Best TVs of 2019

Are you saving to buy a new TV this year? To help you choose the best TV on the market among the various popular brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, TCL, Vizio etc., we have rounded up some the best-in-class TVs. Our collection ranges from the best TV overall, best budget priced TV, best smart TV, best LCD TV and so on. When we made a visit to the CES 2019, we were literally amazed at the amount of new technology offered in the TV industry and what the biggies like Sony, Samsung, and LG have cooked up for us this year. This year we see many models flaunting the latest OLED panels and ultra-high definition (4K) screens.

We have analysed various models to get the best of the lot to help you make an informed decision to buy the best TV that suits your budget. So just relax in your couch, have a sip of your delicious coffee and read through this interesting article to buy the best TV in 2019 and other important information you need to know before buying a TV.


LG C8 Series OLED TV – Best OLED TV

LG C8 Series OLED TV

2018 was a fantastic year for LG as it took a big gamble with the OLED technology and it brilliantly paid off as the OLED series dominated the market for most of the year. The OLED technology was pretty popular among users for its incredible performance, great set of features along with a fair pricing to deal with.

The all-new C8 is not entirely redesigned or different from its predecessor, but still you can see a host of new feature being introduced with the C8 including the dominating Dolby Atmos  Sound and High dynamic range format to name a few.

The LG C8 is another great product from the LG design team that spells elegance and simplicity throughout its design. The OLED panel is ultra-thin when compared to its previous models. And the screen almost resembles a size zero screen as you don’t see any kind of bevel on the outer edges.

We can notice that the top of the TV is just around a millimeter thick and slowly widens around the bottom where it houses the speakers, connections, and all electronic stuff. The back panel comes with two colors with aluminium color on top and dark grey on the bottom. The overall build quality looks really impressive.

The LG C8 OLED TV sits on top of a wide sloped stand that serves a dual purpose as it not only helps to stabilize the TV on top but also helps to redirect the sound towards the viewers. The C8 provides you with 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, a Lan port, a headphone jack, and a CI slot, along with a line out.

Product Highlights

  • Apt black levels
  • Great HDR support and performance
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Incredibly thin profile
  • Out-of-the-box picture performance


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Great set of features
  • Impressive smart platform
  • Stylish design


  • Brightness is lower when compared to LCD models
  • No HDR10+ support

Vizio P-Series LED TV – Best Picture Performance TV

vizio xled

Vizio has always been one of the go-to brands for people looking for TVs that come with solid performance available at a budget price. The P-Series TV from Vizio is making heads turn in the industry with its all-new look, design aspects, and a great set of features. The P-series LED TV comes with a bezel-less frame on 3 sides and sits on top of an elegant stand.

The P-Series LED TV comes loaded with some of the latest in TV technology including the Xtreme Black Engine Pro local dimming that combines very well with the HDR10 to give a solid contrast even during bright scenes on your screen. The color is extravagant and looks completely natural due to the introduction of Wide Color Gamut technology. It comes equipped with 4K HDR inputs to allow you to connect your high-end devices and even comes with a TV tuner to enable you to connect your HD antennae if you wish to see local free channels in your TV. The only blemish we can see with the Vizio P-Series TVs is its Smartcast feature. Even though it comes with several streaming applications along with chromecast support, the interface is pretty ordinary. However, if you’re looking for the best picture performance at a modest price, then you can go for the Vizio P-Series LED TV.

Product Highlights

  • Excellent picture quality and performance
  • Deep black levels
  • Solid brightness levels
  • Rich contrast
  • Great video processing technology


  • Budget Price
  • Lively and colorful HDR
  • Supports Dolby Vision


  • Poor Smart TV system

Price: $1200


TCL 6-Series Roku TV – Best Smart TV

4k hdr

If you’re looking for the best smart TV at a budget price and that’s under a budget of $1000, then definitely take a look at the TCL 6-Series Roku TV. Compared to the previous models, TCL has increased its contrast zones in all size models. The best word to describe the overall outlook of the TV is industrial because of the brushed metal look and the power is provided in a jewel-like design. The frame is almost 1.5 inches thick and beneath the top frame sits an impressive LED panel that comes with various contrast zones. And TCL is one of the few companies that has announced the number of zones it uses, and it seems it definitely leads the pack in that area as it comes with 96 zones when compared to the 56 zones offered by the Vizio M-Series TVs.

The 6-Series TCL TV stands on top of a strong metal stand with legs in the shape of a V and comes with rubber padding on the bottom to avoid slippages. Setting up the TV is quite simple; you can have your TV switched on in just a few minutes of opening up the package.

The 6-series TV comes equipped with 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a 3.55mm headphone jack, an AV port, and a digital optical input option. And the moment you switch on your TV, you are welcomed by Roku TV, one of the best Smart TV systems on the market as of now. The interface is simple and easy to use. Since it’s not connected to a particular streaming system, you can easily connect to any device and stream all your favorite content easily. The HD and SDR performance look excellent with the 6-series TVs. The audio quality is also awesome. Overall, if you’re looking for the best Smart TV at a budget price, then you can go for the TCL 6-series TV.

Product Highlights

  • Easy to use Smart TV platform
  • Rich contrast
  • Supports both HDR10 and dolby vision


  • Affordable price
  • Excellent image quality


  • Brightness is lower when compared to LCD models
  • Average Video processing quality

Price: $619

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