5 Best Mole Removal Pens – Review and Buying Guide

Posted by , Updated on October 25, 2023

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Back in the day, the only way to get a mole removed was to go to the dermatologist and pay hefty fees for the procedure. Then, Beauty met Technology, and it was a ‘happily ever’ after for everyone.

A mole removal pen is one such piece of beauty tech that you can use at home to cut costs and reclaim your youthful, flawless skin. This review exposes some of the best mole removal pens in the market to help you achieve that.

What to look for in a mole removal pen


Over the years, I have interacted with many beauty gadgets, but none offers the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a mole removal pen. First off, these tools not only remove moles, but they can also flatten scars, remove skin tags, freckles, and tattoos, among others.

But even as we sing their praise, I have heard stories and written some about mole removal mishaps and side effects. These include skin burns, scarring, and infections, among others. In some cases I have seen, the gadgets didn’t help with skin troubles.

I found out that in all these instances, one thing was always common — substandard mole removal pens. I, therefore, did some digging and found out the following critical factors to consider when buying a mole removal pen.

Consider your skin problem

There are mole removal pens with smaller needles, and then there are those with coarse needles. Finer needles are suitable for small spots and freckles while coarse needles are suitable for moles, warts, and skin tags. However, some models use both fine and thick needles to give you the needed versatility. Choose this last option.

Flexible strength settings

The best mole removal pens have a wide range of strength settings. Typically that falls between 3 and 8. However, remember that a higher level penetrates the skin much deeper, and without proper use, it might lead to skin damage.

The tool should be easy to use

There are endless safety risks when you improperly use a mole removal pen. The best beatification pen, therefore, should feature a simple design, and come with clear instructions on how to turn it on/off and direct the beam on the spot.

The mole removal technology used determine the effectiveness of the tool

Some mole removal pens use laser technology. It’s efficient, and you will need only 2 or 3 treatments to do away with the mole. However, this technique is painful. On the other hand, the ion carbonization technique can yield results but after several treatments. Another method is the radiofrequency heat treatment that produces satisfactory results with minimal scarring or bleeding.

Consider the power source

Mole removal pens mostly use a rechargeable battery. When shopping for these devices, look at the battery. The right gadget should give you at least 5 hours of use after a full charge.

Painless gadgets are preferable

Even though no mole removal pen is entirely painless, try to find one that is less painful. As mentioned earlier, this might depend on the type of technology used in the tool. Mole removal pens that are overly painful use an invasive technique that might damage your skin.

Consider one that has safety features

Accidents happen. One mishap and you could direct a laser beam on the wrong part of your skin. The result is that apart from the spot you were trying to remove, you will have another scab or scarring to deal with on a previously flawless part of your skin.
Safety features to look for in a mole removal pen include over-discharge protection to regulate the strength of the beam or radiation. Some tools also use bright colored beams to help you properly focus the treatment on the right area of your skin.

Mole Removal Pen Reviews

[amazon link=B07DC2RJNY title=”1. BDSii Portable Mole Removal Pen” /]

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The BDSii Potable Mole Removal pen has eight strength levels. You might need such a multi-setting gadget when you want to remove both small and big moles. For bigger moles, you can adjust it up accordingly without damaging your skin. A higher strength setting on a mole removal pen stings like a bee. It’s better, therefore, to start from a lower setting.

Also, the pen is designed with 20 fine needles and two thick needles. This needle versatility might be beneficial for when you want to clear off different types of blemishes including moles, freckles, and skin tags, among others.

Technically speaking, BDSii mole removal pen uses the carbon-ionization technology to erase moles. Because of the non-invasive nature of this technique, you might be able to remove a wide range of skin blemishes with reduced chances of bleeding or skin damage.

The BDSii mole removal pen is relatively easy to use. You only have to long-press the ON/OFF button to turn it on, then long-press the Out Button to start using the device. This simplicity of use might help improve your experience with it, and subsequently its performance.

BDSii Portable Mole Pros & Cons


  • No bleeding
  • Multi-level temperature settings
  • Comes with a USB charger


  • Prolonged contact with the skin causes painful stinging
  • It’s challenging to install or reinstall the needles
  • Extended use might lead to scarring

[amazon link=B07H25TPN5 title=”2. NeatCell Picosecond Laser Pen Mole Remover (Blue)” /]

[amazon box=B07H25TPN5 title=” “]

Unlike the BDSii Portable Mole Removal Pen, Picosecond uses laser technology to flatten off moles. The manufacturer says that the pen is technologized enough to break up dark spots and disperse melanin into fine particles. Only users can ascertain the veracity of that.

What we can be sure of, though, is the fact that laser treatment for beauty tends to be more effective than all other techniques. In this, different light wavelengths are used to target moles; scars m red bumps among others. This technique doesn’t need many follow-ups as in the case with other procedures.

It is also important to note that not all laser pens might be safe for the skin. However, the manufacturers of Picosecond Laser pens have tried to make it safe by ensuring that it doesn’t produce heat. The resultant pulse width of the laser beam, they say, is short to prevent damage to the skin. Fair enough, but the laser still stings like a hornet, beware.

The nano-needle pen comes with nine adjustable frequency levels. This feature might help you choose a setting that you find most tolerable. The needles include 20 tiny ones and three thick ones. This duality of function might help you square off both large spots and small spots without needing a second device.

