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  • Area 51

    25 Odd And Bizarre Facts About Area 51 You Probably Didn’t Know

    From the very first moment it became operational, the military base most of us know as “Area 51” has been associated with aliens and UFOs. Rumors and conspiracy theories have floated around for decades. For this reason, separating fact from myth isn’t the easiest thing to do when thinking of Area 51. The American government […] More

  • facts about planet Mercury

    25 Amazing But True Facts About the Planet Mercury

    Mercury was officially observed for the first time 2,200 years ago. However, we still know very little about this planet compared to other more “popular” planets of our solar system. Mercury is rarely visible. As such, it has always been difficult for astronomers to observe it through a telescope. Due to its proximity to the […] More

  • childhood snacks

    25 Snacks That Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

    Several studies have shown the things adults miss most from their childhoods. Among the highest choices are school holidays, birthday parties, and having your mom cooking healthy meals. But something’s not right with this last result. Since when did we enjoy homemade, healthy cooking as kids? Most of us were sweet-toothed kids and almost allergic […] More

  • Venus

    Top 25 Things Everyone Should Know About The Planet Venus

    Humans are naturally curious. It’s possibly one of the most defining characteristics of our species. Some believe that our drive to figure out new things and to explore new places is why we ended up evolving away from primates. But once we started running out of things to be curious about here on Earth, we […] More

  • conspiracy theories

    25 Government Conspiracies That Actually Ended Up Being Covered Up

    Conspiracy theories can be fascinating, perplexing, or even downright lunatic, but are they ever true? Judging from the available historical evidence, they can be. No matter how crazy some of them may appear to be at first glance, we all know looks can be deceiving. Things get especially confusing when the government is involved in […] More

  • expensive apps

    25 Most Expensive Phone Apps In The Market

    Apps are awesome and everybody knows that. What’s not to love about living in a high-tech world where little boxes in our smartphones can do anything for us? From calling us a taxi to delivering our groceries with the click of a button, apps make life easier. What’s even better is that most of these […] More

  • 25 Deep Truth Relationship Memes

    From antiquity to the present day, love has always been a universal feeling that motivates people doing crazy things. It will forever be a source of inspiration for human beings, no matter how drastically our society may change in the future. Of course, the way people express their deepest feelings keeps changing from time to […] More

  • 25 Best Acapella Groups To Start Listening To Today

    Ever wondered what acapella music is? Or where it got its name from? Or how it started? Well, we got the answers for you. A cappella music is choral singing but performed without instruments. The name derives from “capella,” which in Italian means chapel. See, a few centuries ago, religious music destined for use in […] More

  • 25 Coolest White Henna Designs

    White henna tattooing, just like the nail art for women, is seen as a unique way for those who want to express the artistic nature they hide inside them. The difference with “normal” tattoos is that they won’t stay on your skin permanently. Despite what the name suggests, white henna doesn’t contain any actual henna […] More

  • 20 Surprising Facts About Hazel Eyes

    Science has concluded that eye color can reveal a lot of information about one’s personality. Hazel eyes are undoubtedly some of the most mysterious, rare and pretty eye colors out there. For that matter, many celebrities who supposedly have hazel eyes, in reality are wearing contact lens. We are staring at you Rihanna! So what’s […] More

  • 25 Mind-Blowing Facts That Are Stranger Than Fiction!

    Introducing a literally “insane” list: 25 mind-blowing facts that are stranger than fiction! Are you one of those peeps who love sci-fi films? Fantasy comics? Dystopian video games? Any form of entertainment that has nothing to do with reality? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place! However, movies, comics and games […] More

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