Best Portable Laptop Chargers

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If you travel quite frequently, then you know the hardship in trying to locate an electrical outlet to charge your laptop in a busy airport. Your laptop allows you to stay connected on-the-go, but the main problem is some laptops run out of charge pretty quickly.

A portable laptop charger is a must-have for people always on the go as it helps you stay connected all the time. Choosing the best portable laptop charger can be a bit tricky because the market is filled with various brands and models.

If you’re looking to buy the best portable laptop charger, and you’re confused about which one to buy, then please read through this article till the end to get an idea about the best portable laptop chargers on the market. The article also deals with the things you need to look out for while buying a laptop charger.


Things to Look for while buying a portable laptop charger

Best Portable Laptop Chargers

While shopping for the best portable laptop charger, keep in mind the following things that you may need to look out for in order to come to an informed decision.


The main reason to buy a portable laptop charger is to power your laptop when you can’t find any electrical outlets to charge your laptop. Hence, when looking for the best portable laptop charger, the first thing you need to consider is the storage capacity.

Generally, the battery capacity is denoted by the mAH (milli-amp hours), and the minimum capacity for a laptop charger you may find is around 10,000 mAh, whereas there are chargers that come with a capacity of around 25,000 – 50,000 mAh. A charger with a much higher storage capacity can help you charge your laptop more than once during your travels.

Indicator light

Another important thing to consider is to see whether the portable laptop charger comes with indicator lights to alert you when the charger is out of power. The main reason that you bring your laptop charger along with you in your flight is help your power up your laptop, but imagine when your charger is out of charge. This is where a charger with an indicator light will help you notice when your charger is low on power so you can immediately charge it, so you never run out of power.

Multiple ports

If you’re a frequent flyer, then you probably need to charge more than one device and hence a laptop charger with multiple ports can prove to be very helpful. Try going for a charger that comes with 2-3 ports including USB-A and USB-C ports that will help you charge multiple devices at once.

Output Amperage

When it comes to portable laptop charges, they deliver power in amps ranging from 1.5 amps, 2.1, 2.4, and so on. Some models even come with different amp power for every port in the charger, where one port can deliver 1-amp, while another port can provide 2.4 amps.

Output Watts

The output watts of a laptop charger define how quickly it can charge a device. If you’re looking for a quick-charging laptop charger, then you may need to go for a charger with a output watt capacity of 60-70 watts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Best Portable Laptop Chargers

Can my charger reach its maximum storage capacity?

No, even though manufacturers claim to list a maximum capacity in mAh for chargers, it is not often an accurate measurement. No portable laptop charger can charge to its maximum capacity because of the heat generated and the voltage conversion process that reduces the capacity to some extent. You can expect your charger to reach a maximum of 85-90% of its capacity and no more than that.

Can I simultaneously charge both my laptop and the battery at the same time?

Yes, most of the models coming out have a pass-through charging feature which allows you to charge your laptop while your battery is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Can I use a portable laptop charger to charge my mobile phones and tablets?

Certainly you can if you have the right charging cables and ports. Even though some portable laptop chargers are larger than your regular mobile chargers, they are versatile in nature and allow you to charge all your mobile devices at once.


MAXOAK External Battery Power Bank for Laptop & Notebook

Best Portable Laptop Chargers

The Maxoak Laptop Power Bank is one of the most versatile and highest capacity batteries that we’ve tested, and if your power needs are higher, then take a look at this external battery power bank.

The box comes packed with 11 adapters allowing you to charge almost all your other devices. Such is the capacity of this power bank that even after charging all your other devices and your laptop, you may still have some juice left with the charger.

With all its exceptional performance and premium looks, still we cannot justify the expensive price tag that comes with the charger, but if are willing to let go of the price factor, this one fulfills all your power requirements during a long flight.

The MAXOAK External Battery features 6 charging ports including a single 3 amp port, a 2.5 amp port, a couple of 2.1 amp USB ports and 2 1 amp USB ports. Hence, you can charge your laptop, digital camera, mobile phone, and every other device simultaneously with the charger.

Another striking feature with the power bank is that it comes with a battery life of 50,000 mAH, which literally means you can charge all your devices multiple times before even thinking of recharging your external battery.

The major disadvantages we can find with the MAXOAK External Battery is that it doesn’t provide official support for Apple laptops and comes with a bulky design. It’s also not compatible with laptops that comes with a USB-C ports, and hence, it’s important to check whether your laptop is compatible to use the battery charger.

Product Highlights

  • Huge capacity
  • Premium finish
  • 14 different types of connectors


  • 6 charging ports
  • Never ever worry about losing power


  • No Support for Apple laptops
  • No USB Type-C support
  • Bulky design

Price: $ 135.99


Crave PowerPack CRVPP101

Best Portable Laptop Chargers

Laptops and mobile phones have indeed become some of the most prized possessions that we carry wherever we go. But the major problem we face often is the battery power as we have a hard time running around to find a power socket to charge our laptops and smartphones. Moreover, you may need to carry different chargers for each of these devices.

