5 Best Spin Mops in 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

Posted by , Updated on September 9, 2022

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The spin mop is a miraculous invention for all that regularly feel bogged down by the inefficiency of traditional mops. The cleaning device consists of a bucket that lets you wring out the mop hands-free.

The mop head usually has a 360-degree pivoting angle to help you clean the hard to reach places. With the best spin mop, your cleaning sessions will be less taxing and less messy. This review finds out the best spin mops to replace your old school mop and bucket.

What to look for when buying a spin mop

There are many factors to look for in a spin mop, but I was none the wiser when I first upgraded from my old one to this invention. I run a coffee shop, and good hygiene means good business to me. But that was not the case when a whole new set of spin mops I had ordered developed problems about the same time.

The buckets started leaking; they had likely been slapped together with cheap plastic material. In some cases, the handles broke.  The most frustrating thing, however, was watching my assistant wring the mops by hand. The spinning mechanism came loose in just a few days. I learned a valuable lesson about things to consider when buying spin mops.

Find a spin mop with a sturdy build 

For durability and stability, the right spin mop and bucket should have a stainless steel construction. Some models might mix up steel parts with hardy plastic parts, that’s okay as long as the underside of the bucket that is prone to wear and tear is sturdily layered. Otherwise, it may start to leak after some time.

An ergonomic design will save your back 

The handle part of the contraption needs to be long enough so that you don’t hurt your back when cleaning the home. It would also help of it entails a rubberized holding part for comfort when using it.

Free spinning is the whole point here

The main reason for buying a spin mop is that so you can easily wring and rinse the mop through a spinning mechanism. The best bucket design features a foot or hand pedal that is easy to press down when you want to activate the spinning action. The spinning agitator inside the bucket should be sturdy and well fastened in place for efficient wringing.

A big mop head will save your time 

As for the may case, I later realized that my mop heads were ridiculously small compared to the best options in the market. That can waste your energy because, in the event of a massive spill, you will have to dab and rinse many times to clean the floor.  A large mop head can absorb a lot of water and help you clean or dry the floor much faster. 

The mop head needs to have soft materials

Most spin mops use a microfiber head, so when you go out shopping don’t accept anything less.  Microfiber refers to a synthetic yarn with very fines threads that can effectively pick out dust, dirt, grime, and grit. Your ideal mop shouldn’t leave streaks behind; find a spin mop model with consistently layered strands. 

Test the pivoting head for free movement 

Spin mops manufacturers will always assure you that their mops can move freely at 360 degrees. Test it to be sure.  Without a freely moving mop head, you won’t be able to clean under the furniture or in other tight corners. 

Other considerations

Wheels on bucket: This is a desirable feature for it makes portability a less strenuous task. You won’t need to lift mop buckets full of water when cleaning your home.

Splash guard: It’s a thoughtful inclusion that might help to minimize the splashing action when the mop is spinning. If you don’t want to mess up your clothes on a Monday morning when cleaning your place of work, consider a spin mop model that has this feature.

Soap dispenser: It is incredibly vital for a spin mop to have an inbuilt soap pump. This way you won’t forget adding soap to your cleaning water.

The Best Spin Mops in the Market 

[amazon link=B00MLCT4UW title=”1. CycloMop Commercial Spinning Spin Mop” /]

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The CycloMop stands out with an ergonomic design. You have dolly wheels that might help to move around the bucket when it is filled with water. Its heavy-duty design (20 pounds) might be useful for durability, but without these wheels, it would be a torture to move it around. 

The mop features a super-soft microfiber head.  This soft fabric head might be useful on all floor types without causing distractive friction.  Its practical application could also easily extend to glass windows without the risk of leaving wipe marks.

My favorite aspect about the CycloMop Spin mop is its excellent design handle. The makers tried to enhance user-friendliness; the rod is long enough to help prevent excessive bending when working. Better still, the holding part is generously rubberized, a factor that can help reduce the risk of blisters when using the mop.

The bucket holds down steady due to its heavy-duty construction. That can be a good thing because we have always had cases of mop buckets wobbling around when trying to wring/rinse the head.  

One primary concern, however, is that the mop head tends to ball up and get knotty after drying. This might reduce its cleaning efficiency. Other than that, this spin mop is relatively easy to use and features a foot lever that activates spinning.

CycloMop Commercial Spinning Spin Mop Pros & Cons


  • The CycloMop spin mop has a sturdy construction
  • It is capable of both wet and dry cleaning
  • The mop is soft and absorbent for an efficient cleaning action
  • The sinning action dries it in a matter of seconds


  • The agitator is prone to mechanical glitches
  • The fabric head tends to get knotty when it dries

[amazon link=B013E43SR0 title=”2. Casabella Spin Cycle Mop” /]

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The Casabella is another spin mop that boasts a sturdy build, ideal for when you desire durability with your investment. It features a stainless steel construction together with a few plastic parts. 

This spin cycle mop weighs only 5.2 pounds. It is incredibly lightweight when compared to the CycloMop model. This aspect might help to improve portability, but it can also compromise efficiency when the bucket can’t stay steady during use.

The base of the bucket is wheeled to enhance portability; no heavy lifting. Unlike the CycloMop, however, the wheels, in this case, are directly attached to the base of the bucket. 

You might also like this model for its long steel pole. That means that you can clean up the house without putting pressure on your back. 

The mop head is made of cotton microfiber. Therefore you will possibly get a gentle cleaning action on all surfaces, without the nightmarish risk of scratches. But remember that cotton is also a good absorbent and therefore will turn your wet cleaning less messy/slippery. 

