Awesome Raspberry Pi Projects You’ll Want To Try

Have you been looking for some fun awesome Raspberry Pi projects to try? There are so many wonderful projects you can create with Raspberry Pi. Whether you’re an expert hobbyist or a Dad looking for some fun things to do with your kid, anyone can create a plethora of cool gadgets. While the more complex projects might go over the average Joe’s head, there are plenty of Raspberry Pi projects for beginners. And, once you overcome the hurdle, it’ll give you a sense of accomplishment.

Even better, it won’t put a strain on your wallet. You can do everything with this little guy, like make an MP3 player, a video game system, a portable camera that documents your travels, or even a photo booth. Did I mention it’s fairly cheap? Some Raspberry Pi computers are only $50. So, get your toolbox. Here are some awesome Raspberry Pi projects that you’ll want to try.


Build a Connect 4 Game

connect 4

You probably played this game as a kid. Now, share your nostalgia with your children by having them play the fun game of “Connect 4,” but this time against a computer using “Raspberry Pi.” Be careful though, this project can be a tad tricky. Not only are you programming the “Pi” to be able to play the game, but you also need to program it to know the difference between the colors, red, black, or whatever colors you choose.


Build a Mobile Digital Library


Let’s face it, people every day have made the switch to digital to read books, newspapers, and magazines. However, most don’t want to pay high prices for a tablet or “Kindle.” With this Raspberry Pi project, you can build your own digital library and share it with friends and family. Hey, this might even get your kid to start reading, too.


Build a Live Camera to Stream to YouTube


Is there a superstar in the family? Perhaps you want to start a “How- to” video channel on YouTube? Well, guess what, this Raspberry Pi project can help you out! Even better, you can do it without breaking the bank with expensive camera equipment.


Build a Digital Exercise Bike

raspberry pi camera

Okay, we get it, why would you build a machine to make you exercise? There is something about building an exercise module yourself and testing it out. You can do this by using a Raspberry Pi and something with a big screen like a Kindle or a Tablet. Don’t try to use a monitor unless you’re like super strong, or have great balance.


Build a JukeBox


If someone in the family is constantly bugging you for an MP3 player, then look no further. With Raspberry Pi, you can create your very own portable jukebox and connect it to the stereo. The interface is easy to comprehend even for non-computer nerds. In no time you’ll be a hit at house parties.

Know of any more cool Raspberry Pi projects? Let us all know about them in the comments!

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