This is where the Crave Powerpack plays an important role in solving your power worries as this huge 50,000 mAh portable external battery enables you to charge all your electronic devices and laptops.

To add more fuel to its capacity, the charger can power up your laptop to its full capacity a minimum of at least 2 times, your mobile phones almost 13-15 times, your tablet 10 times, and still may have some juice left in it.

The powerpack external battery comes with 2 USB 2.1 charging ports with 5V, 2 USB 1.0 charging ports with 5V, 1 Laptop power supply port with 20V/3A, and a single power supply port with 12V/2.5A to charge your laptop.

The Crave Powerpack is compatible with most of the electronic devices including your laptops, tablets, mobile phones, digital camera, headphones, and speaker.

It comes equipped with 10 different types of adapters so you don’t need to run around to find an adapter.

The Crave Portable Charger comes with a compact design and is extremely lightweight that you may find easy to carry around. It weighs less than 3 pounds and can easily fit in your laptop bag. A travel pouch is also provided in the package.

The device looks sleek and comes only in a single gray color and all the ports are located on the one side. There are also indicator lights provided to indicate the remaining power in the charger.

Product Highlights

  • Huge power capacity
  • 6 different charging ports
  • Charge indicator lights


  • Compact and portable
  • Blazing charge time


  • Expensive
  • No support for Apple laptops

Price: $139.99


ChargeTech Portable AC Battery Pack

Best Portable Laptop Chargers

ChargeTech is not a new name in the industry and is also named as one of the “best portable AC power supply” companies. The Portable AC battery pack from ChargeTech comes with a capacity of 27,000 mAh and weighs just around 1.56 pounds.

It can easily charge most of your electronic items including your laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and digital cameras. It comes with an AC outlet along with two 2.4 amps USB ports and a USB-C port. The AC battery pack is also the winner of the “The Maker Challenge” contest hosted by Amazon.

It comes with a lightweight design and can easily fit in your laptop or travel bag. The only requirement you need to use this AC battery pack is that your devices need to be 85 watts.

The battery pack provides highly improved intelligent and fast charging that can easily deliver the full 2.4 amps to your device to get it charged quickly.

The power bank is safety certified and comes with 4 blue led lights to indicate the power remaining in the battery pack. A high-speed cable is included with the pack that can easily charge the battery pack to full charge in less than 2 hours.

Product Highlights

  • Good battery capacity
  • Safety certified
  • Compact design and portable


  • Powerful AC power bank
  • Intelligent quick charging


  • Can get heated up after long hours of usage
  • Not approved by STA and Airlines

Price: $199.00


Anker PowerCore+

Best Portable Laptop Chargers

The Anker PowerCore+ is a high capacity portable laptop charger that provides a convenient charging option for your laptop while you are on the move. The 30W USB-C port can also charge your MacBook and Nintendo Switch as well.

One of the interesting features about the Anker Powercore+ is that it comes with a single-wire protocol and can offer you a maximum power of 100W and the power can be obtained in both directions.

It means that you can charge power-consuming devices like MacBook or even quick charge the laptop charger itself. The company claims that you can charge your bank in less than 4.5 hours with a USB-C PD charger. With such a kind of high-capacity charger in your hands, it’s quite a short time to charge it.

The PowerCore+ features both the USB-C and USB-A ports offering you the ability to charge all kinds of Android and iPhone devices. With a power output of 26,800 mAh, you can easily charge iPhoneX more than 6 times and can provide a complete charge for your laptop.

Product Highlights

  • Huge charging power
  • Charge 3x times faster
  • Travel pouch included
  • Chic design


  • Compact & Portable
  • 18-month warranty
  • Comes included with 30W USB-C wall charger, Micro USB cable, USB-C to USB-C cable


  • No USB-C output port

Price: $129.99


RAVPower USB-C Power Bank

Best Portable Laptop Chargers

The RAVPower Powerbank features an USB-C port that provides you with 30W of continuous power to charge your laptops and other devices.

Featuring a 26,800mAh battery pack, it takes less than 4-5 hours for a full recharge of the power bank and is capable enough to charge both your iPhone and MacBook for 10 times along with charging any Android device for 6 times and still left with some juice for an emergency charge.

Provided with LED indicators to notify you with the remaining charge in the battery, it’s housed in a strong and sturdy wear-resistance casing.

You can charge a Nintendo Switch even while playing it, if you purchase a Type-C charger separately.

Features the upgraded iSmart2.0 technology that can automatically detect your charging level and adjust accordingly to provide a quick charge. The A+ battery is completely safe and secure and is resistant to overcharge and short circuits. The body features an elegant matte finish for greater looks.

Product Highlights

  • Huge 30W Type C output
  • Advanced iSmart 2.0 technology


  • Colossal Capacity
  • Sleek Package


  • Not compatible with all laptops

Price: $79.99

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