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  • 25 Foolproof Techniques to Enhance Your Memory

    25 Foolproof Techniques To Enhance Your Memory

    Do you need a memory tune-up to enhance your memory? Whether you are an average person wanting to reduce forgetfulness, a university student studying for finals, or an academic thrill-seeker wanting to perform mental feats, this list will unlock doorways into your own memory that you’ve probably never witnessed before. We have collected all types […] More

  • 25 Ridiculously Flexible Body Contortions

    25 Ridiculously Flexible Body Contortions

    While most people can’t even bend down and touch their toes, these back-breaking contortionists, master yogis, and famous breakdancers have spent years perfecting the art of bending the body in all directions. Watch as the extraordinary people on this list take the expression “human pretzel” to an entirely new level. You might want to loosen […] More