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  • A brown gavel

    25 Extremely Bizarre Laws We Can’t Believe Are Real

    Ready to see a few truly bizarre laws that will make you question the cornerstones for a just society? While most laws protect the individual and society’s interests, every now and then explainable, illogical, and frankly, the dumbest laws in the world slip in. You’d wish these weird laws wouldn’t be passed but somehow, beyond […] More

  • A man and woman dressed in horrifying costumes

    25 Most Terrifying Halloween Costumes

    While most people wear silly or iconic costumes for Halloween, others put on terrifying costumes and scare the guts out of their friends. We’re talking about scary ghouls, demons, zombies, mummies, and a host of other bizarre creature-like things! Are you thinking about which Halloween costume you will wear this year? If so, you should […] More

  • A dark corridor with a dark figure standing in the middle

    25 Haunted Hotel Rooms You Can Actually Stay In

    When hearing about a haunted hotel room, most people would likely run the other way, much less want to stay there. But, you’re here, so we’re guessing you’re not one of those people. It makes sense hotels would be haunted. Many of them are old and have hosted thousands of guests. With that kind of […] More

  • A foggy wilderness with a light on from a house in the distance

    25 True Scary National Park Stories

    Despite their grandeur, did you know that national parks can be scary and dangerous places? From getting lost, encountering a grizzly bear, or finding something beyond belief, the great outdoors is full of terrors. As we’ll soon discover in these true national park stories, it doesn’t take much for disaster to strike while out on […] More

  • 25 People That Are Doing It Wrong

    25 People That Are Doing It Wrong

    When it comes to hilarious photos, the right mixture of timing and stupidity is crucial to capturing the moment. People of all ages are susceptible to clumsiness, carelessness, and ignorance. It’s just that these days, there is always someone with a camera to document these moments. The people responsible for these photos below may be […] More

  • skun spiders in a large pile

    Hot Popular

    25 Strangest Foods From Around The World

    What do fried brains, puffin hearts, and drunken shrimp have in common? They are all considered delicacies somewhere in the world. While most people probably do not consider the contents of their cookbooks too strange, to a foreigner your lunch could be the equivalent of a nightmare. So, before we dive into our culinary tour […] More

  • A girl in a pink dress floating in the air.

    25 Horrible Demonic Possessions That Could Be True

    Have you ever wondered if some stories of demonic possession could be true? In today’s modern age, people generally scoff at demonic possession. Spooky ghost stories and the like are meant to be left in horror novels and films, or so they say. Despite a general disbelief, a demand for exorcisms has risen so much […] More

  • man pushes large panda onto subway

    25 Strangest Things Ever Spotted On A Subway

    In a big city, be ready to see some of these strangest things ever spotted on a subway! From people chilling out hammock style to a coffin jumping the turnstile, if you’re lucky enough to have a metro in your city and you ride around long enough, you’re sure to spot something worth a double […] More

  • Death/grim reaper holding clock

    25 Unusual Deaths That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

    All human beings have one thing in common – they die. It is a tragic, yet inevitable part of life that has occurred since the dawn of humanity. Some people wish to die peacefully in their sleep; others want to leave this world with a bang. No matter what your preference, you probably wouldn’t want […] More

  • A funny picture of a man grimacing and stretching out his neck.

    25 Most Hilarious Mugshots Of All Time

    When thinking of mugshots the word “hilarious” doesn’t typically come to mind. In most instances, the photo consists of little more than a stony-faced individual looking like they would much rather be somewhere else. As you will see, however, this is not always the case because these are the 25 Most Hilarious Mugshots Of All […] More

  • 25 Bizarre Stories of Missing Kids

    25 Bizarre Stories Of Missing Kids

    Stories of missing kids are unfortunately all too common. A report released by the FBI claimed there were 464,324 missing children reports in 2017 alone. Sadly, that’s probably a lower number than previous decades and doesn’t include the countless numbers of unreported missing children. When a child goes missing, it’s devastating for the parents, their communities, […] More

  • A brunette woman holding a purple stuffed monkey.

    25 Hoaxes That Had Us Fooled

    Did you know you can’t say the word gullible without touching the top of your mouth with your tongue? It’s true…and you just tried to do it, didn’t you? It’s funny how easily duped we can all be, even when things are technically true. So, although hindsight is 20/20 and you might know that all […] More

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