Top 7 Babysitter OnlyFans Models to Follow in 2024

Posted by , Updated on April 12, 2024

OnlyFans is the perfect place for individuals who enjoy indulging in babysitter-themed fantasies. This platform brings together young and attractive babysitters who are eager to meet their clients’ needs. Typically ranging from 18 to 25 years old, these babysitters easily depict innocence or naivety, irrespective of their willingness to engage in sexual circumstances.

To help those interested in exploring this fantasy, a list has been compiled of the top ten babysitter OnlyFans pages of 2023. These pages feature young, spicy girls who are eager to help their clients live out their babysitting fetish. From Portland to Florida, these babysitters are ready to take care of their clients in a much different way than they were taking care of their kids earlier in the evening.

Best Baby Sitter OnlyFans Accounts

OnlyFans has become a popular platform for babysitters to share their adult content. Here are some of the best babysitter OnlyFans accounts:

These babysitters offer a variety of content, from kink-friendly to sporty to foot content. Each of them has their own unique style and special features that make their OnlyFans page worth subscribing to.

Best Baby Sitter OnlyFans

#1. Crazy Babysitter – Cutest Teen Babysitter in Portland

Crazy Babysitter is a free-to-subscribe OnlyFans page that features a cute teen babysitter from Portland. With 39.3K likes, 1.5k videos, and 1.5K photos, Crazy Babysitter is a popular choice among babysitter OnlyFans fans. Bri, the girl behind the page, is a pretty and alternative-looking girl who enjoys fantasy scenarios. Her page is filled with sneaking dads into her bedroom after being dropped off, masturbating on her employers’ bed while they are out, getting creampied by an older man, and more. She is open to DMs, and if you want to immerse yourself in the babysitter OnlyFans fantasy, Bri is going to be a sub you won’t regret.

#2. Ur Personal Babysitter – Best Kink-Friendly Babysitter OnlyFans Girl

Ur Personal Babysitter is a free-to-subscribe OnlyFans page that features a petite, slim brunette girl who is grateful to all of her fans. With 79.5K likes, 5.4K+ pics, videos, and livestreams, Ur Personal Babysitter is a popular choice among babysitter OnlyFans fans. She is a tease, and wants to make all the daddies out there hard as a rock. She promises a judgment-free and kink-friendly zone, so you can get as graphic and detailed as you want. Send a tip along with your message to get noticed first. Her profile says, “spoil me and I spoil you”, so you may also want to check out this babysitter OnlyFans star’s Amazon Wishlist and send her a little something extra.

#3. Jule – Best XXX Content from a Real-life Teen Babysitter

Jule is a babysitter OnlyFans page that features real babysitter content. With 20.3K likes and 250+ media files, Jule is a popular choice among babysitter OnlyFans fans. Jule is a real-life 18-year-old babysitter who aims to please. She wants to fulfill your wishes, so go ahead and send her a DM and ask if there is something you want to see. She might take some time to respond to you, but you can take that as proof that it is truly her on the other end of your conversation. Her OnlyFans babysitter account is her top priority, but it isn’t easy to try to keep up with all the competition online.

#4. Ela Garcia – Hottest 18-Year-Old Au-Pair

Ela Garcia is a babysitter OnlyFans page that features real nanny content. With 8.2K likes and 100+ pics and videos, Ela Garcia is a popular choice among babysitter OnlyFans fans. Ela is a true eighteen-year-old hottie with a cute butt and a pretty face. She often gives deals to first-time subscribers, so hop onto her page now and join. She will make it worth your while.

#5. Emilia Mars – Dirtiest Babysitter Turned Internet Domme

Emilia Mars is a babysitter OnlyFans page that features fetish-friendly content. With 73.2K likes, 2.7K+ pics, videos, and livestreams, Emilia Mars is a popular choice among babysitter OnlyFans fans. She is into roleplay, so if you want more babysitter OnlyFan content, just ask! Emilia is an interactive model and likes to chat with her fans. Get online, subscribe, and send her a DM to see what she wants to talk about!

#6. Julia –Hottest Swedish Baby Sitter Only Fans Content

Julia is a babysitter OnlyFans page that features real babysitter content. With 65K likes and 2.9K+ pics and vids, Julia is a popular choice among babysitter OnlyFans fans. She is blonde, she is petite, and she is always ready to spread her legs for her fans. She has a cute, pierced belly button, and her big full tits are always on display. This babysitter’s OnlyFans is the only place where you can see her face, so you have to subscribe to get to know who this baby sitter Only Fans model truly is.

