Top 9 GILF OnlyFans Accounts in 2024

Posted by , Updated on April 12, 2024

Embark on a unique and exciting journey on OnlyFans with Granny OnlyFans. This unusual platform is a hot spot for the bravest, most experienced, and active creators available. Whether you already have a fondness for granny panties or are merely on the lookout for a novel experience, this collection offers just what you’re in search of.

Grannies on OnlyFans are past the age of having or raising children, but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to throw in the towel. From fully mature 76-year-old sex-positive grandmas to just past the MILF stage hotties in their fifties, this comprehensive list of the best granny OnlyFans accounts showcases just how much life these biddies have left in them. So, keep scrolling to discover the top ten grannies you’d like to fuck on OnlyFans.

Best Granny OnlyFans Accounts of 2023

Here are the top 10 Granny OnlyFans accounts, ranked based on their unique features and subscriber satisfaction:

These grannies offer a variety of content, from full-length porn to intimate subscriber experiences. Some of them are active daily, while others have the sexiest accent. No matter what your preferences are, there is a Granny OnlyFans account for you.

Best 10 Sexiest Grandma OnlyFans

#1. Sex Positive Granny – Most Mature Granny

Sex Positive Granny is a 76-year-old OnlyFans creator who is proud of her mature and sexy body. For just $4.99 a month, subscribers can access all of her existing content and see her new uploads every other day. Her content includes full nudity in photos and videos, with no pay-per-view content. She also offers custom content for her subscribers and is happy to answer all DMs.

#2. Rubi Mature – Filthy Granny

Rubi Mature is a 53-year-old OnlyFans creator who posts fully explicit photos and videos every day. Subscribers can see her full face in her content, making her subscription more than worth the price. She is always looking for ways to bring her subscribers’ hottest fantasies to life and offers custom content. Rubi Mature broadcasts out of Spain and is definitely a Granny you don’t want to miss.

#3. Mrs. Ann Burton-Brown – Hottest Teacher

Mrs. Ann Burton-Brown is a married and cheating MILF history teacher and granny in her 60s who uploads content from London. She offers a free page and a VIP page, where she posts every day and has all of her video content uploaded and unlocked. Her fans love her full-length explicit videos, which she uploads twice a week. Mrs. Ann Burton-Brown is one of the few creators on this list who posts collaboration content with other creators.

#4. Michelle – Most Famous

Michelle is a 71-year-old professional porn star who has gained notoriety through features in Vice Media and CNN documentaries. She has also played roles in two professional porn movies, which she has uploaded on her page. Michelle loves to dress up in lingerie and show off her everlasting sex appeal for her adoring fans. She offers custom content and is always happy to take requests.

#5. BBW GILF UK – Sexiest Accent

BBW GILF UK is a single 54-year-old GILF from England who offers a non-judgmental and fetish-friendly subscriber experience. She is always available to chat, sext, and take requests for customs. Her specialty is roleplay, and she is happy to fulfill her subscribers’ fantasies. BBW GILF UK’s top-earning OF page is also top-rewarding, with subscribers receiving free content when they have auto-renew turned on, for reaching ‘like’ quotas, and on their special birthday.

#6. Mature Carrie – Most Intimate Subscriber Experience

Mature Carrie is a full-figured woman in her senior years who loves to display her sexuality for her loyal fans and followers on OnlyFans. She offers over a thousand uploads for only $6.99 a month and is always happy to take requests for personal content. Mature Carrie is a new addition to OnlyFans but has been creating on multiple social media platforms for years.

#7. Athena Risque – Active Daily

Athena Risque is an OnlyFans creator with over 10,000 photo uploads and hundreds of video uploads. She is active daily, with more content sent to DMs and posted to her feed. Her monthly subscription is already low, but she has a first-month discount of half-off for a limited time only. Athena Risque is a naughty granny who loves to show off her curves and adventurous sexuality. She offers custom content and is always happy to take requests.

#8. Jersey GILF – Most Authentic

Jersey GILF is a 54-year-old GILF who creates content for her exclusive naughty OnlyFans profile. She has thousands of likes and loves catering to her subscribers’ desires and fantasies. Jersey GILF is a fiery cougar who is not afraid to let her subscribers know how confident she is.

#9. Torrey Lisa – Full Length Porn

Torrey Lisa is a mature cougar poly creator who specializes in BDSM, kink, fetish, erotica, and boudoir content. She offers weekly explicit video uploads and has over 14,000 likes. Her subscription is only $5 a month, and subscribers have exclusive access to her DMs and content requests. Torrey Lisa is a big ass oral queen who loves being an exhibitionist on her OnlyFans page.