Next, when it comes to user-friendliness, you might find that the Picosecond mole removal pen trails behind the BDSii. In this model, you have to wear eyeglasses to safeguard your sight from the 450nm of laser wavelength. The manufacturer also states that it’s much suitable for in-salon use where a professional can help.

NeatCell Picosecond Pros & Cons


  • Nine frequency levels to target different sizes of moles
  • Laser beam gives lasting results with just a few treatments
  • Fine and coarse needles for different types of skin blemishes


  • Laser beam stings and the makers recommend using an anesthetic cream
  • Not suitable for home use
  • This treatment might lead to inflammation and scarring if you wash your face immediately

[amazon link=B07FW11RJH title=”3. Skinosm Mole Removal Pen” /]

[amazon box=B07FW11RJH title=” “]

Like the BDSii mole removal pen, the Skinosm pen uses electric ion carbonization technology in removing skin blemishes. This technique is known to produce less scarring.

The three strength settings on this beauty tool might be useful when you want to customize a treatment for a specific skin problem. According to the makers, level 3 is suitable for moles, tattoos, and warts, while level 2 is for skin tags. Level 1 can work on black spots and freckles.
You might find this pen a little easier to use because the LCD lets you know what strength level you are on, the battery status and performance integrity of the device.

Just like with the other mole removal opens in this review, Skinosm also comes with a set of fine and coarse needles that you might find convenience for various applications. The five fine needles are suitable for small skin blemishes while the single thick needle is for erasing bigger skin problems.

This Skinosm mole removal pen is relatively easy to use. You can power it on by long-pressing the ON/OFF button. By short pressing the same button, you get to toggle between different speed levels. When working the device, you have to hold the OUT button at all times so as not to power it off. However, be warned that lingering the pen in one area of your skin can lead to painful skin damage.

Skinosm Mole Pros & Cons


  • Fine and coarse needles for various skin problems
  • It is a little easier to use than the NeatCell Picosecond
  • Adjustable to 3 levels


  • With improper use, it can lead to severe skin damage

[amazon link=B07VXNLBGL title=”4. Xpreen Eraser Pro Mole Remover Pen” /]

[amazon box=B07VXNLBGL title=” “]

When a beauty product backfires, I like to be sure that there would be someone to hold responsible. For that reason, I choose brands with high visibility in the market because frankly, I think they would care for their reputation not to screw up. If you are of the same thought, Xpreen mole removal pen might be the right candidate for you.

The Eraser Pro pen uses the Electronic Hyperthermy Carbonization technology in beautification. The long and short of it is that the device produces radio frequencies from voltage, which are used to melt skin blemishes.

You might want to settle on the Xpreen Eraser Pro if you are after a user-friendly device. To use it, you first have to charge the device by plugging in the USB cord. You can then clean the needle (with alcohol or by boiling) then screw it in place on the pen. After that, long-press the power button to get started. When working, you have to press the OUT button at all times.

The pen has over-discharge protection functionality, a design inclusion that can help enhance safety when using the device. This safety measure ensures that the radiation is limited within the working area so as not to result in collateral skin damage.

The Xpreen Eraser Pro Mole Remover Pen has 6 level settings each suitable for a different type of skin blemishes. Higher levels are for moles and tattoos whole lower levels are for freckles and spots. The device also uses ten fine needles and three big ones.

Xpreen Eraser Pro Mole Pros & Cons


  • It has built-in LED spotlight for accuracy when using it
  •  Comes with replaceable needles
  •  It has a long battery life; it can work for 5 hours after charging
  •  The electric heat treatment technique is much safer
  •  Has an over-discharge protection feature for safety


  • ⦁ Stings, you might want to use a numbing cream

[amazon link=B00RVYW2PY title=”5. Wonderland Skin Tag Removal” /]

[amazon box=B00RVYW2PY title=” “]

This beauty device uses ion carbonization technology, like many other models in this review. The beautification technique, as mentioned earlier, reduces chances of bleeding and scarring during the procedure.

The makers assert that the device is simple to use, and that it is ideal for DIY skincare. True enough, the mole removal pen has nine strength settings. You might be able to find a level that is just right for your skin blemish. Then again, the LCD helps you see the working status of the device and the strength level you are using, and therefore, you get to have control over the workings of the tool.

The beauty tool uses ten fine needles and a single coarse one. The pen also has an ergonomically designed frame that you might find comfortable for long hours of use.

Wonderland Skin Tag Removal Pros & Cons


  • Nine strength levels
  • Ergonomic design
  • Coarse and fine needles


  •  It’s challenging to install the needles
  •  Prolonged use might lead to scarring

The best pick

There are many good options in this review, but the [amazon link=B07VXNLBGL title=”Xpreen Eraser Pro Mole Remover Pen” /] stands out as the most favorable beauty gadget. The device uses radiation technology to erase skin blemishes. This technique is less painful and has fewer chances of side effects compared to others.

The Xpreen mole removal pen is relatively easy to use. The included over-discharge protection helps to accurately direct the treatment to the right area to minimize skin damage. The fact that the pen also uses ten finer needles and three thick ones, together with six strength level setting means that you can be able to customize your treatment for moles, freckles, and tags among others.