nin” means “entrusted” and “ten-dou” means “heaven.” In other words, it means “Leave luck to heaven.”




The Pepsi founders were evidently a bit nerdy. The name of their world famous product is derived from the digestive enzyme pepsin.




Atari is taken from a Japanese word used in the game “Go” that signals when an opponent’s pieces are in danger of being captured. This is much like the word “check” is used in chess.



nabiscoSource: https://www.thoughtco.com/history-of-nabisco-1991760

It might seem fairly simple, but this classic cracker and snack manufacturer is just short for the original name – National Biscuit Company.

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