Bizarre Things You Won’t Believe Were Found in a Human Stomach

Posted by , Updated on December 4, 2018


Banana sandwiches, fries with milkshake, pickles with peanut butter. Some people have unusual eating habits and appetites, but after you read today’s post, you will consider these little deviations absolutely acceptable. Check out these Bizarre Things You Won’t Believe Were Found in a Human Stomach (which would probably make even the most experienced surgeons cringe!


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a bunch of green glass bottles lined up

A man went to a Chinese hospital complaining of abdominal pain. What doctors found was shocking and quite embarrassing for the poor fellow. Apparently, a bottle was the cause of the the abdominal pain, which had to be surgically removed.




After being taken to a local bishop for healing, 49-year-old Maria Tsotetsi’s stomach kept growing and growing. Everyone just assumed she was pregnant. However, after she became very ill and her teeth started falling out, doctors found a snake in her belly. They suspect that the bishop put the snake there out of jealousy.



While most adults know batteries are not for eating, children are a different story. There are several cases of children eating batteries every year. Sadly, eating batteries causes much more than just abdominal pain, and a few children have even died from internal bleeding. Basically, keep batteries out of reach of children, and if you get a strange desire to eat something weird, batteries are not the way to go.


Live Frogs

man holding

Jiang Musheng had severe abdominal pains, until he met an old man named Yang Dingcai, from southeast China. He told Jiang that swallowing live frogs and rats had helped him with his intestinal issues. He still eats them today and says they’ve made him stronger.



bunch of

Chinese carpenter Li Xiangyang was holding a nail between his teeth when he suddenly coughed and swallowed it. He was taken to a hospital where doctors x-rayed him and found the nail was in his right lung. Professor Hu Ke attempted to remove it by feeding a bronchoscope down his throat, but just as he was on the verge of pulling the nail out, Li coughed again and sucked it right back. This time it ended up in his left lung. Hu tried again but, at the last minute, Li involuntarily swallowed and the nail disappeared again. Eventually, doctors located the nail and were finally able to remove it with a gastroscope clamp.

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