Hilarious Work Memes To Get You Through Your Day (List25)

Work is a disease and the only cure is hilarious work memes to get you through your day. No one tells you work is a total bear. Even if you they do, you don’t believe them. You might get a bad whiff while working odd jobs, but that doesn’t kill your optimism. Naively, you hold on to hope that a magical Narnian workplace exists. I hate to crush your dreams, but it doesn’t. You likely figured that out while slaving away at your desk with a disgruntled boss breathing down your neck.

Funny memes are your own saving grace in these dire times. Somehow, beyond anyone’s understanding, memes speak truth to situations rarely seen in other mediums. They cut to the core of things. Through short words and funny, relevant images, they unleash ancient wisdom and jokes in one explosive combination. Once you’re done reading these funny work memes, you’ll at least feel a little better about your day. So, as you sit underneath the burning glow of the office florescence, take care of your fragile mental health with these hilarious work memes to get you through your day.

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days off
job then and now
loses their minds
trying to be nice

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