There is also an included soap pump that is easily detachable when it is time to refill it. The soap pump is a convenient addition that has the potential to enhance your cleaning efficiency- adding soap to your cleaning solution becomes an effortless experience. 


Casabella Spin Cycle Mop Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a wheeled bucket for easy mobility
  • The built-in soap pump will ensure that you don’t forget or tire from adding detergent to your water
  • The steel pole is ergonomically designed not only for stability but to also minimize excessive bending
  • The bucket has a built-in drawer for mop head storage


  • The plastic center on the mop head might scratch your floors when the cotton strands are compressed
  • Not easy to find replacements when the handle breaks

[amazon link=B00GX44TD6 title=”3. Goplus Spin Mop” /]

[amazon box=B00GX44TD6 title=” “]

This contraption weighs 15 pounds.  It has no wheels. Unlike in the previous models in this review, get ready to flex your muscles when using this mop bucket. That can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how athletic you feel.

What you might appreciate most about it is that it holds down steady. The Goplus Spin Mop is not as lightweight as the Casabella Spin Cycle Mop that tends to move around during rinsing. 

The mop head is attached to a 47.2-inch steel rod. That length of the rod might be the last line of defense between your back and a strenuous cleaning task. 

The handle’s angle is adjustable from 45 to 180 degrees, and so you will probably be able to find a comfortable working position with it.

Beware though; the rest of the bucket is made of plastic.  Generally, plastic doesn’t score well on durability and stability.

The manufacturer states that the mop’s 360-degree rotating design makes it versatile for cleaning many surfaces. You might also find that the fine fabric stands in the mop head have a good absorbing effect that helps to minimize fouling.

Goplus Spin Mop Pros & Cons


  • The steel handle is long with a plastic end for comfortable holding
  • You can adjust the handle position between 45 and 180 degrees for sufficient mopping
  • Due to its weight, it can hold down steady when in use


  • The spinning action is not valid, you have to straighten the handle before it can go into the bucket for spinning
  • Plastic parts mean the bucket might come apart in a short time

[amazon link=B01N1YGFC8 title=”4. Hurricane Spin Mop” /]

[amazon box=B01N1YGFC8 title=” “]

If you are after a feather-light mop bucket, this one weighs only 0.16 ounces according to the manufacturers. We have already seen the drawbacks and conveniences of lightweight spin mops in the previous models.

The Hurricane system has a 360-degree rotation microfiber head. It, therefore, can potentially strip down all dirt and leave a desirable shine on your floors or windows. You might get to clean every corner of the home without putting your body through unnecessary contortions.   

The makers have assured us that the Hurricane spin mop head is an excellent absorbent. In light of that, it might function well on wooden floors that need to be left totally dry.

The bucket features a double-barrel design that consists of a foot pedal and a hand pressure lever. This design makes it possible to effectively use the patented centrifugal spinning technology when rinsing the mop.

Another significant feature with the Hurricane spin mop is that the microfiber mop head can pick up 10 times its weight. What that means is that in case of water damage in the house, this mop will likely dry your floors in the shortest time.

However, unlike the CycloMop and the Casabella spin mop models; this one has no wheels to aid in mobility. Yet, the Hurricane mop handle is the longest so far at 1.27 meters, and might, therefore, save you from back pain when cleaning your home. 

Hurricane Spin Mop Pros & Cons


  • Double barrel design; footstep and hand pressure drive for efficiency when spinning and wringing
  • The microfiber is extra soft and safe for sensitive floor surfaces
  • The centrifugal spinning technology is reliable
  • Its super lightweight for painless maneuverability
  • Longer handle


  • The bucket doesn’t have a sturdy construction – it might fall apart after a short time of use
  • The fabric tends to ball up and get knotty

[amazon link=B00WSWGVZQ title=”5. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop,” /]

[amazon box=B00WSWGVZQ title=” “]

The O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop weighs about 5 pounds. While the weight might be bad news for stability, it means everything for portability. That lightweight nature is also vital given that this bucket mop doesn’t have wheels like the earlier models in this review. 

Be that as it may, the mop head features fine microfiber fabric strands. You might be able to achieve effective cleaning with the mop on all kinds of dirt and grime for that reason. 

The bucket design includes a foot pedal. This is the part where you get to activate the spinning action of the mop.  The foot pedal helps with ease of use since you only have to step on it top activate wringer. 

An intuitive addition here, I would say, is the splash guard around the mop head. When wringing and rinsing it, this plastic case covers the microfiber, containing all the stands within the bucket to keep the water from splashing on you. 

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Pros & Cons


  • It is easy to use, featuring a foot pedal for activating the spin
  • It is lightweight for easy mobility
  • The splash guard maintains water within the bucket when spinning
  • The mop pivots in all directions to reaches into corners


  • The Mop head isn’t big enough for a faster cleaning/drying action like in the case of the Hurricane Spin Mop
  • It’s not as durable and robust as you would expect
  • The handle is short

The Best Pick 

The [amazon link=B013E43SR0 title=”Casabella Spin Cycle Mop” /] is the pick of the bunch.  It comes across as sturdily built (stainless steel construction) albeit with a few plastic parts. It is lightweight for effortless mobility and also features a wheeled base to save you the pain of having to lift it up when working. 

The Casabella spin mop model features a long steel pole for effortless cleaning. The bucket is multi-chambered with a soap tank and a dry storage space. On the other hand, the soft microfiber stands on the head might deliver sparkling results on all floor types.