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  • Best VR Headsets

    Best VR Headsets

    Virtual Reality has proven to be one of the most important forms of entertainment. It’s no longer an over-priced toy for techies. Even your kids can get the best VR experience at a budget price. This year, several manufacturers have come out with their version of a VR headset, from standalone headsets to phones and […] More

  • Best Gaming Laptops

    The Best Gaming Laptops For 2019 Reviewed

    Finding the best gaming laptop can be a bit complicated and tricky as the market is filled with a lot of laptops that come with various configurations and features. And with latest games also featuring rich graphics and sound, it’s important you have the best laptop to thoroughly enjoy playing your favorite games. A few […] More

  • Ultimate Guide for Selecting the Best WiFi Router

    The Best WiFi Routers for 2019 Reviewed

    The internet has become one of the most important entities in our daily life. If you want to get the most out of it, then it’s simply not enough to go for the best cable service or a costly modem. You also need to have in your possession a best-in-class WiFi router to help you […] More

  • Did Disney Ruin Star Wars? (List25 Deathmatch)

    Did Disney Ruin Star Wars? (List25 Deathmatch)

    Did Disney ruin Star Wars? Since first purchasing LucasFilm and the entire Star Wars franchise, Disney has released four Star Wars films with mixed results. While they’ve all been critical and box office successes in their own right, there’s a disturbance in the force. Many Star Wars fans aren’t happy with the direction Disney has […] More

  • Should You Buy Organic? (List25 Deathmatch)

    Should You Buy Organic? (List25 Deathmatch)

    It’s a wonder we’re able to get up everyday and make adult decisions with all the contradicting information out there. GMO’s are bad; GMO’s are fine; eating eggs increases your cholesterol; eating eggs is good for you; buy only organic; organic food is overrated and over priced. It’s enough to make any of us want […] More

  • Should plastic drinking straws be banned?

    Should plastic drinking straws be banned? (List25 Deathmatch)

    Should plastic drinking straws be banned? We’re not going to lie to you, this has been a contentious and popular topic of late. For decades, Americans have become quite accustomed to plastic straws at fast food restaurants, gas stations, and other convenience stores. It’s so ingrained in our culture, taking it away might sound awful […] More

  • list25 deathmatch coffee

    List25 Deathmatch: Should You Microwave Your Coffee?

    Should you microwave your coffee? Let us set something up for you. You wake up groggy with bloodshot eyes and drool hanging down your mouth. You drag yourself over to the black gold machine (i.e. coffee maker) and pour yourself a nice, steaming hot cup of coffee. Like a bat out of hell, your kids […] More

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