Top 9 Best Thick Girl OnlyFans Accounts in 2024

Posted by , Updated on June 16, 2024

OnlyFans is a site filled with many adult content creators who cater to all sorts of tastes and fantasies. It’s super popular for featuring **plus-size** women with big butts, thick thighs, and lots of cleavages. Since 2023, OnlyFans users get to **personalize** their feeds to highlight their favorite adult stars, including the most stunning **full-figured** models.

For those who are into chubby teen OnlyFans pages, threesome videos featuring chubby models, and lingerie pics of enticing BBWs, a list of the top ten hottest chubby OnlyFans girls of 2024 is available. The list promises to provide users with new pages filled with all the round tits, ass, and thighs they can handle. Whether you are into fat MILF or chubby teen OnlyFans content, this list has got you covered.

Best Chubby OnlyFans Accounts of 2024

Here are the top chubby OnlyFans accounts to follow in 2024:

These models offer a variety of content, from gaming to fetish to explicit content. Each model has a unique style and charge different prices for their content. It is important to note that while these models have been popular in 2024, individual preferences may vary.

Best Thick Girl OnlyFans

OnlyFans has revolutionized the adult entertainment industry, and there are thousands of creators on the platform catering to every fetish and kink. For those who prefer their women with a little more meat on their bones, chubby OnlyFans girls are the way to go. Here are the top creators on the platform, ranked based on their features, content, and popularity.

#1. Liah Doll – Cock Sucking and Neighbor Fucking

Liah Doll is a beautiful BBW with huge 42F tits who isn’t shy about showing off her whole body. She’s fetish-friendly and loves to suck big fat cocks, including her neighbor’s. Her content includes plenty of B/G and G/G stuff, as well as femdom, anal, mommy fetish, small penis humiliation, foot fetish, and double stuffing.

For the low price of $13.69 per month, subscribers get access to all her content and the opportunity to chat with Liah herself. She messages back personally, so you can be certain that the responses you receive are genuine.

#2, EGirlPrincess3 – Submissive Fat Gamer Girl

EGirlPrincess3 is a thick 18-year-old who knows how sexy she is and isn’t afraid to show it off. All of her content is solo, with over 100 posts available immediately after you subscribe, so you can watch her masturbate, ride dildos, and cum over and over again. She’s also willing to take custom requests from subs, so send her a message telling her what you want her to do.

#3. Tizzy – Amazing Non-Binary Body and Findom

Tizzy is a non-binary creator with curves who offers custom content and is selective about what they accept. For $5 a month, subscribers get a full 31 days of weekly posts, including fetish and Findom content.

#4. One Fat Girl – Kinky and Pierced PAWG

One Fat Girl is a goth-leaning self-proclaimed fat bitch with a unique worldview and huge sexy titties. Her fans can enjoy all content, including videos and pictures, messaging, B/G, and solo content, add-free right on her page, free from PPV. She’s one of the most kink-friendly chubby OnlyFans girls you will find on the site.

#5. Thick Lizzy – Cowgirl Adventures Cumming Your Way

Thick Lizzy is a fun and frisky BBW with a hankering for cowboys, tequila, and having a good time. Her chubby girl’s OnlyFans page is more than generic porn videos. You will get a glimpse of her travels, events, and so much more. For $10 a month, subscribers get a peek at her sexy bathroom selfies, professional shoots, and seductively sexual content.

#6. Raven Thick – Tattoos, Fat Ass, and Chubby OnlyFans Cosplay

Raven Thick is a must-subscribe for fans of tattooed thick girls. With big tattooed thighs, a huge round ass, and a variety of cosplay and lingerie outfits, you will never get bored of Raven’s feed. She regularly posts completely nude photos and video clips on her wall, with nothing hidden behind pay per view paywalls.

#7. Aiden Starr – Smother Queen and Chubby OnlyFans Power Top

Aiden Starr is a true superstar known for her radio show on Sirius XFM and her big, round, all-natural tits and ass. She’s a kinky power top who gives it rough, fast, and hard and is relentless in the ways she will pleasure her partners until they cum. With a $4.99 subscription, you can take a front-row seat to all the action.

#8. Klaudia Kelly – Chubby Girl OnlyFans Creator with Big Naturals

Klaudia Kelly is a big, blonde, and bouncy creator with a big booty that is ready to get fucked. Her solo work and blowjob content will have you gasping for more. For $10 a month, subscribers get access to over 1400 posts, including videos and still photos of her in action.

#9. Karla Lane – Best Chubby OnlyFans for Cock Rating

Karla Lane is a model-like creator who loves checking out chubby girls’ OnlyFans. She opens up and gets personal with all her subscribers, sexting live back and forth, sending pics and videos. She even posts about life updates and personal information about her life on her page. Subscribers get to know her and what she is all about, making her so much more than just another bent-over body you jerk off to.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fat Girls and Chubby Girls OnlyFans

How to be an Attractive Plus Size Girl

Being plus-sized does not automatically make anybody unattractive. Many people are attracted to the person within, regardless of looks, so making sure you spend time working on your inner self is important. A good personality, interesting hobbies, and kindness will go a long way. As far as your exterior self goes, dressing to suit your body’s current proportions looks a lot better than wearing baggy clothes that are too big. If you got it, flaunt it.

Some other factors that play into attraction besides body shape and dressing nicely involve taking pride in your appearance. That means having a fresh haircut or well-styled hair, keeping on top of all your hygiene practices like showering daily and brushing your teeth, and holding yourself with confidence. Smell good, dress well, and know that you are looking fine!

