Top 10 Green Eyes OnlyFans in 2024

Posted by , Updated on April 12, 2024

OnlyFans is a rapidly growing platform that’s attracted a significant number of content creators, notably models. While some of these creators offer fitness tips and recipe ideas, the platform’s main usage comes from models – primarily women – who utilize the subscription feature to keep their fans updated on their activities.

In search of the perfect green-eyed OnlyFans model, one must be careful to choose from a vast array of models with gorgeous green eyes. With over three million OnlyFans accounts, the choices can be overwhelming. Fortunately, this article provides a guide to the hottest green-eyed OnlyFans models to follow. No matter what one’s preferences are, there is a model catering to their specific tastes, ready to subscribe in no time.

Best Green-Eyes OnlyFans Accounts

Green-eyed individuals are rare, and they are often considered attractive. OnlyFans has become a popular platform for models to share exclusive content with their fans. Here are some of the best green-eyed OnlyFans accounts:

Best 10 Green-Eyes OnlyFans

If you’re a fan of green eyes, you’ll love these ten OnlyFans models. From scientists to MILFs, there’s something for everyone.

#1. Katrina Green Eyes – Sassiest scientist green eyed OnlyFans

Katrina Green Eyes is a scientist who likes to get a little kinky. Her knee-high leather stiletto boots will make you want to see more of her. She has over 740 photos and almost 100 videos, and she provides plenty of PPV video and daily life updates too. You can send her custom requests, and she has 300 subscribers. Her monthly price is $9.99 or you can save with a bundle. Follow her on OnlyFans @katrinagirl.

#2. Miss Green eyes – Best green-eyed OnlyFans chunky and tattooed

Miss Green eyes is a short, tattooed, and chunky model from the Pacific Northwest. She has over 600 photos and over 140 videos, and she’s about 5,000 likes. Her monthly price is just $7. Follow her on OnlyFans @missgreeneyes247.

#3. I C O N I C M A T U R E – Most glamorous green eyed OnlyFans MILF

I C O N I C M A T U R E is a 50-something Spanish MILF who loves to show off her legs in pantyhose and stockings. She has over 1,000 photos and over 300 videos. Her monthly price is $7.50, but she’s running a summer sale for $5.63 a month. Follow her on OnlyFans @ylennoir, Instagram @lennoir, and TikTok @iconicmature.

#4. GREENEYED goddess – Sexiest green eyes OnlyFans busty Latina

GREENEYED goddess is a busty Latina who loves to interact with her fans. She has over 280 photos and 239 videos. Her monthly price is $15, but you can save with subscription bundles. Follow her on OnlyFans @carrerababy.

#5. Green Eyes Ebony Booty – Best free green eyed OnlyFans

Green Eyes Ebony Booty is a model with a big booty and ebony skin. She has about 2,600 subscribers, and her content is free. She has 23 photos and 80 videos. Follow her on OnlyFans @keyyfree and Twitter @KrackinasssKeyy.

#6. Renay – BBW – Pretty Feet – Best green eyes OnlyFans Bi BBW MILF

Renay is a bisexual BBW MILF with pretty feet and piercings. She has over 1,000 photos and her monthly price is $9.99. Follow her on OnlyFans @renay.bbw.

#7. Ruby Halo – Top Erotica Model green eyes OnlyFans

Ruby Halo is a curvy model who’s focused on erotica. She has over 1,100 photos and over 500 videos. Her monthly price is $5.99, but you can get discounts with a subscription bundle. Follow her on OnlyFans @rubyhalo and Twitter @Ruby_Halo.

#8. Bella Green Eyes – Best green eyes OnlyFans girl next door

Bella Green Eyes is a girl next door with a wild side. She has over 50 photos and 50 posts, and her monthly price is $10. Follow her on OnlyFans @bellagreeneyes.

#9. Betty – Most Charming green eyed OnlyFans redhead

Betty is a red-haired and sweet model with about 2,900 subscribers. Her monthly price is $12.99, but she’s currently having a sale for $6.50 for a month. Follow her on OnlyFans @battyredhair.

#10. RubberEmily – Top Kink

RubberEmily is a model who loves kink. She has over 1,000 photos and over 100 videos. Her monthly price is $12.99, but you can save with subscription bundles. Follow her on OnlyFans @rubberemily.

Green eyed OnlyFans FAQ’s

What do people do with green eyes OnlyFans?