Granny OnlyFans FAQ’s

How Old are the Best Granny OnlyFans Creators?

The best Granny OnlyFans creators can range from 50 years old to over 70 years old. The youngest creator on the list is 53 years old. However, the oldest creator on the list is Sex Positive Granny, who is 76 years old. These creators are living their best mature lives and providing the type of sexual energy that can only come from the maturity, confidence, and experience of being a hot and horny granny.

Why are Grannies on OnlyFans so popular?

Grannies on OnlyFans are popular because they fulfill a taboo fantasy of the “Mom next door” and provide high-quality sexually explicit content that piques the interest of many. Many of the followers seeking Granny content on OnlyFans have genuine fetishes that these sexy GILFs fulfill, and they are willing to pay a pretty penny to get there. The popularity of OnlyFans is making this niche known to a new demographic, and many others are discovering a new kink that gets the blood pumping.

Are people paying to see grandmas on OnlyFans?

Yes, people are paying to see grandmas on OnlyFans. Many creators get the bulk of their income from subscriptions, and the people want to be heard too, and are willing to pay a pretty penny to get there. OnlyFans creates a user-friendly platform that makes accessing this kind of content not quite the dungeon porn experience it used to be. You can find a granny that fulfills your specific niche and taste, interact with them, sext with them, and request custom content too.

Which Granny OnlyFans are worth following?

There are many Granny OnlyFans profiles worth following because the content creators who make it on OnlyFans are the ones who have paid their dues and are out here creating daily to make their profile an engaging and worthwhile experience. Sex Positive Granny, Rubi Mature, Mrs. Ann Burton-Brown, Michelle, BBW GILF UK, Mature Carrie, Athena Risque, Jersey GILF, Torrey Lisa, and Hot Asian Granny are some of the Granny OnlyFans creators that are vetted, researched, and made it on the list because the content they’re putting out will leave you scraping your jaw up off the floor. Many of them offer free pages too, so those are always worth following, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the paid subscriptions are pumping out hot content, full-length explicit videos, personal responses to DMs, and spam-free pages for subscribers to enjoy.

What kind of content are OnlyFans Grannies making?

Grannies on OnlyFans are making sexually explicit content that can range from lingerie photoshoots to hot roleplays, sexting with subscribers, and even doing all the same content that your average 20-year-old OnlyFans creator is putting out, including dick rates and selling panties. Some creators dabble in professional content and have bona fide porn productions for subscribers to view. Others are amateur and are just enjoying their Golden Years embracing what society tells them they should’ve lost decades ago. One sexy silver fox on this list writes erotic fantasy stories and recreates them in video for her followers, which you don’t see the average 20-year-old creator putting in the time to do. Long story short, you don’t want to miss a single second of jaw-dropping content coming from the Grannies on OnlyFans uploading every day in 2023.


These OnlyFans Grannies are ready to entertain and interact with their followers with their mature and sexy content. Make sure to catch them in their prime content creating days to get the hottest and sexiest content they’ve ever made. However, if you’re still hungry for more, there are many other OnlyFans categories to explore.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnlyFans and how does it work?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform that allows creators to monetize their content. Creators can post photos, videos, and other content for their subscribers, who pay a monthly fee to access the content. OnlyFans takes a percentage of the subscription fee as their commission.

What is a GILF and why is it popular on OnlyFans?

GILF stands for “Grandmother I’d Like to F***”. It refers to older women who are considered attractive and sexually desirable. GILFs are popular on OnlyFans because many subscribers are interested in seeing older women and their content.

What type of content can I expect from a GILF on OnlyFans?

The type of content that a GILF posts on OnlyFans varies depending on the creator. However, most GILFs post explicit photos and videos, as well as fetish content. Some GILFs also offer personalized content and interact with their subscribers through direct messages.

How much does it cost to subscribe to a GILF’s OnlyFans?

The subscription fee for a GILF’s OnlyFans varies depending on the creator. Some GILFs charge a monthly fee of $10, while others charge up to $50 per month. Some GILFs also offer discounts for longer subscription periods.

Is it safe to subscribe to a GILF’s OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a secure platform that uses encryption to protect user data. However, it is important to be cautious when subscribing to a GILF’s OnlyFans, as there have been instances of fraud and scams on the platform. It is recommended to only subscribe to creators with a verified account and a good reputation.

Can I cancel my subscription to a GILF’s OnlyFans at any time?

Yes, subscribers can cancel their subscription to a GILF’s OnlyFans at any time. The subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing period, after which the subscriber will no longer have access to the creator’s content. It is important to cancel the subscription before the next billing period to avoid being charged again.