What does BBW mean?

BBW is an acronym that stands for “Big Beautiful Woman”. This term is used to describe a fat girl or a woman with a very round butt and big boobs, who also has a pretty face. This term is not used in a derogatory manner and is usually a compliment. BBW is often used to describe chubby OnlyFans girls. It is kind of a shorthand to say, “here is an ultra-sexy plus-sized woman”. Some other words for a BWW are PAWG (phat ass white girl), BBBW (big beautiful black woman), thicc, fat, and plus sized.

What are the Fat Girl Rules?

In popular American culture, some people who are heavier than average feel like they have to perform and act a certain way to be accepted by society. They call these unspoken social norms “the fat girl rules”. Some examples of these unspoken rules include not eating in front of other people or in public, and not doing anything that will make your body jiggle. Some other common ones say that a person who is overweight should not show skin above the elbows or below the knees, and they should never allow themselves to feel attractive or flirt with attractive people.

Of course, these rules are ridiculous, and with today’s self-acceptance and intolerance to fat shaming, they are being thrown out the window. Chubby girl OnlyFans accounts are a good example of how these norms are changing quickly. Instead of trying not to be sexy, these big, beautiful women are taking back the power and showing the world just how hot they can be. These sexpots are baring it all and showing their moving, jiggling, and soft parts in full HD videos and high-res photos. There is nothing to hide anymore, so throw on your sexiest lingerie, wear that micro bikini, and flaunt your curves. Plenty of people will agree with you that sex appeal comes in all shapes and sizes.

What Body Fat is Most Attractive to Guys?

It is not really possible to measure a body fat percentage that most guys will like because every single man is different. Some like to look at super skinny women, some like fit girls with abs, and some like some cushion for the pushin’. It is predicted by the National Institute of Health that men will likely find women with body fat in the 21% to 33% range most attractive. There are many guys who like it a lot bigger than that. As proof, we can tell you that chubby OnlyFans pages are exploding in popularity, and we are likely going to see more of that upward trend in the future. If you were considering starting your own fat girl OnlyFans, now is the time.

What is it Called When You Like Chubby People and Look at Chubby Girl OnlyFans?

A funny colloquial term for people who get sexually aroused when looking at chubby OnlyFans creators is a “Chubby Chaser”. When a person sees very obese people as a fetish, it is called adipophilia. In 2024, body positivity is much more socially acceptable than it has been in the past, so calling somebody a chubby chaser may be a bit old fashioned. A common fetish people have is called “squashing”, which is the sexual fantasy of being crushed by big women.

Is it OK to be a Bit Chubby?

Generally speaking, it is probably fine for most people to be a bit chubby. Everybody is different, and you should never try to change your body shape to conform to what other people want you to look like. If you are a big girl and always have been, hey, you’re hot just the way you are! You may even want to think about starting your own chubby OnlyFans page and make some fast cash off your fat rolls!


If you’re looking for sexy and fun content featuring hot fat girl OnlyFans models, then you’re in luck! Our list of the best chubby OnlyFans pages is a great place to start your search. These women are putting themselves out there every day, providing thousands of photos and videos that will keep both of your hands busy. From thick legs to round and soft stomachs, pillowy breasts, and plump asses, you’re sure to find something that gets you going.

If you’re interested in exploring more OnlyFans content, there are plenty of other options to choose from. Check out our list of the best OnlyFans pages, or browse through free OnlyFans accounts to find some new favorites. For those who love nudes, we’ve got you covered with our list of OnlyFans nudes. And if you’re into specific types of models, like Asian, Indian, or Latina OnlyFans creators, we’ve got lists for those too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some popular OnlyFans accounts featuring thick and chubby girls in 2024?

In 2024, there are many popular OnlyFans accounts featuring thick and chubby girls. Some of the most popular accounts include DAMN, Willow Snow, Cheryl Ann, Harley Rose, and Liah Doll. These models offer a variety of content, including photos, videos, and exclusive content.

What are some of the best OnlyFans accounts featuring curvy and voluptuous women?

Some of the best OnlyFans accounts featuring curvy and voluptuous women include Lana Monroe, Amina Otaku, Bella Bumzy, and Mia Thorne. These models offer a wide range of content, including cosplay, gaming, and more. They also offer exclusive content to their subscribers.

Which OnlyFans accounts offer exclusive content of thick and chubby girls?

Many OnlyFans accounts offer exclusive content of thick and chubby girls. Some of the best accounts include DAMN, Willow Snow, Cheryl Ann, Harley Rose, and Liah Doll. These models offer a variety of exclusive content, including photos, videos, and more.

Are there any highly recommended OnlyFans accounts featuring plus-size models?

Yes, there are many highly recommended OnlyFans accounts featuring plus-size models. Some of the most popular accounts include DAMN, Willow Snow, Cheryl Ann, Harley Rose, and Liah Doll. These models offer a variety of content, including photos, videos, and exclusive content.

What are some of the most subscribed OnlyFans accounts featuring thick and curvy girls?

Some of the most subscribed OnlyFans accounts featuring thick and curvy girls include DAMN, Willow Snow, Cheryl Ann, Harley Rose, and Liah Doll. These models offer a variety of content, including photos, videos, and exclusive content.

Which OnlyFans accounts featuring thick and chubby girls have the best value for their subscription price?

The best value for subscription price depends on the individual’s preferences. However, some of the best value OnlyFans accounts featuring thick and chubby girls include Willow Snow, Cheryl Ann, and Liah Doll. These models offer a variety of content and exclusive content at an affordable price.