Best Foot Spas of 2024 and How to Choose the Right One

Posted by , Updated on October 18, 2023

You might not always have the time or money to hit the spa, but your feet need a good regular soaking. That is where foot spas come in. These are footbaths that can be used at home to give your sore footsies a blissful rest.

Many come with a hot water system, massager rollers or aqua jets for the ultimate relaxation, but some are just water in a basin. This post looks at the best foot spas for a successful foot pampering at home.

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Benefits of Foot Spas

Improved blood circulation

Footbaths, especially those with a massager and hot water function help to improve blood circulation. This can be incredibly vital for people with diabetes and varicose veins. Improved blood flow generally means better heart health.

Better sleep

Away from matters of the heart, foot spas can be what it takes to overcome insomnia. Stress and tension are the biggest impediments to your beauty sleep. You will sleep much better after ten minutes or so of soaking because of the calming induced.

Better moods and improved performance

On regular use, the relaxation you get from foot spas can also help you overcome migraines, headaches, and bad moods. That means that you will be a better performer during the day at work or play, primarily because you get enough relaxation in the evenings.

Healing from sports/work injuries and fatigue

Foot spas are a must-have for athletes and people who work all day on their feet.  They will help to relieve the aches and pains on your feet from a day of intense physical activity.  A daily foot soaking can also help you to heal much faster from injuries such as plantar fasciitis

How to Choose the Right Foot Spa

You will need sufficient information to make the right buying decision. I learned that after a few mishaps with my foot spas. I’m bitten by the fitness bug—I work out 7 days a week. Even though that helps me to stay healthy, it has its pains as well. Like many other athletes, I tried foot spas to help with my foot aches after hitting the iron.

My first choice was a disaster. It leaked water all over my carpet and almost electrocuted me in the process. I knew that foot soaking and massage was vital to get me going each day, so I had to find a meritorious foot spa. Here are some of the criteria I used:

Better get one with a massaging function

As seen earlier, a foot soaks works better if accompanied by a massage function. Many foot spa models come with a water jet massaging function or massager rollers to encourage blood circulation and provide relief from pain.  Find one among these that suits your budget.

Hot water is a must-have

Choose a foot spa that has a water heating function to enjoy the full benefits of the bath. Hot water is Ayurvedic, helping in detoxification, pain relief, and exfoliation. Check the quality of your foot spa’s heating system to ensure it works optimally.

Find one that lets you regulate the intensity of the massing action

Foot spas that come with roller massagers tend to have a single setting for the motorized rollers. Sometimes the power of the rollers gets too high for comfort.

On the other hand, aqua jet foot spas often have a controlled setting for adjusting the speed of the jets. You can, therefore, be able to set a more comfortable massage setting.

Your ideal foot spa needs to facilitate exfoliation

The right spa treatment at home involves some level of exfoliation for beauty and relaxation. Find a foot spa that comes with an attached pumice stone or powered rollers to rub your feet for that matter.

Sturdy and well designed

Choose a foot spa that has a sturdy build to avoid breakages and leaks that will mess up your floors. Also note that when water gets into the electrical components, you stand the risk of electrocution. In that regards, the right foot spa should have sufficient waterproofing for the electrical panel.

Notable Foot Spas in the Market

[amazon link=B07JLMDF47 title=”1. Muchoo Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat” /]

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This foot spa model features automatic massage controls, ideal for the days when you are feeling overwhelmed with sore feet. The manufacturer asserts that the spa targets athletes and people who spend a better part of their day on their feet.

The heating system is another exciting feature of this foot spa. Hot water, as you now know, helps to boost blood circulation. This foot spa might, therefore, be efficient at relieving inflammation and inducing relaxation so you can sleep better.

The automatic massage rollers at the base might make this foot spa an ideal choice when you seek speedy des-stressing and foot detoxification before you hit the hay.

The design of the Muchoo Foot Spa Bath Massager also includes a drainage tube that you might find handy for emptying and cleaning the bath after a soaking session.

How user-friendly is this foot spa?

The Muchoo foot spa is reasonably easy to use.  There is an on and off button at the control panel, together with buttons for setting temperature.

Muchoo Foot Spaath Massager Pros & Cons


  • It has 4 automatic massage wheels that boost relation
  • The water wars up fast enough
  • Fairly easy to use
  • The electric cord is long enough to reach the wall
  • 3D intuitive scraping massage


  • The massaging action might be too aggressive
  • The water gets too hot than the indicated temperature

[amazon link=B004RZS6DM title=”2. PIBBS Foot Bath Massager” /]

[amazon box=B004RZS6DM title=” “]

Just like the previous model, what you have here is a foot spa that’s potentially capable of performing many functions.  The PIBBS Foot Bath Massager has both a water heating and a massage feature.

The simultaneity of hot water and massaging could be what it takes to give your feet a speedy rejuvenation after pushing your limits at the gym.

However, unlike the Muchoo model, the PIBBS foot spa has a detachable splash lead that could help enhance user safety. Instead of using rollers that could get too aggressive, the massaging function in this unit vibrates.

Its design and function are relatively straightforward. There are buttons for setting temperature, vibration, and bubbles.

The manufacturer states that you can use Epsom salts with this foot spa without experiencing clogging and other issues.

What I find most appealing about the PIBBS foot massager is that the base is seamlessly designed for a comfortable soaking experience. There are small bumps that might help with exfoliation.