#7. Cassie – Sportiest Part-Time OnlyFans Babysitter

Cassie is a babysitter OnlyFans page that features a private one-on-one chat. With 4.5K likes and 190+ pics and videos, Cassie is a popular choice among babysitter OnlyFans fans. She may seem innocent when you first get to know her, but she is a spicy little spitfire in the sheets. This OnlyFans babysitter is a

Baby Sitter Only Fans FAQ’s

Can a Nanny Have an OnlyFans Account?

There are no restrictions on the OnlyFans platform for nannies, as long as the content does not feature minors, and there are no implications of being underage. All content must be adult in nature, with no reference to children or babies. However, posting content from an employer’s home or working for people who may object to your involvement in porn could put your job and reputation at risk. It’s a risk that some are willing to take, but others might not want to.

How Old Are Babysitters?

Babysitters are typically teenagers who have not yet transitioned fully into the working world. All creators on OnlyFans must be 18 years or older, and it is not allowed to imply that you are younger. All content must feature consenting adults.

What is the Babysitter Fantasy?

The babysitter fantasy is a common sexual fantasy where a married man is seduced by a young teenage babysitter. The fantasy often involves the man being shocked and “innocent” while the babysitter takes control. The fantasy can also feature different genders or have the parental figure seducing the babysitter, as long as a babysitter is involved.

Do You Have to Show Your Face on OnlyFans?

No, it is not necessary to show your face on OnlyFans. While you must sign up using your real name, photo ID, and bank information, you can remain anonymous to your fans. You can use a pseudonym, post faceless pictures, and keep your location hidden. This is useful for OnlyFans babysitter creators and others who do not want their sexy alter ego exposed to their employers.

What is the Average Income for Babysitter OnlyFans Accounts?

Like most OnlyFans creators, babysitter models make an average of $180 USD per month. However, some successful creators spend hours online every day, posting new content several times per week, and ensuring their fans get an exclusive, premium experience. There is potential to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, but it requires a lot of work, and you may have to quit your babysitting job to go pro.


The OnlyFans babysitter creators are a popular niche on the platform. They offer a unique experience for subscribers, allowing them to indulge in their fantasies of being with a young, attractive babysitter. These creators are of legal age and are willing to play the role of a horny and naive babysitter, ready to please their subscribers.

The top ten list of babysitter OnlyFans accounts includes a variety of creators with different interests and body types. Some are fitness enthusiasts, while others are more focused on their seductive personalities. The list includes creators from different parts of the world, each with their unique appeal.

Subscribing to these creators’ pages is a simple process that allows subscribers to enjoy exclusive content and interact with the creators. The subscription fees are reasonable, and subscribers can enjoy access to a wide range of content, including photos and videos.

It is essential to note that some of the links in the stories may provide the Village Voice and their advertisers with compensation. However, this does not affect the quality of the content provided to subscribers.

Overall, OnlyFans babysitter creators offer a unique and exciting experience for subscribers. They provide a safe and secure platform for subscribers to explore their fantasies and indulge in their desires.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of content can one expect to see on a babysitter’s OnlyFans?

The content on a babysitter’s OnlyFans account can vary, but typically includes explicit photos and videos of the babysitter. Some babysitters may also offer personalized content or interactions with subscribers.

How much do babysitters typically charge for access to their OnlyFans?

The cost of subscribing to a babysitter’s OnlyFans can vary depending on the popularity of the account and the content offered. Typically, prices range from $5 to $30 per month.

Are there any safety precautions one should take when subscribing to a babysitter’s OnlyFans?

It is important to exercise caution when subscribing to a babysitter’s OnlyFans account. Subscribers should be aware that they are engaging in a potentially risky behavior and should take steps to protect their identity and personal information.

Can one trust that the babysitter’s OnlyFans content is legal?

While it is possible that some babysitters may post illegal or inappropriate content on their OnlyFans accounts, most babysitters are careful to follow the site’s rules and regulations. Subscribers should report any suspicious or illegal content to OnlyFans immediately.

What should one do if they suspect that a babysitter’s OnlyFans content is inappropriate?

If a subscriber suspects that a babysitter’s OnlyFans content is inappropriate or illegal, they should immediately report it to OnlyFans. The site has a strict policy against illegal content and will take appropriate action to remove it.

Are there any age restrictions for subscribing to a babysitter’s OnlyFans?

Yes, subscribers must be 18 years of age or older to access and subscribe to a babysitter’s OnlyFans account.