Dr. Dre Net Worth

Net Worth: $800,000,000

Dr Dre net worth
Net Worth$850 Million
BornFebruary 18, 1965
Country of OriginUnited States of America
Source of WealthHip Hop Producer/Entrepreneur

Is Dr. Dre’s net worth more than Jay Z’s net worth or Eminem’s worth? We’ll soon find out. The rap world would look a lot different today if it weren’t for Dr. Dre. The gangsta rap pioneer was born on February 18, 1965, as Andre Romelle Young.

Like most people in the music industry including Drake, Dr. Dre came from a musical family. Both of his parents were singers, so music has always been inside him.

His parents split when he was a kid and he lived with his mother growing up. She remarried several times and they bounced around from home to home. And while Dr. Dre was a smart kid, he didn’t care much for school.

Like Conor McGregor, he knew what he wanted to do and he pursued his passion. Dre. Dre wanted to make music and he didn’t stop until he was successful at it.

He received a music mixer for Christmas in 1984 and turned his family’s home into his own little music studio. He would work on mixing music for hours and hours. Like Bill Gate’s dedication to technology, Dre. Dre delved deep into his craft and it turned himself into one of the most formidable power players in the music industry.

Dr. Dre’s started working as a DJ in his teens and joined the World Class Wreckin’ Cru. He performed in nightclubs and that was also where he developed the name of Dr. Dre, the master of mixology. As you all know, he later teamed up with rappers Ice Cube, Eazy-E, Yella, MC Ren, and the Arabian Prince to create the legendary hip-hop group, N.W.A.

What does this mean? Well, it means Dr. Dre’s net worth was a lot. According to a recent Forbes report from December 2018, Beyonce’s net worth was a cool $355 million, which was enough to make her one of the world’s highest paid celebrities. As you all know, Beyonce is married to Jay Z, who has a net worth of $900 million, which means as a unit they’re worth over $1 billion.

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The group’s debut studio album (Straight Outta Compton) was released in 1988 and sold more than two million copies. The album marked the beginning of the new gangsta rap era and even got the attention of the FBI because of the track titled F**k Tha Police.

After the group split up, Dre went out on his own and started a new record label. Throughout the years, he’s helped launch the careers of several hip-hop artists and rappers. Without a doubt, Dr. Dre’s net worth increased dramatically during those years.

Dre experience a lot of pushback when he signed white rapper Eminem to his label, but then quickly proved the haters wrong when Eminem turned out to be a massive success. He also helped launch the career of 50 Cent.

And then in 2008, he expanded his hip-hop brand by founding Beats Electronics with Jimmy Iovine. Together they created Beats by Dr. Dre Studio headphones, which became insanely popular.

In May 2014, Apple purchased Beats for $3 billion, which increased Dre’s net worth to $800 million. As his empire continues to grow, it’s likely Dr. Dre becomes a billionaire in the near future.

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