Green eyed OnlyFans creators are NSFW models who upload their content on the platform. Only subscribers to their channel can view their content, and the creators can set the monthly price as they wish. While some models offer content for free, many others require payment to access. It’s up to the creator to determine whether they want a free or paid channel. If they have a paid channel, the site keeps 20% as their fee and distributes the other 80% to the model. Branded content can’t be shared outside the site, and fans are not able to use screenshots on the platform. Users must be at least 18 years old since most of the content is explicit.

How can I find green eyed OnlyFans accounts? is a site that can be used to search for green eyed OnlyFans creators. However, there is a possibility that models who have paid for ads will show up in your search and they may not meet your green-eyed criteria. The guide above helps you get to a top model in a shorter amount of time so that you can see their content more quickly. Of course, you can also scroll through the lists and see who might be a good match for your specific interests.

Can the green eyed OnlyFans content creators see my credit card information?

Although you need to put a card down on your profile to view subscribers with paid content, the green eyed OnlyFans content creators cannot see your information. They cannot even see your name (unless you give it to them). All they can see are their subscriber numbers. If you want to share your email with a model, however, you may have the option to do so on the OnlyFans site. You can use a prepaid card or a virtual card if you don’t want your regular credit card number to be stored on the site. OnlyFans is very careful about security because they don’t want scammers and spammers to hack into their site, so your information is likely safe with them.

What kind of content is found on OnlyFans?

Mostly the content on OnlyFans is in the form of photos, videos, status updates, and direct messages. The site is primarily the type of adult, NSFW media that it was when it started, but there are other creators, for example cosplayers, that you can find as well. Photos and videos are the main features, but in terms of NSFW uploads, almost everything and anything can be found on OF. The site doesn’t allow hate speech or anything that promotes third party sales. Also, creators who live in a place where public nudity is against the law are not allowed to upload nudes. Other than that, most sexual content is OK.

What kind of content do men post on OF?

Men can also upload their adult photos and videos and create NSFW content on OnlyFans, although the platform is largely devoted to women. Most of the fans are also male, which means that some men prefer to post fitness, nutrition, music, and similar content instead of adult if they don’t want other men seeing their nudes. Therefore, the type of content depends on whether they want other men viewing their adult content, or whether they’re looking to build a business with men who like to look at female adult content. Nutrition and fitness tips are rapidly gaining followers on the site.

Green Eyed OnlyFans 2023 in Conclusion

With approximately 3,000 green-eyed OnlyFans accounts, finding the perfect model can be a daunting task. However, the search results have revealed that there is a wide range of green-eyed models to choose from. OnlyFans has it all, whether you prefer a sassy scientist, a chunky and tattooed beauty, or an iconic mature model.

As more and more accounts are added every day, it is important to stay up to date with the latest models. While not all new models may meet the criteria for having gorgeous green eyes, some of them will. Therefore, it is worth keeping an eye out for new models.

It is important to note that some of the links in the stories may result in compensation. This compensation helps support the Village Voice and its advertisers. Overall, OnlyFans offers an extensive variety of green-eyed models, making it easy to find the perfect one that suits your preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Green Eyes Attractive?

Green eyes are attractive because they are rare. They are also unique and striking, and they can complement a variety of hair and skin tones. People with green eyes often have a mysterious and alluring quality that draws others in.

What Is the Significance of Having Green Eyes?

Green eyes are significant because they are rare. They are the result of a genetic mutation that affects the amount and type of pigmentation in the iris. This mutation is more common in people with European ancestry, but it can be found in people of all ethnicities.

What Are the Most Common Ethnicities with Green Eyes?

Green eyes are most common in people of European descent, particularly those from Northern and Central Europe. However, green eyes can be found in people of all ethnicities.

Who Are Some Popular Models with Green Eyes?

There are many popular models with green eyes, including Katrina Green Eyes, Sophie (a Scottish redhead), and Lauren Jane (a Georgia OnlyFans girl). These models have gained popularity on OnlyFans by showcasing their unique beauty and captivating personalities.

Are Green Eyes Rare?

Yes, green eyes are considered rare. They are estimated to occur in only about 2% of the world’s population. However, the prevalence of green eyes varies depending on geographic location and ethnicity.

What Are Some Makeup Tips for Accentuating Green Eyes?

There are many makeup tips for accentuating green eyes. Some popular techniques include using warm, earthy tones like gold, copper, and brown to bring out the green in the eyes. Purple and pink shades can also complement green eyes well. Additionally, using eyeliner and mascara to define the eyes can help make them pop.