Coolest NASA Discoveries That Changed Your Life

The coolest NASA discoveries have reshaped our entire world. It all goes back to The Space Act of 1958. That law stipulates that its research should benefit the general public. Since then, entire industries have risen out of that research, and we all benefit. You use products everyday that you probably didn’t know are rooted in NASA science. Curious to see what NASA has done to improve your quality of life? Here are the Coolest NASA Discoveries That Changed Your Life!

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Scratch-Resistant Lenses


NASA needed a special coating to protect space equipment from dirt found in the space environment, so they came up with their special plastics coating. Now, we’re enjoying sunglasses resistant to scratches. Even better, plastic is cheaper than glass and is better at absorbing ultraviolet radiation.


Memory Foam

memory foam

The open cell polyurethane-silicon plastic is a product of NASA needing aircraft seats to reduce impact during landing. Since then, memory foam has helped millions sleep better at night.


Infrared Ear Thermometers

infrared thermometer

NASA uses infrafred technology to measure the temperature of stars. This technology became the ear thermometer which captures our body temperature using infrared sensors that detect the amount of energy given off by the eardrum. We’ve been saved from the hassle of a standard mercury thermometer which is a little difficult to read.


Shoe Insoles


When man landed on the moon, NASA invented a three-dimensional polyurethane foam fabric in boots to set a spring in the astronauts’ stride while giving ventilation. Now, we have shoes that reduce the impact on our legs and feet when we go walking and running.


Smoke Detector


NASA invented the first adjustable smoke detector to let astronauts know if there is fire or if noxious gases are loose in Skylab, the first US space station. Now, we’re enjoying safety from fire in our homes thanks to this technology.

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