Elsa vs Frozone: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Posted by , Updated on March 25, 2024

Elsa vs Frozone is a tough bout. There’s no denying it. With “Incredibles 2” out last year and “Frozen II” set to release in November of 2019, it seems only appropriate to discuss who would win in a character battle between Frozone and Elsa. You have to admit, their powers have a lot of similarities, enough to warrant comparison. On one hand, you have the cool composure and experience from Frozone; on the other, you have the explosive power from Queen Elsa.

Today, Tristan (from our YouTube channel) will defend Frozone, and Crystal (our behind the scenes editor) takes up defense for Elsa. Unlike some of our previous deathmatches, we actually have a pretty clear winner at the end.

Are you ready to see who we think would come out the victor? Check out this weeks List25 Deathmatch: Elsa vs Frozone: Who Would Win in a Fight?



Frozone: Combat experience

frozone blasting ice

Lucius Best, also known as Frozone, has much more experience with his powers, both in general and for the purpose of physical combat. Even though Elsa was born with her powers, she didn’t
start learning how to truly control them until she was eighteen, and within the current Frozen timeline, has had a little over a year (maximum) of self-training.

While it’s unknown how long Frozone has possessed his powers, he has had mastery over those powers for at least fifteen years, taking into account the time between the “Golden Age of Superheroes” and the time period of “The Incredibles.” Based on the climax of the first movie, we can tell that Frozone is in no way, shape or form, out of practice and has kept his experience fresh, despite being “retired” most of that time. – Tristan


Elsa: Raw power fueled by pent-up emotions

elsa rage

It’s true that Frozone is much more experienced and controlled, but that is precisely the reason I’d say Elsa could take him. As we saw in the movie, some of Elsa’s power derived from her reclusive nature, suppressing her powers.

There is virtually unstoppable power in a rage-fueled release of pent-up energy and power. I mean, she did freeze her entire kingdom and put it under an “eternal” winter before love came in. – Crystal


Frozone: He has a wife

where is my super suit

And she is the greatest good he is ever gonna get! I don’t know how, but that power can be utilized. It even sounds OP. The romance in Elsa’s world nearly got everyone killed. – Tristan


Elsa: She has the support of an entire kingdom


Since Elsa came to terms with her past and started learning how to control her powers, and since she showed her kingdom her powers, she stepped into her position as Queen. At the end of the movie, there is no question Elsa has the support of her kingdom.

Sure, Frozone has a wife, but Elsa has the support of her subjects and doesn’t have to run from the government. – Crystal


Frozone: Mental strength

frozone pointing and smiling

The majority of Elsa’s first movie shows her need to take emotional control in order to fully harness her abilities. Frozone is as chill as they come (and yes, pun completely intended). But the point still stands. Frozone is very sure of who he is as a person, so he can take both mental and physical victories. In a fight, you can expect him to keep a level head and take in all that surrounds him. – Tristan


Elsa: She can create very complex structures

Elsa's ice castle

Even without any training, Elsa was able to create intricate and complex structures with her ice. Frozone has only been seen to create ice ramps, walls of ice, and big ice chunks for baby Jack-Jack to play with. There’s no doubt he’s powerful, but one could argue that Elsa possesses more finesse and creativity, and that could be an incredible asset in a character battle. – Crystal


Frozone: Allies

frozone and the incredibles

Frozone isn’t alone by any means. He’s connected with others…a very, VERY powerful group of others. To name a few, you have Mr. Incredible, the strongest man alive in their universe and Elastigirl, who can stretch god knows how far (definitely enough to incapacitate Elsa).

And guess what? These two super beings…got BUSY! Yeah, they have three more overpowered freaks joining them. Dash, who can move so quick that he’s practically invisible. Violet, who literally can turn invisible and generate force fields. Finally, Jack-Jack who is going to do God knows what. Not only that, but Frozone has select contacts with the Government, which wouldn’t be too scary but it happens to be the American government! Get a few higher ups to believe that Arendelle has oil, and it is over! Then, of course, there’s Edna, but she might get distracted by Elsa’s ability to generate clothes.

By comparison, Elsa has a sister with an attitude, a guy with an ice fetish and a thing with reindeer that’s “a bit outside of nature’s laws,” and a talking suicidal snowman. – Tristan


Elsa: She can create living beings

olaf and snow monster

Let’s keep in mind that that “talking suicidal snowman” was actually one of Elsa’s creations. While Olaf may have more of a penchant for warm hugs than fighting, we shouldn’t forget that Elsa also created an abominable snow/ice creature that was able to cause some damage. There’s no doubt that she could create even scarier and more powerful creatures to come to her defense. She could easily overpower Frozone and his friends with her own army of ice creatures. – ByPercent


Frozone: Samuel L. Jackson secretly resides in him

Jackson and Frozone

I know I said earlier that Elsa isn’t fully trained, but I have to admit Frozone has powers that he doesn’t know about yet either. The truth is that Frozone, while his own person, is also a host body for that of Samuel L. Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson is an American actor that has the power to take the form of several different entities. Two of these include Nick Fury and Mace Windu. As discussed above, Lucias Best has an incredibly stable mind and carries a calm state of power. With just a bit more practice, he will learn how to channel Jackson and split himself into three different, but equally powerful defenders.

One will call on the Avengers because why not bring on even more Superhero allies. The other will draw his purple lightsaber and harness the power of Vaapad to end the Ice Queen’s reign once and for all.

Elsa WILL take a seat. – Tristan


Elsa takes a seat. Tristan is crowned cheater...I mean...victor.

sad elsa

I can’t believe he pulled out Samuel L. Jackson. – Crystal

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