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  • Frightening Paranormal War Secrets We Can't Explain

    Frightening Paranormal War Secrets We Can’t Explain

    In the annals of history, rarely do historians include frightening paranormal war secrets. It’s basically fringe history. And, I’m not going to lie to you, this stuff can be pretty out there. Why else would you be here though, right? We all know history is full of ghost stories and legends, and that doesn’t exclude […] More

  • A picture of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush together

    25 Dumb Mistakes of American Presidents

    While American presidents wield significant power, they’re human just like everyone else and make dumb mistakes. Sometimes their mistakes are based on good intentions. Others, however, are rooted in dubious morals, rotten corruption, and the darkest corners of the human soul. Regardless of motivations, stupid mistakes from the highest levels of office are not kept […] More

  • 25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History

    25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History

    Ever since people realized that wood floats, history has been filled with an immeasurable number of shipwrecks. Although people have tried in vain to build unsinkable ships, the ocean will not be tamed. In this list we’re going to go back and take a look at the 25 Greatest Maritime Disasters In History (and yes […] More

  • Black and white photo of hands in chains

    25 Worst Cases Of People Being Wrongfully Accused

    The goal of a strong justice system is to provide fair and impartial judgments, but no system is foolproof. Corruption, carelessness, and a lack of concrete evidence can sometimes put the wrong person behind bars, and it happens more often than you would think. Are you ready to hear these unfortunate stories? Here are the 25 […] More

  • A creepy man in the dark

    25 Most Popular Urban Legends Still Being Told

    Whether it’s an unsolved mystery, a popular misconception, or sometimes just a big hoax, urban legends are an inevitable part of any culture. Told around campfires, at parties, or in casual conversation, these myths still find a way to be handed down from generation to generation. Even with the resources at our finger tips, many […] More

  • A thanksgiving meal on a table with a canadian flag

    25 Canadian Thanksgiving Facts You Probably Never Knew

    Much like the United States, Canada has its own Thanksgiving celebration. It’s a time for family and friends to come together around a table full of food and be thankful. Too often, our lives can be consumed with woes and worries rather than taking a second to meditate on the blessings. Historically, Canadian Thanksgiving has […] More

  • mummified monk

    25 Unbelievable Burial Practices That Actually Exist

    Over the centuries, people have taken great consideration when burying their loved ones after they die. Their beliefs, convictions, and emotions all play a part in the method and form they chose to honor the deceased. Some types of burial methods are simple and serene, while others are over the top and celebratory. Whatever the […] More

  • Adolf Hitler

    25 Deadliest Dictators Throughout History

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Without checks and balances, laws, and proper institutions in place, tyrants and dictators can quickly consolidate power and cause a tremendous amount of suffering. Sadly, every once in a while, politicians and leaders decide to do things their own way (much to the dismay of the masses). From communist leaders to […] More

  • salem witch trials

    25 Disturbing Facts About The Salem Witch Trials

    You know what’s disturbing about the Salem Witch Trials? Quite a lot! The Salem Witch Trials started in the spring of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. After two girls accused women of being witches, fear, paranoia, and hysteria snowballed into a societal nightmare. Many were brought before judges and sentenced to death with little to no […] More

  • 25 Undiscovered Lost Treasures Waiting to be Found

    25 Undiscovered Lost Treasures Waiting To Be Found

    Have you ever wondered what kind of undiscovered lost treasure is out there waiting to be found? Good news, you’ve come to the right place. As it turns out, there are quite a few lost treasures that have never found. Of course, we’re not saying we know the location of any of these irreplaceable objects […] More

  • philosophers

    25 Most Influential People In History By Attribute

    Have you ever participated in a debate about who are the most influential people in history? This is a topic that usually leads to further discussion and debate on who is the strongest, the smartest, the most beautiful, and a series of unresolved questions that nobody can answer with absolute certainty. Pantheon, a project developed […] More

  • 25 Most Legendary Creatures From Greek Mythology

    25 Most Legendary Creatures From Greek Mythology

    Are you a fan of Greek mythology? Well then, do we have a list for you! Known for their bizarre characteristics, Greek mythical creatures have been the subject of popular culture for thousands of years. These mythical monsters are some of the strangest, most bizarre, and terrifying creations ever, ranging from glorified animals to humanoid mythical […] More

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