Best VR Headsets

Virtual Reality has proven to be one of the most important forms of entertainment. It’s no longer an over-priced toy for techies. Even your kids can get the best VR experience at a budget price.

This year, several manufacturers have come out with their version of a VR headset, from standalone headsets to phones and PCs.  Choosing the best VR headset that fits your system requirements and provides you with a decent level of entertainment can be a bit tiresome.

The good news is that the VR industry now has many models coming out at affordable prices. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best VR headsets on the market to help you come to an informed decision before choosing which one you want to take home. Without further delay, here are the Best VR Headsets.


What type of VR you need?

Best VR Headsets

When it comes to VR headsets, they generally fall into 2 categories, Mobile and Tethered headsets.

Mobile headsets are the ones that are dependent on your smartphones and are relatively lower priced when compared to the tethered ones. Mobile VR headsets are literally shells equipped with lenses where you place your smartphone. It’s these 2 lenses that separate the screen into 2 images for your eyes and turn your smartphone into a VR device instantly.

When it comes to Tethered headsets, they are the ones that provide you with a complete VR experience but are more expensive than the mobile VR headsets. Tethered headsets need to be connected to your PC or gaming console. You get a dedicated display with the Tethered headsets and much better head tracking.

There are a few standalone VR headsets, but they are still new on the market. They’ll provide you with a convenient alternative since you don’t need any additional hardware to get the best VR experience.

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