Top 10 Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts in 2024

Posted by , Updated on June 16, 2024

OnlyFans buzzed with **celebrities** signing up in 2019, causing a big trend. Famous people like Blac Chyna joining created some **frustration** for adult performers, but others were curious about their presence. Even with initial grumbles, the number of celebrities kept growing steadily. It’s important to look at this wave and check out who the **top celebrities** are on the platform now.

The clash between the world of celebrity and OnlyFans has resulted in some interesting developments, and the top 10 celebrity creators on the platform are a testament to their success. Each celebrity OnlyFans account is unique in its own way, representing the pinnacle of success in its chosen category. In this article, we’ll detail each of these celebrity accounts and rank them based on their performance and popularity on the platform.

Best Celebrity & Famous OnlyFans Accounts of 2024

#1. Bella Thorne – Most Well Known Controversy

Bella Thorne is a well-known actress who made headlines when she joined the OnlyFans platform. Her tasteful nude photographs sold out again and again, causing some resentment among the long term OnlyFans community. Bella Thorne’s fame and fortune have earned her the top spot on our list of the best celebrity OnlyFans accounts.

#2. Tana Mongeau – Most Successful Instagram Story

Tana Mongeau is a well-known name in the world of celebrities with OnlyFans accounts. She was already popular on Instagram, posting a combination of cute and steamy photos. When Instagram banned nudity, Tana Mongeau quickly changed course and found a willing and very happy home on the OnlyFans platform. Tana is killing it on OnlyFans, and her number of followers is continuing to grow day by day.

#3. Amber Rose – Biggest Tease

Amber Rose is a true standout in the world of celebrities with OnlyFans accounts. She was able to use her existing social media following to make an immediate splash on the site. Unlike others on our list, Amber Rose was decidedly circuitous in the way she approached the situation. She promised bigger, badder and better content than what was allowed on Instagram and plenty of her Insta followers followed her right over to OnlyFans.

#4. Austin Mahone – Hottest Pop Singer

Austin Mahone is a pop star that is making it big and racking up subscribers in a big way. He routinely posts his new material on his OnlyFans page, giving his subscribers a sneak peek at all those amazing new songs long before the public gets a chance to take a listen. Austin has a great deal to offer, and he is anxious to connect with you today.

#5. Stormy Daniels – Spookiest Content

Stormy Daniels is back and making a splash on OnlyFans, but the content may not be exactly what you expect. You can catch her Spooky Babes reality show, or you can see her go live on OnlyFans. No matter which path you choose, you are sure to have a spooky and steamy good time.

#6. Cardi B – Most Anticipated OnlyFans Debut

Cardi B is a singer and lyricist who is not afraid to let it all hang out. There is no topic too hot, too taboo or too off limits for the great Cardi B, and now that she is on OnlyFans she can literally do whatever she wants. The debut of the Cardi B OnlyFans page was much talked about and greatly anticipated, and it thrilled the hearts of many a long time fan.

#7. Tyler Posey – Most Accomplished OnlyFans Actor

Tyler Posey is a popular actor who has made a real name for himself as one of the biggest stars in the OnlyFans universe. You may know Tyler Posey from his role in the popular and queer friendly Now Apocalypse on the STARTZ network, and from his many other performances on stage and screen. If you liked him on TV, you will certainly love him on OnlyFans, especially the shirtless pics he loves to post on a regular and recurring basis.

#8. Aaron Carter – Most Humbling OnlyFans Debut

Celebrities on OnlyFans run the gamut, from porn stars that have made a name for themselves in the world of adult entertainment to mainstream musicians anxious to try out their new material and solicit advice from their legions of fans. Aaron Carter’s OnlyFans debut was humbling, but he has since found his footing on the platform.

#9. Daniel Newman – Best Walking Dead Crossover

Daniel Newman is an actor who is best known for his role in the Walking Dead. He has since found a new home on OnlyFans, where he shares behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive content with his fans.

#10. Milk – Biggest Drag Star

Milk is a drag queen who has made a name for herself both on and off the stage. Her OnlyFans account is a reflection of her unique style and personality, with content that is both entertaining


The world of OnlyFans celebrities is vast and diverse, offering a plethora of content for fans to explore. From singers and comedians to reality TV stars and past Dr. Phil guests, the OnlyFans platform has something to offer for everyone. In compiling a list of the top celebrities on OnlyFans, the team has scoured the web for the best and brightest stars, each offering unique and engaging content for their fans.

While the rankings may be subjective, each celebrity on the list offers real value for the cost of a subscription, allowing fans to connect with their idols in a more personal and intimate way. The platform has revolutionized the way in which fans and celebrities interact, paving the way for a new era of celebrity culture.

As the world of OnlyFans continues to grow and evolve, fans can rely on their sense of adventure to explore the diverse range of content on offer. While some may be hesitant to delve into the world of OnlyFans, the platform offers a unique and engaging way for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Celebrities Have the Most Popular OnlyFans Accounts?

Many celebrities have joined OnlyFans to monetize their fan base and provide exclusive content to their fans. Some of the most popular celebrities on the platform include Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Tyga, and Blac Chyna.

What Kind of Content Do Celebrities Typically Post on OnlyFans?

Celebrities on OnlyFans post a variety of content, including exclusive photos and videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and personal updates. Some celebrities also offer special perks to their fans, such as personalized messages and virtual meet-and-greets.

How Much Money Can Celebrities Make on OnlyFans?

The amount of money celebrities can make on OnlyFans varies depending on their following and engagement. Some celebrities have reported making thousands of dollars per month on the platform, while others have made millions. OnlyFans takes a 20% cut of all earnings.

Are There Any Controversies Surrounding Celebrities on OnlyFans?

There have been some controversies surrounding celebrities on OnlyFans. Bella Thorne faced backlash after allegedly scamming fans by offering a $200 pay-per-view message that did not contain any explicit content. Some celebrities have also faced criticism for using the platform to exploit their fans.

Do Celebrities on OnlyFans Interact with Their Fans?

Many celebrities on OnlyFans interact with their fans by responding to messages and comments. Some celebrities also offer personalized content and virtual meet-and-greets to their fans.

How Has the Rise of Celebrity OnlyFans Accounts Impacted the Platform?

The rise of celebrity OnlyFans accounts has brought more attention to the platform and increased its popularity. However, it has also led to concerns about the commercialization of OnlyFans and the exploitation of fans.