Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Memes You’ll Want to See

Tis the season…the season of the Elf. I’m not talking about the movie today, although that movie for sure holds a special place in my holiday season-loving heart. Today, I’m talking about Elf on the Shelf, and more specifically Elf on the Shelf memes. Why? Because here at List25, puns hold a special place in our hearts (head over to our YouTube channel, and bear witness). These memes are truly punny. Sure, you’ll probably roll your eyes at least once, but you won’t be able to stop chuckling at a few of them. Are you ready? Here are Hilarious Elf on the Shelf Memes You’ll Want to See!


Yeti in Spaghetti

Yeti in Spaghetti

Vader on a Tater

vader on a tater
obama on a lama

Well then...

elf on the shelf angry cat no

Baldwin in a Cauldron

baldwin in a Cauldrin

Goku on a Roku

goku on a roku

The Rock on a Cock

rock on a cock

Snape on a Vape

snape on a vape

Wookie on a Cookie

wookie on a cookie

Drake on a Steak

drake on a steak

Bug on a Pug on a Mug on a Rug

bug on a pug

Shrek on a Deck

shrek on a deck

Luigi on a Squeegee

Luigi on a Squeegee

Sloth on a Goth

sloth on a goth

Mench on a Bench

mench on a bench

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