Best Dry Erase Boards for Students to Make Learning Fun!

Dry erase boards are typically reserved for teachers in the classroom, but what if you flipped the script on that? After all, dry erase boards come in all shapes and sizes, including hand-held versions. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can get dry erase boards for your students. On top of that, it’ll make learning a whole lot more fun.

Usually, while teachers have their gargantuan dry erase board up front, students are left with reams of paper. They scribble all over the paper, but let’s face it, it only ends up in the trash or recycling bin. In the meantime, when students have to answer questions, they raise their hand, blurt it out (when they aren’t supposed to), or sit there with their arms crossed, refusing to participate. Thankfully, dry erase boards can fix all that, saving the environment and getting kids to participate.

With dry erase boards, students can write down their answer and raise up the board. Since few other students will be able to see their answer, they’ll likely want to participate. Plus, as a kid, writing stuff down on a dry erase board is just fun, especially when you get to erase it afterward. But, did you know there are all kinds of dry erase boards out there? It’s true. So, stick around, here are some of the Best Dry Erase Boards for Students to Make Learning Fun!


U Brands Contempo Magnetic Dry Erase Board

magnetic dry erase

I’m going to start out simple, but no less exciting, and work my way up. This dry erase marker board is a tried and true model with a clip to hold the marker and a magnet to pin notes. It’s light enough to let your students hold it in their hands, and the clip is good to have so you don’t lose a marker. It also comes in several sizes and packs.


Dry Erase Plain White Lap Boards

white board

If you need a 30 pack of thin, lightweight dry erase marker boards for your students, then this is for you. These lap boards are a great way to have the whole classroom in on the fun, allowing them to write down their answers and raise them up in class. With so many marker boards at your disposal, a whole slew of new options become available.


Dry Erase Ruled Lap Boards

ruled white board

It’s difficult to teach kids how to write properly without ruled paper or a white board. With this dry erase ruled lap board, your students can practice their penmanship and grammar easily and effortlessly. As a bonus, it’s double sided with a plain white dry erase board as well so they can flip it over and not be bothered by the lines.


Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Magnetic Tabletop Art Easel

double sided white board

This easel is a three-in-one writing powerhouse for little students wanting all the options. It includes a dry erase white board, a chalk board on the other side, and a roll of white paper. Kids can use whatever platform they want to get their work down and be creative. It’s fun, effective, and well worth the cost.


Dry Erase XY Axis Lap Board

xy lap board

A dry erase board for more advanced students, this board provides a YX axis grid to jot down graphs and notes while working on middle school and high school level arithmetic.

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