One drawback you might find here is that the foot spa takes long to heat up the water. That means that you always have to start by pouring warm water into this foot bath, then it can maintain it hot for long.

PIBBS Foot Bath Massager Pros & Cons


  • It’s both a massager and a warm foot bath
  • You can use oils and salts with this foot spa
  • Can accommodate persons with large feet
  • It has a gentle vibrating massage action


  • No drainage tube—things can get messy during cleaning
  • Water gets too hot, you will have to continually turn it off so as not to burn your feet

[amazon link=B000CMDS32 title=”3. Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa” /]

[amazon box=B000CMDS32 title=” “]

Unlike the foot spas explored earlier, the Brookstone foot bath comes with a pumice stone. This could help your exfoliation endeavors for a full pedicure experience.

There is no massage roller or a vibrating base for that matter; instead what you have here is an aqua massager. The Brookstone makes use of two hydro jets that are capable of delivering a deep massaging sensation.

This foot spa could, therefore, be ideal for when you are struggling with high blood pressure, sports injuries, or plantar fasciitis.

The Brookstone foot bath features adjustable speed controls for the rotating jets. That means that one can regulate the intensity of the massaging action, unlike in the previous foot spa models.

Unlike in the PIBBS model, the Brookstone heated aqua jet foot spa can quickly heat up the water to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It eliminates the hassle of having to pour hot water into the bath.

The tub can accommodate men of feet size 14. Like the PIBBS foot spa, this one also has a cover to prevent splashing during your chiropody session at home.

Despite its favorable qualities, this foo spa might not have the ability to last long. The crux of the matter is the plastic drain plug which is prone to breakage after a short time of use.

Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Pros & Cons


  • Hydro jet massage function for speedy rejuvenation
  • It comes with a removable pumice stone for exfoliation
  • Adjustable speed controls help you choose a comfortable massage setting


  • Durability is not assured
  • It’s a little too bulky

[amazon link=B01K371X28 title=”4. Ivation Foot Spa Massager” /]

[amazon box=B01K371X28 title=” “]

This foot spa can be a boon to those who work long hours on their feet – that is because it features a massage function and water heating.

However, beware that unlike in the Brookstone foot spa, there is no ability to control the vibrating massage action in this foot bath. It can, therefore, get too intense for comfort.

Nonetheless, the motorized roller vibration might rub your feet the right way and help to improve circulation and reduce fatigue.

Another cool part of the revitalization experience with the Ivation foot spa, methinks, is the oxygenation bubble action. The water jets in the bath create several oxygen-rich bubbles that might help to refresh your skin and reduce joint pain.

The Ivation foot spa can heat water up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though there are no controls for the massage function, you can control the temperature settings. In light of that, you can personalize an environment that is ideal for your swollen, tired, or aching feet.

There is an LCD panel where you get to play around with the controls. This feature will possibly make this spa one of the easiest to use.

Ivation Foot Spa Massager Pros & Cons


  • It quickly raises the water temperature
  • Motorized massage rollers
  • Oxygenation bubble action
  • You can control bath temperature
  • Can accommodate large feet
  • Comes with a brush and acupressure attachments


  • Durability is not assured
  • In some cases, this foot spa leaks water out the bottom
  • Accessories are not comfortable to use.

[amazon link=B07FLTR6LR title=”5. Nursal All-In-One Foot Spa Bath Massager” /]

[amazon box=B07FLTR6LR title=” “]

Like the Ivation foot spa, the Nursal foot bath also uses the oxygen bubbles technology. These bubbles could be what it takes to increase blood circulation in the feet and promote relief from inflammation.

Aside from that, this is a hot water bath. The water heating system has controls for adjusting the temperature up to 118 degrees Fahrenheit. For that reason, you won’t have to add hot water to kick start your massage session.

In addition to the oxygen bubbles, the Nursal foot spa and massager uses 11 small rollers that serve to give your feet a full rub down. This feature might help to relieve foot aches and fatigue.

Beware though that the rollers are not motorized; the massage action will take effort on your part. You will have to slide your feet up and down on this rollers, and that can be exhausting.

You might have some level of durability here given its high resistance multi-insulation plastic construction. This foot spa might be, therefore, the right choice if you need something that serves you for long, unlike the Brookstone and Ivation models.

How is the ease of use?

There are digital control buttons and an LED display, both of which allow you to customize the right spa experience for your feet. You might find these simple controls to be advantageous, especially days when you feel too tired to tinker with your machine.

Nursal All-In-One Foot Spa Pros & Cons


  • A sturdy plastic construction
  • Digital control buttons make it easy to use
  • Massage rollers and oxygen bubbles for deep rejuvenation


  • The bubbles are not strong
  • The massage rollers are not motorized

The Best Pick

The [amazon link=B000CMDS32 title=”Brookstone Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa” /] is the pick of the litter. It has a removable pumice stone for exfoliation which could enable you to have a full pedicure experience without leaving your home.

Also, you will likely find the aqua massager, in this case, to be incredibly calming than rollers. Water massage helps to alleviate deep tissue injuries. The other cool thing is that one can adjust the water jet speed to control the intensity of the massage action.

The water heating function also works expediently so that you don’t have to start by pouring hot water into the foot spa. Then again, this is a spacious bath that accommodates people of large foot sizes (up to size 14).

It’s safe to say, therefore, that the Brookstone Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa is an excellent choice, given the above caveats.